Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Winkee!

About Patty & Karla
Dear Girlfriends,

The Winkee design evolved while we were exhibiting collaborative artwork. In addition to the usual dilemma of "What to wear?", one of us was dealing with
breast cancer.

It was then that "The Ultimate Solution For Plunging Necklines" was born!

Winkee is a REVOLUTIONARY, patent-pending bra accessory. It empowers all
women to feel confident, while maximizing their wardrobe.

We believe our thoughts and words shape who we are, and have the power to
change the lives of everyone around us. Included on every Winkee tab will be a
positive word that will be close to your heart while you wear it. The philosophy
behind our art and lives is to Pass God Given Gifts Forward!

Whenever I get to thinking there's no hope for this country, I come across something like the Winkee! So, whatever it takes, Joe wants all women to feel confident and empowered!
-- Joe

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