Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Brownshirt Hypocrite Strikes Again

General Brownshirt Bigot Bans Another. Eric Kirk sets the precedent for raging bigotry, and justification for direct action discrimination against anyone that fails to toe his invisible line on blogs and in our community. Follow comments on local blogs and you find more and more intolerant, bigoted behavior hiding behind a pseudo-community oriented blog. What makes this serious for everyone is how this kind of conduct extrapolates into real life and dramatically affects our social community to its everlasting detriment.

Stumble into one of these blogs, make a comment of a differing point of view or even a factual observation and you find out in a hurry what it feels like to be a person of color or a woman in a backwater berg in the Jim Crow era. Make the mistake of trying to defend yourself or your point of view and you find out what mob rule is all about when you are summarily verbally beaten. If you didn't learn your lesson from these verbal bullies the first time or two and willingly shut up and mind your place like you were told, they permanently silence you.

Here is a verse from Maya Angelou's poem 'Still I Rise' that demonstrates the graphic reality of words followed by another example of such words from one of Eric Kirk's Brownshirts put into practice:
You can shoot me with your words,
You can cut me with your lies,
You can kill me with your hatefulness,
But just like life, I’ll rise.
[Emphasis mine.]

Thank you, Nutcase Anonymous, for being accurate in your quote. [Emphasis mine.]

The following action of bigoted discrimination justified by words of hateful lies on Eric Kirk's blog motivated this posting.
May 26, 2014 at 7:43 am  Eric Kirk  
I’m sure the rabbis are all quaking in their boots Steve. That will be your last post as your irrational anger with Jews really has no place here, or anywhere really. You can do this on your own blog. I’m sure your immense following will enjoy your thoughts. [Emphasis mine.]
Notice Kirk's reason for banning Steve from posting on his blog: "irrational anger with Jews." The question I ask is, do any of Steve's comments in this thread demonstrate "evidence" (Kirk's always demanding 'evidence') of "anger" or even "irrational anger" suggesting that Steve in MENTALLY deprived or STUPID? Or, did he simply speak a "truth"? Here is the definition of irrational:
1. without the faculty of reason; deprived of reason.
2. without or deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment.
3. not in accordance with reason; utterly illogical.
I've included below what I consider the pertinent comments to this issue of bigoted discrimination. There are other comments in this thread. The first comment by Dave Kirby is included because it is a perfect example of Eric Kirks discrimination and identifies one of his Brownshirts. It also starts the bigoted statements justifying Kirk's banning Steve for trying to defend himself.
It is perfectly okay for this guy, Dave Kirby, a retired real estate salesman living in Garberville, to personally assault Steve. And then turn right around and use this guys lies to justify banning him.

Here are Steve's two comments preceding Kirk's kinetic judgment.
And with that, Kirk summarily censors Steve for speaking an obvious truth or so he says. So, there it is, Brownshirt bigots doing their best to tell everyone what is acceptable and what is not.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Rise of the Blogging Brownshirts

[UPDATE Below] 

The deadly Brownshirt Trolls are hard at work spreading their lying filth and disease-ridden innuendo wherever someone will let them. Blogger Brownshirts are self-defined by their actions that equate to their predecessors' historical murderous conduct; THEY PERSONALLY ASSAULT PEOPLES' CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND LEGITIMACY to shut them up permanently.  

On April  15, 2014, I included the following thoughts in another re-posted article. In view of the current situation manifesting in local blogs, it appears it needs to be reemphasized:

If you don't know, "Brownshirts are a collection of thugs who get quite annoyed at those who oppose" them, their judging, their propaganda, wanton personal hyperbolic attacks and their sick never-ending filthy lies they believe they have the god-given right to assault with anyone they want. In the real world of yesterday they were nothing more than a gang of bullying political murderers that paraded around in all their glorious self-righteous impunity. Today, none of them are of the 1% oligarchic plutocracy, but they serve them just the same as their modern-day "Brownshirts."

When you censor and block dissenting commenters you reveal yourself as a sponsor, enabler and protector of these vicious Brownshirt Trolls.

So far I've identified five of blogs providing a safe-haven for two chapters of Brownshirts.
One of these blogs I've already identified and written about. The others, not wanting at this time to provide easy access or advertise in their behalf, I won't post any links. Just know that when you see these pictures where you are.

If you read Eric Kirk and His Brownshirts - Called Out Again below, you can easily recognize the Brownshirt Trolls' method of operation as Eric Kirk provides a perfect demonstration. First, should you choose to make a dissenting comment about the blog article or any of it's affirming commentary, you will be challenged by the most personal and vilifying diatribe, hyperbole, innuendo, and out right lies such as: "Only an idiot or a crazy lunatic would say that or take that opinionated position." Those kinds of filthy personal accusations are directed at the credibility and integrity of the person making the comment and NOT at the substance of the comment. But not so in Eric Kirk's mind.

In his mind the opinion or idea - the position - is idiotic or crazy. But that is NOT what he said and wrote.

Should the hapless victim try to defend him or herself, they have just proved Kirk's assertion (accusation) that they are either an idiot, crazy or both. Who but such people would conflate themselves with their "position" or worthless opinions rattling around in their empty heads and be "personally" offended? Score another one for the Brownshirts.

The problem when entering one of the Brownshirt Havens is you are stepping into a maze of quicksand totally in the dark. Most of the blogs never post any kind of guidelines or rules for making comments on their blogs. Those that do post something use them to discriminate against anyone they don't like. Clearly, in the example above, Kirk's personal accusation deviates from the blog article or it's theme no matter what it might be. Yet, it is the defender that the rule, oftentime unspoken "rule," is used against should that person dare object to the personal off-theme attack.

In the world of blogging I would consider these thug, bullying Brownshirt's antics incidental and irrelevant. Between the gossip-mongering, hatemongering, ridiculing, and lying about what people say, most of these blogs are nothing more than Troll Dens serving as home-bases for a Brownshirt Chapter. They possess NO credibility whatsoever.  I've learned over a lifetime that when these kinds of people raised their viperous heads and began spewing their dishonest vitriol and it was generally passed off by the decent folk as a fad -- well lets just say, they lived to regret their amorphous judgments. Taken literally, the original Brownshirts, their political and general philosophy for existence; what guided and justified their actions as compared to these local Brownshirts, is a mere bullet.

Everything, all creation, starts with an idea. Once that idea becomes accepted commonplace it materializes into reality. These Blogger Brownshirts are only one bullet away from that reality.

[UPDATE :: Friday, May 23, 2014]

I've identified another Haven. This comment is another good example that the blog owner affirms and lets go unchallenged for blatant bald-faced lying. Brownshirts' purpose is to SILENCE all dissenters – people that don't bow down and worship the Plutocratic Oligarchy they support, empower and defend. I, frankly do NOT give a rat's ass who agrees or does NOT agree with me. 
May 22, 2014 at 12:13 
I wonder….

There’s some guy out there who lately has taken to calling everyone who disagrees with him “Brown Shirts.” It would be very disappointing to find out Mr. Berg and this other fellow were one and the same.

For the record, no one is “evil” (except puppy abusers) and no one is a saint. We are just a bunch of folks trying to figure out the best way through this mess called life.

(Who made this scummy bastard God? "For the record" that statement is just his worthless opinion, and I do mean worthless. The fact that he presumes to speak for everyone belies his wannabe truth - what makes him illegitimate.)
When someone disagrees with us (Progressive, Regressive, Conservative, Liberal) it does not mean someone wants to get the trains going so they can ship their opponents to the Death Camps. It’s supposed to be a civil discussion, where consensus is reached and we make policy for ourselves we can all live with.

(No, in his case, they just put a bullet in your head - they censor you, they block you the moment you reject their lying false accusations and disease-ridden innuendo - see above. In that he mirrors his true father, and He is truly the Evil Father of the Lie. "Civility" died with the first lie. The Browshirts turned it all into war.)
It starts with listening. [Emphasis Mine.]

Friday, May 16, 2014

Eric Kirk and His Brownshirts - Called Out Again

Eric Kirk Indicts Himself AGAIN

I'm not the only one to experience the offending ridicule, mockery and derision pumped out by Eric Kirk and his Brownshirt Trolls. What offends me the most about these people is their rank, in-your-face hypocrisy. What's interested me lately is how they've all brazenly crawled out from under their rocks and shown their true colors. That demonstrates to me a real trend change in society. There's a lot of pent-up anger and hatred just under the surface waiting to manifest itself. Whether you call yourself Progressive, Democrat, Conservative, Tea Party or Republican or something else the pent-up emotions are all the same. The lines are being drawn and everyone, mostly when they can hide behind their anonymity and are protected by complicit blog owners, attack unrelentingly. Given the opportunity, I believe these modern-day Brownshirts would operate just the same as the originals did.

Here is another offended commenter that thought he had entered into a civil and instructive discussion. Notice when he or she points out the flagrant personal invective, motivated and incentivized by the blog owner Eric Kirk, how he disinvites him from participating on his blog for being inadequate, stupid and unable to meet the high standards of his blog forum. His practice of selective censorship is on full display again - the Brownshirt solution for silencing all dissent.

Yes, Unk John, you are combining the comments of 2 diff. Anons.I am the Anon that is perplexed by local, known individuals like Mitch and Eric, among many others here, struggling to sound intelligent while simultaneously joining in mob-mentality by ridiculing and mocking concern over chemtrails, comparing them to “crazies” (Mitch), “mind-control” (Mitch) and “conspiracy theorists” (Mitch). 
Obviously, intelligent people that believe as Mitch and Eric purport to, would never respond at all to such “craziness”, let alone, week after week happily dismissing, exaggerating, mocking, and ridiculing others. For those that are clearly concerned by chemtrails, I would ask that you reevaluate your assertion that Mitch, or Eric’s comments are “more gentile than you perceive”. 
Early in this string someone posted videos of geo-engineer seminars reflecting years of actual chemtrail research devoid of human-impact considerations. This should have eliminated any illusions of “conspiracies”. No one disputed this fact, however, instead of outrage over the proposed continuation of scientific models unchanged in U.S. history, (human experimentation on native people with untreated small pox, and uranium poisoning, exposing indigent Americans to untreated syphilis, plutonium, DDT, nuclear fallout, etc), they chose, instead, to engage in endless ridicule. 
This is not the choice intelligent people would make. 
Actual tests of existing chemtrail research is hardly in the same league as “crazies, mind-control, Big Foot, Ancient Aliens, crop circles, space elevators, etc”. 
Again, ridicule is vile. It is a form of aggressive hostility. Attempts to conceal vileness behind a pathetic excuse of being “sad” is beyond belief. 
It is conceivable that, by the 500th comment, the neurosis on tour here can be extinguished by asking how we allowed very mean, small minded people to indulge their psychosis and distract us from “changing our minds” about chemtrails as a frightening continuation of “science” fully prepared to being the next unaccountable mass-experiment. [Emphasis mine.]
 Eric Kirk's rather lengthy response follows. Some of what he says is frankly astounding. What he says lays bare a whole lot about his character and the value of his quality as a person. His ability to conflate the ridicule of the individual with his "position" or the subject under discussion is masterful. Then he accuses him of being "silly" for taking the ridicule personally. Typical lawyer "bait and switch" trap Kirk is so proficient at manipulating. This is what make Eric Kirk and his blog one of the more prominent local Troll blogs and a Brownshirt haven. Note the second paragraph, a perfect example of Troll talking ROT. All Trolls know how to read minds and can tell everyone how and what someone thinks and believes. All the while demeaning, ridiculing, and vilifying you with all the aplomb and self-righteous arrogance of a thug bully.

Regarding the posting: What Eric Kirk thinks, as he argues below, is basically unimportant and irrelevant, how he demonstrably thinks is not. And how he thinks is what makes this whole exercise so troubling and dangerous. The Brownshirt movement was born of a way of thinking that then transformed into a self-deceiving belief that justified their historical litany of atrocities.

Eric Kirk
Anonymous 10:53 – If you’re that sensitive to ridicule over a particular issue, it suggests a bit of insecurity around your position, which is actually to your credit. Otherwise, the ridicule would be of minimal concern to you. If you’re truly in the right, it shouldn’t matter what the rest of us think or say about it. That you take it so personally suggests that maybe you recognize how silly the position appears to most people.

The problem here is that you’re going to see what you want to see based on your ideology of grand government conspiracies. Your view of the sky fits your view of everything else, but you have enough common sense to understand how it looks. So you get angry when it’s pointed out.

I’m ridiculed for all sorts of my positions from people who disagree with me, as you will find in abundance if you read many of the threads here. I don’t see their ridicule as “vile.” I see it as part of the discussion.

And I’m sorry, but when someone claims he’s seen something in the sky that is abnormal, and is presented with overwhelming evidence that it’s really nothing special, and that what he sees is easily explainable with a little bit of scientific knowledge, and he stubbornly refuses to even address the actual science, he opens himself up to ridicule. You can go to dozens of sources which with photographs of the cloud types complete with explanations found in textbooks dating back decades or even hundreds of years. But that’s no fun. It’s much more fun and satisfying to believe that your in some elite clique of people who “know” what’s really happening because nobody else notices what’s going on in the sky above him. It helps him to feel smug and superior, and more importantly special. He will see what he wants to see, because the pieces all fit together for him, and everything he sees will only reinforce that picture he desperately wants to maintain. He will believe that all of the clouds in the sky are man made, even if it contradicts not just basic rules of physics and chemistry, but common sense – a cloud cannot move against the wind, and the wind only blows in one direction at any given location. He will cite no peer-reviewed studies that these materials can even possibly create clouds, but that’s of no matter to him, because these scientists with their journals are all part of a cabal which seeks to control the truth. He doesn’t need actual empirical evidence. He just knows, because he “sees.” 
That self-deception is at the core of risks of every pursuit of truth and that grand theories require grand evidence just doesn’t occur to him.

That’s extremely frustrated to those of us to do make some effort to recognize our ignorance, and when we make a simple request for such a thing of photographic evidence of an occurrence which supposedly takes place twice a month and the request is rejected as game playing, well, it fits into a pattern of the pseudo-scientist who doesn’t realize that you need an incredible amount of work to arrive at even the smallest of a truth. You need to eliminate all variables, or as many as possible. You need to look to the most simple of explanations before running wild with the most exotic.

The pursuit of understanding is not an easy path. i understand that. But if you’re going to persist in lazy approach and be righteous about it – I’m probably going to ridicule you, especially if I see enough people jumping on a bandwagon so that it’s an actual problem – a detriment to any real hope for positive solutions to realproblems. And if you can’t handle the rough and tumble of lively discussion, then this is probably not the forum for you. [Emphasis mine.]

Kirk's problem and his indictment is that he can't handle the "rough and tumble of lively discussions," that is why he uses his Brownshirt solution to intimidate, bully, and murder (silence) dissent.

Furthermore, Eric Kirk knows absolutely nothing about the "pursuit of understanding." He has only dabbled at the edges. A man that has pursued understanding, the fruitage of a pursuit of "knowledge" thinks, becomes and operates in a significantly more valued way than Eric Kirk has manifest on his blog and in life. On April the sixth I posted The Four Natural Enemies of a Man of Knowledge. Excerpts from "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" by Carlos Castaneda.

When it comes to knowing this pursuit, what it means to be and become a "man of knowledge," I can speak from experience as I have defeated all the "enemies" but the final one.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Eric Kirk and His Brownshirts

Most of these so-called community oriented blogs are nothing more than a conduit for the inane, dregs of society to puke out mountains of hyperbolic vitriol, lies and violent hate speech. They personally attack other commenters with such a frenzy you would believe you had just walked into a barnyard  full of chickens going after a cockroach. These people, for the most part cowardly, thug bullies, try to cover themselves with a fig leaf of the first amendment to justify their primary objective of fomenting, enabling and empowering prejudice, bigotry, racism, hate, violence and yes, even terrorism. If these offending blogs actually post visible and obvious comment rules, most don't, they are never enforced upon the worst offenders; those that support the blog's owners, their objectives, and their standard class and political dictum.

As noted before, blogs are a good measure of a community's social health. You get mostly unfettered articles on subjects that interest the blog owner and often enough, a whole panoply of commentary from visitors that sets the community tone - from the mundane nonsense, racist, bigoted, biased, prejudiced, moronic, ignorant, stupid, baseless, filthy lies, innuendo, false accusations and other hate-filled and mongering blather, ad hominem, and hyperbole to enlightening, inspirational, intelligent, commonsense instructional, current news and otherwise fun reading. Occasionally, you get a replica of what if feels like to live in a totalitarian, authoritarian fascist Elitist State when you visit one of these blogs and make a comment. The Nazi Brownshirts that possess an IQ of a pig come out in droves fully blessed and empowered by the Blog owner and moderator to attack and verbally assault, bully and ridicule. All the time proclaiming their right as a free American to wage verbal warfare on the unsuspecting visitor. They wait with baited breath for you to try to defend yourself so they can justify their "right" to assault you as a hate mongering Troll.

Like most houses of ill repute, they look nice on the outside, are inviting and full of promises, the beauty they offer is breathtaking, but deliver a slow death. That is why they cater to the intellectually adolescent, the brainwashed 5 year old, full of feel-good propaganda that only knows what they believe. Consequently, they are incapable and unable to accept or handle the truth. To them, truth becomes hate speech. As such, truth directly threatens their sense of self, who they believe they are - as revealed, bankrupt, worthless opinions.

When I start the Joe Blow Report I determined to be inclusive and list all the local blogs. My interest in Southern Humboldt garnered me an introduction to Eric Kirk and his SoHum Parlance II. Occasionally, he would introduce a subject of interest and I would comment on an observation or two. The end result, well -- his latest comment pretty much says it all -- his true feelings about me and my commentary.
Actually Joe, what I noticed is that when the threads were no longer perpetually dominated by nonsensical posts from you, Forest Queen, and Suzi, participation from everyone else actually picked up. [Emphasis mine.]
But that wasn't all. He runs an open blog, everyone can comment on anything they want and as much as they want. He posts NO rules or restrictions; from time to time he says he knows what he doesn't like when he sees it, and deletes the comment -- so ultimately, commenting on his blog is like going into court and having a  judge tell you, "Make your best case and I'll decide which laws apply, if any." No way to defend yourself there; it's all about the judge's self-serving worthless opinions.

He says the "threads were no longer perpetually dominated by nonsensical posts." I would encourage the reader to go to his blog and look at the mountain of "nonsensical blog posts" under, All Things Reconsidered on KMUD Tonight – “What can change your mind? that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the theme that he actively participates in. OH Yeah! There are at current time 437 comments - mostly "nonsensical" by his judgment and past interpretations.

It seems he doesn't run such an "open" blog after all. To impress everyone who is boss of his blog, without a word despite what he says now, he banned Forest Queen some time ago. When he did that he never said anything about moderating Suzy or my comments. I stopped making comments after reading his personal and insulting comments justifying his arbitrary behavior. Speaking for myself, I'm not a grammar school child in Eric Kirk's school for ignorant morons. Recently, different commenters have been asking about Forest Queen and why she can't return to make comments. Eric Kirk explains why she can't:
Forest Queen was banned because I received about half a dozen complaints from people telling me offline that they no longer come here because she dominates every thread and dilutes every discussion with incoherent nonsense, apparently just for kicks. I gave several warnings. 
The last straw was a thread in which there had been a very interesting discussion which dissolved when she made about 7 or 9 straight nonsensical posts – the discussion was dead. 
I don’t actually remember anything she posted about law. I’m sure she did, but nothing that struck me as anything intellectually memorable. 
There are plenty of other blogs for her to play her games on. She can start her own. [Emphasis mine.]
I would like to point out that his justification is totally bogus, without basis. No one can "dominate" any thread or dilute any "discussion," with what he judges to be "incoherent nonsense," not unless you are an illiterate moron. Besides, to a five year old almost everything adults talk about is "incoherent nonsense."

When Suzy posted a comment on the above reasons, I decided to test him and see if he had banned me from commenting too. This is what I got when I posted the following comment:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
After blocking Forest Queen my tolerance for Eric Kirk’s in-your-face hypocrisy and his unAmerican supporters’ hyperbolic justification tanked. Promised myself if ever had anything to say I’d publish on my own blog, but this is unreal. Whatever Eric Kirk thought to do and now justify is really amusing, not to mention so ever satisfying to witness his exposure. You shit in your own bed Kirk and don’t even know it. 
Has anyone bothered to take a look the the extent of this blog thread (alone), as of this writing 421 comments, with its extensive, “dominating and diluting” massive blather, “with incoherent nonsense,” and compare it with Eric Kirk’s reasons for banning (censoring Forest Queen)? While at the same time promoting himself as a champion patriot, defending the rights and freedoms consistent with or to a democratic society. You couldn't ask for a more perfect example of a “dead thread” totally unrelated to the original blog posting. Talk about rank, rotten hypocrisy – the stench permeates my offices so bad I had to turn off the computer. 
What goes around always comes around,” Kirk, and that is the real reason people stopped associating with you. You, actually, did us all a favor, in particular Forest Queen.
Interestingly, even though I am not outright banned, Eric DID post this comment with his answer, AFTER MODERATION:
Actually Joe, what I noticed is that when the threads were no longer perpetually dominated by nonsensical posts from you, Forest Queen, and Suzi, participation from everyone else actually picked up.
Notice how he doesn't answer the issue of the hypocritical monumental blog stacking nonsensical posts - his rank hypocrisy. Typical of the weasley sleaze he goes right after my integrity. The question I ask is, who is proven to perpetually dominate his bog with nonsensical posts now? The stupid, inane commentary boiling out of his blog now rivals all comments ever made by Forest Queen, Suzy or me.

Be assured, SoHum Parlance II is NOT the only blog in Humboldt County to act this way. The Brownshirt movement is rather extensive. They threaten everything decent, honest and lawful people hold dear. This class of people are at war with the decent, the generous, the knowledgeable and the law abiding champions of truth, justice and the right to self-defense. They pose a real and abiding threat to our survival, as a nation, as a people and as a community.  While they live in relative obscurity on blogs and on the Internet, they live among us as they constantly project and enforce their evil will.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lawless Constitution - Something Called Democracy

[UPDATE Below]

Chris Williams lives in Fortuna and is one of a rare few that actually "gets it." His letter to the Times-Standard Editors is neat, clean, simple to understand, and right on the subject issue. He defines the real war raging within America today. The battle lines are drawn between the law abiding, those that believe in, support and defend the rule of law, versus the corrupt lawless Anarchists that believe they are the Law. Democracy is reduced to mob rule, guilt by accusation and mass anarchy. No one is held responsible for breaking the law and NEVER held accountable for undisputed and admit gross crimes. (Times-Standard Letter to the Editor, May 2, 2014)

 Here is his letter:

First they came for Donald Sterling ...

We must remember that freedom of speech is a right guaranteed to us by our Constitution, and that includes all speech, even if offensive, inaccurate, unpopular or just plain dumb. But, with political correctness running amok in our society today, racist or rude comments, even uttered privately, are now grounds for public condemnation, expulsion, job loss, or more. 
We may all deplore the comments made by Donald Sterling, L.A. Clippers' owner, but he's been unfairly found guilty in the court of public opinion, thanks to selective media outrage. Sterling's alleged words, taped illegally by a vengeful girlfriend in the privacy of his own home, are likely inadmissible in a court of law because secret taping of conversations is illegal in California, yet he's already been tried and convicted by sensation-seeking media and an uninformed public, both eager to rush to judgment. 
The NBA commissioner also over-reacted by banning Sterling for life, imposing a hefty fine, and illegally confiscating his team, as words alone are not legal grounds for confiscating private property. 
That many Americans condone these actions shows a dangerous misunderstanding of our founding principles. Freedom of speech means no one is punished for expressing negative opinions, critical comments, racial slurs, or for just being a jerk. 
We all have the right to freedom of speech, private property, privacy, non-self-incrimination and more, but all of our rights derive from a strongly defended Constitution, which is specifically what makes us free citizens and not enslaved subjects. [Emphasis mine.]
Chris Williams
Currently no one in the U.S. is "strongly defending the Constitution." They may believe they are, but that perception is only a hazy illusion. Everyone believes they have the god-given right to interpret the Law as they see fit - for their own self-interests. Then they go off and do whatever they damned well want to do. And then, Lord have mercy on the poor bastard that dares say anything. You're lucky to get away with your life.

Have a minor problem with your neighbor, call him or her on the telephone or speak to them over the fence, even though you try to keep the conversation civil and decent and the next thing you know you've got two, three even four EPD officers at your door threatening you with all kinds of mayhem for threatening your neighbor or some other such action. Does you no good to deny any such action or statements took place. You called them or spoke to them and that's all they need to know. "Do it again and your ass goes to jail," simple as that. So, tell me how do you work out your, now rather extensive problems with your neighbor? You don't dare say anything. If you do, they use it against you, even if you didn't say anything of the sort to start with. You are in a virtual state of war whether you want to be or not.

So, how often do you actually stop and red lights and stop signs?


[UPDATE :: May 6, 2014] - Gangster State America - Where is America’s Democracy?
"Anyone who looks carefully behind the veil of words cannot find democracy in America. For years I have been writing that the US government is no longer accountable to law or to the people (see, for example, my book, How America Was Lost).  The Constitution has been set aside, and the executive branch is degenerating into Caesarism."

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The GREAT SICKNESS - A Massive Parasite

“Global Society Destruction” and The Ukraine Crisis: Decoding its Deep Structural Meaning
By Prof. John McMurtry Global Research, April 26, 2014

The “Ukraine crisis” repeats a script as old as the Cold War. The narrative features rising attacks by corporate states and media on the traditional whipping boy of Russia. As usual, “escalating the crisis” is US-led. As usual, alarm about “increasing lawless aggression” is projection of US policy itself. In fact, one more US-directed violent overthrow of an elected government has carved off the biggest country of Europe from next-door Russia.

Read the complete article.

If you want to understand the horse you ride, read this article. In case you think you are immune to the cancer - the metastasizing parasite, think again. Parasites make their hosts believe they need them, then keep their hosts alive only so long as they serve their needs.

See your One World Government in action.

Many thanks to Kenny's Sideshow for bringing this article to my attention.

Read the complete article.