Thursday, December 17, 2009

Karuk's Run Amuck

(updated below)

Wouldn't the world be a whole lot more peaceful and profitable if there were a few less "activists" getting in the way?

"Activists" are always "blocking" something. If it's not doors, it's roads. When they're not blocking something they're ranting and raving, or camping in trees, on street corners, occupying banks, universities, but mostly they're just getting the crap kicked out of them and wasting their time and energy in lockups for all their troubles.

The Times-Standard newspaper for Thursday, December 17, 2009, greets everyone with the frontpage headline: Karuk activists block logging road - "Claim breached promises ..."

The US Federal Government "breached promises"? Don't these Indian people ever learn?

Just look at the history of "breached promises." When do they start making binding "agreements"? As long as these kinds of important matters are resolved on a personal level, all that's ever going to happen is another betrayal. Just look at what's happened to the world in the last year and a half. The greatest "hope" for mankind and their Earth since Jesus Christ appeared over 2000 years ago has done nothing but breach promises while all the time enabling and facilitating the greatest looting EVER of the American Working and Small Business Classes. Mr. Obama preaches peace and wages war. He talks reform, prosperity, jobs and help to stop the foreclosure looting and gives away trillions of worthless paper dollars to the rich, enables the health-care industry continue their looting of the American people, and torpedoes the UN Climate Conference. Breached promises equals betrayal.

So, what's their excuse? Why, it's the "incompetence" argument of course. The problem wasn't a personal betray. What makes those Karuk's think they're so important? It was just a simple "oversight." This is what the Six Rivers Supervisor Tyrone Kelley calls being "sensitive to the tribes."

Equally incompetent is Karuk Eco-cultural Resources Specialist Bill Tripp who admittedly "participated in good faith in the forest Service's collaborative process." For one thing, he did not "collaborate" with "the U.S. Forest Service." He collaborated with Tyrone Kelley and other individual persons. These promise-breakers have names. If what Tripp says it true, then THEIR actions violate federal law. Don't you think it's time to make those flesh and blood people actually responsible for violating the law, accountable? The least you could do is make that criminal bum irrelevant and stop cooperating with him. But then, that would require some form of competence and maybe even a little self-worth, wouldn't it?

I wonder who is being sensitive to all those contract workers? When you consider their medical insurance and mortgage payments needs, those jobs become might important. Specially when you line them up with "sensitivity" over the commercial use of "sacred forests" and their "spiritual trails."

When you consider the consequences and importance of this operation, you would think anyone with even a modicum of integrity would "work through the issues" before putting it to the "tribes" and force them into a confrontational "activists" stand. That would have been the peaceful way to proceed. Now all anyone can see are a bunch of extremist "activist" blocking poor working people from trying to make an honest living and maybe keep from losing their homes.

If those forest lands are as valuable as the Karuk Tribe says they are, then it's time for them to stand and act like that value. Deal with what is, not what you want. Expecting someone to keep their word when that person is without integrity is just plain stupid. More than that, it is what justifies their right to violate your trust and break promises.

UPDATE:  Some third person, "Six Rivers Forest," according to John Driscoll writing for the Times-Standard Wednesday, December 23, 2009, gave the "Karuk activists" a Christmas present: "Six Rivers Forest halts operations until it can meet with Karuk Tribe." Whatever that meeting is good for is questionable when only one side is looking for "good faith" and "commitment." Be interesting to know how the "Karuk Tribe" plans on getting any "good faith" or "commitment" when they keep working in the third person.


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