Thursday, May 17, 2012

On The Brink

Is America really on the brink of darkness, desolation, and despair? Or do they still trust in the voice of hope? Or are they on the brink of losing all hope of ever having any say in their lives or their future?

The following is an excerpt from Naomi Wolf's column in the Guardian:  The NDAA'ssection 1021 coup d'etat foiled -- 
One brave judge is all that lay between us and a law that would have given the president power to detain US citizens indefinitely
“This darkness is so dangerous not least because a new Department of Homeland Security document trove, released in response to a FOIA request filed by Michael Moore and the National Lawyers' Guild, proves in exhaustive detail that the DHS and its "fusion centers" coordinated with local police (as I argued here, to initial disbelief), the violent crackdown against Occupy last fall. You have to put these pieces of evidence together: the government cannot be trusted with powers to detain indefinitely any US citizen – even though Obama promised he would not misuse these powers – because the United States government is already coordinating a surveillance and policing war against its citizens, designed to suppress their peaceful assembly and criticism of its corporate allies.”
Glenn Greenwald also wrote about this matter in his column today entitled:  Federal court enjoins NDAA -- An Obama-appointed judge rules its indefinite detention provisions likely violate the 1st and 5th Amendments
I'd say it is all well beyond "the brink" right here in Humboldt County when you already see the implementation of the "surveillance and policing war" in operation.