Thursday, November 24, 2011

Objective “Reporting” versus Worthless Opinionated Beliefs

There's been considerable dissension and acrimonious dispute, since I inaugurated the Joe Blow Report, for declaring it's sole purpose is to report fact-based observations and arbitrarily refrain from expounding upon conjecture based worthless opinions and religious based beliefs.

In fact I recently reported the following quote about legendary Miyamoto Mushashi:
The Mind should be pure, uncontaminated by self-serving distortions and preconceived ideas.  The mind should be flexible, able to change shape according to the situation without resorting to rote learning.”

Today, I'm adding the following quote:
Living plants are flexible,
In death, they become dry and brittle.

Therefore, stubborn people are disciples of death,
but flexible people are disciples of life.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011, Glenn Greenwald takes on this issue of “objective reporting in his: Bob Schieffer, Ron Paul and journalistic “objectivity” - Lessons the local Humboldt community should take to heart. Glenn observes:

Contrary to popular wisdom, there aren’t two types of journalists: those who express opinions and those who are objective.  The two types are those who honestly acknowledge their opinions and those who deceitfully pretend such opinions do not influence their journalism. One reason modern establishment journalism has become so corrupted and worthless is because of the conceit that they engage in some sort of objective reporting that is free of bias and opinion, even as they are the stalwart defenders of a clear set of political opinions and interests (those wielded by the same power factions which they pretend to hold accountable).  Any time someone is tempted to believe these fairy tales of objectivity, they should just re-watch this Schieffer interview.

The principals defined in that statement above are the reasons that led me to make my first observation regarding Dave Stancliff's opinionated and biased, newspaper published, article. Because the Times-Standard steadfastly continues to publish him regardless of his public conduct repudiating his credibility and theirs, a review of their published conduct reveals the pattern defined by Greenwald above:
One reason modern establishment journalism has become so corrupted and worthless is because of the conceit that they engage in some sort of objective reporting that is free of bias and opinion, even as they are the stalwart defenders of a clear set of political opinions and interests (those wielded by the same power factions which they pretend to hold accountable).”
The Joe Blow Report is replete examples of "bias and worthless conjectured opinions by the Times-Standard reporters. A rather striking and depressing indictment on this Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Humboldt Shame

When I picked up my Wednesday, November 23, 2011, Times-Standard paper today and the this picture pasted on the front-page, Use of pepper spray at Davis brings back memories of '97 Palco protest; university president launches investigation and read the caption where they used the word, "allege,"  I was instantly enraged – AGAIN!

Allege means to "assert without proof." Then writes, "Eventually, officers swabbed pepper spray on the protesters' eyes in order to remove them." The fact is, they didn't need to "swab" anything in their eyes to "remove them." They used pepper spray just like they us the Taser to force submission and forced yielding - coercive rape at it's essence. The paper, regardless the writer, in this case Dona Tam, never gives-up on the biased propaganda justifying the crimes.

I was out of this area when that incident took place. When people found out that I was from Humboldt County they wanted to know what kind of neanderthal barbarians Humboldt County people had on their police forces? The only conclusion anyone could accept is that these people were not only sick, but sadistically sick.

We're not talking about just the Sheriff and Police Chief and their officers, but the whole damned community. The sickness that permeates this community was quite well defined when the justification for what amounts to a form of sadistic rape legally declared acceptable. What did the people in this community do about the District Attorney, the Sheriff, the Eureka Police Chief and the officers involved? The consequences of those acts that day are clear in the pictures of how the police deal with peaceful people all over the world. No father of any worthwhile value, including one of the girl's father, Jan Lundberg, would ever tolerate their daughter's treatment recorded here for the whole world to see. When you look to the criminal for justice, and get injustice, you are as guilty of the crimes committed as they are.

Shotgun pellets or pepper spray, what's the difference?
When you read articles like this one: Torture’s Future, By ERIC LEWIS in the New York Times and this one by Glenn Greenwald: The roots of the UC-Davis pepper-spraying along with pictures like this of what the heroic police and courageous solders are doing to their neighbors it all kind of jumbles together as something that doesn't involve YOU. Problem is, when you pickup your local newspaper and see similar pictures that happened right in your own hometown and know there is a twenty year legacy of such acts of vile hatred and sadistic barbarity, you've got to face the facts – like it or not.

When Eureka Police Chief Murl Harpham tells the homeowners and business people in Eureka that he has “tough” cops at their beck and call. These are the kind of “tough” people he's talking about. Notice in the accompanying article: Police pay third visit to Occupy Eureka at courthouse – Notice this statement: [O]one woman was arrested Tuesday morning after she allegedly became aggressive with a county employee, Harpham said.” “Became aggressive” in what way justifies an arrest? Raise their voice in objection? And the county employee didn't precipitate the incident with aggressive conduct? That “county employee” kept their business to themselves, just walked quietly by and never said a word or made a filthy gesture? Eureka police officers are, when they want to be, are extremely thin-skinned. Simply asking them a question can be cause for aggressiveness in their minds. Consequently, everyone walks a tightrope when dealing with the police.

These words by Swellsman are worth repeating:
And, yeah . . . the rest of us might want to think about trying to undo some of the power and public relations imbalance that we have allowed to creep into law enforcement’s favor by our past apathy in the face of public abuses. 
Despite what they’ll tell you, and what we’ve been conditioned to believe, the cops are not the law. The law resides in a system, not in a person, not even in a group of people. Cops are merely citizens – just like you and me – who have been given special dispensation to arrest people under certain circumstances and then turn them over to that system . . . and nothing more. 
And it seems to me that America would be a lot better off trying to keep that basic fact in mind.
His blog is located here. Picture source is the Times-Standard and Sharif Kouddous.

[UPDATE :: HUMBOLDT HERALD has an posting on this subject: Humboldt’s history of pepper spray recalled. The comment section is worth considering. By the way, Heraldo's is uncustomarily candid of this longstanding wrong in this community and why he thinks the heavy-handed Government/Police way will ultimately fail.

Monday, November 21, 2011

UC Davis Police Pepper Spray Use: What it Says - MacLeod Cartoon

UC Davis Police Pepper Spray Use: What it Says

These are the people that protect and serve, right?

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Root Of All Evil

"Acting upon the lie."

Here is the top story on the Humboldt Herald blog since yesterday, November 17, 2011, where he publishes title the story for the Lost Coast Outpost blog. Please note Hank Sims' words about the police, “responses to the Occupy 'Threat'.” My question on Humboldt Herald was and is, why use the word “'Threat'” when referencing the so-called "Occupy" people? Specifically, "What makes the “Occupy” (movement) a threat?" In the 27 comments, no one answered my question.

Eureka drama kings vs. level-headed Arcata

November 17, 2011
 Posted by Heraldo

Do these people look like some sort of a threat to you? Think maybe there's a big gun in that bag that's a threat to the police?

One person, Ponder Z, did say: "Not a threat, a NUISANCE, and an embarrassment !!!!" But, didn't really address the issue of “why they actually pose a 'threat' to anyone? If you read Hank Sims' post and, no doubt why 'Heraldo' highlighted the article, is that he's really asking the same question, “What makes the Occupy Movement such a threat”?

Thadeus Greenson writes:
On Oct. 25, County Administrative Officer Phillip Smith-Hanes penned a letter to protesters explaining that they had every right to peacefully assemble and protest but asking them to voluntarily take down their tents, pointing out that camping in non-designated public spaces is prohibited under the Eureka Municipal Code, section 93.02. 
"Penned a letter" when these so-called "protesters" were clearly breaking the law? WHY? Is this how law enforcement works when they see a crime? Write the offender a letter? Give them an indeterminate amount of time to voluntarily stop their criminal behavior? Why didn't the Sheriff or the Chief of Police act? Why did they blow this situation clear out of proportions and make it a "Federal Case"? After several weeks the city and county knowingly and deliberately allowed these people to "camp" in violation of clearly understood and accepted law, they lost their legitimate right to act against them. What they did, the City Council, the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff and EPD was deliberately create a pretense to brutalize and criminalize these people. Adding to that obscenity, it looks like they were setting up Councilwoman Linda Atkins as well.

You've got the Eureka Police Department castigating Councilwoman Linda Atkins like she's some sort of terrorist sympathizer that has betrayed her own people for simply talking to them about their predicament situation. Which is exactly what the relevant and responsible people should have done themselves long before Linda Atkins found the need. Hank Sims suggests:
Everyone should read Thad Greenson’s fascinating story today on the leadup to the first Eureka Police Department raid on Occupy Eureka. Particularly interesting is the Eureka Police Officers Association’s attack on Councilmember Linda Atkins for “leaking” the fact that the EPD was planning to bust up the encampment. Greenson quotes a letter from the EPOA that was circulated at Tuesday night’s Eureka City Council meeting: [Read the rest here.]  
The problem with such words like “Occupy 'Threat'” is that when systematically and repeatedly used, they create and sustain a false illusion that when acted upon makes that illusion or lie become the reality or truth. Everyone accepts that truth and reinforces that fact. It should be noted that Thadeus Greenson is no stranger to that practice, and in particular when it comes to his reporting police actions. One has but only read his words in the very first paragraph in Police association blasts councilwoman:
The Eureka Police Officers' Association board of directors alleges (filthy lying accusation) Councilwoman Linda Atkins “leaked” plans to raid the Occupy Eureka encampment to protesters earlier this month, putting officers, demonstrators and the general public at increased risk.
This sounds like the paranoid rantings of a bunch weak-kneed wimps that are absolutely scared to death of their own shadows. That includes the Eureka Police Officers' Association, which are the Eureka Police Department and their masters, most of the City Council and supportive so-called Elites in this community. Hank Sims says: “Isn’t the EPD misreading its foe, here? These aren’t armed terrorists.” [Emphasis added] 
Actually, I don't think they are “misreading” anyone. Certainly not the people making up the Occupy Movement or Linda Atkins and her supporters. That said, again the particular use of words used such as, “police blasts councilwoman,” “Occupy Eureka crackdown,” “foe,” “alleges,” “increased risk,” and “Occupy 'Threat'” are the real issue. These words stigmatize and brand well intentioned and essentially peaceful people trying to do what they legally believe they have a right to do. Standing for their rights sends the message that their lives count just as much as those in control using the laws arbitrarily made to suppress, subordinate and oppress - to deny legal rights. There is a real threat to these oligarch, dictatorial, corrupt politicians and their enforcers are acutely aware of. Proof of that is in their whole attitude, demeanor and their coordinated aggressive bullying campaign. The Occupy Movement strikes right at the heart of their legitimacy to exist in any form and they know it.
My father often said that what gave the G.I.s in World War II the advantage over the Germans is that the Americans could think for himself, act and take charge when necessary. Take out or kill the German officers and the fight was over. Those Elitist Oligarch's that would rule this country and the World learned that lesson well. They've had a long time to brainwash the American people into believing that the lives of the police and their political masters are more valuable than that average citizen. That the average person is incapable of thinking or living for themselves and need a strong authoritarian police force to tell the common citizen how to live. It's easy to see when you watch the police interact with the demonstrators – they, the police, believe they have the right to put their hands on anyone anyway they want, men or women. That didn't work so well in Egypt when those people decided if they were going to “count too” and they were going to maintain any sort of dignity as men, that stopped. Egyptian-style policing in Eureka will go the same way. It's only a matter of time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Eureka – Conflict and Contradiction

There was once a very astute and powerful Japanese Samurai warrior, Miyamoto Musashi. He became famous for his fighting prowess - he was never defeated, in part for writing The Book of Five Rings. A book I read and studied many years ago. He is reputed to say that the battle is won and lost before the first blow is struck. Herein lies the secret of a true master. “The heart of Musashi's ideas is the mind.  The Mind should be pure, uncontaminated by self-serving distortions and preconceived ideas.  The mind should be flexible, able to change shape according to the situation without resorting to rote learning.” (A guiding principle applied by the Joe Blow Report) Musashi proved that harmony within oneself and with the Universe took priority by living a long life and dying of old age.

Another older man that had much to do with the establishment of Christianity once said to a younger man: “Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives' tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” -1 Timothy 4:7, 8. This man's understanding of “godliness” is clearly defined in his, rather extensive writings and coincides nicely with what Musashi said. From my point of view, such people demonstrate the defining qualities of life's value, self-worth, dignity and honor which is demonstrated by their inner sense of power, absolute control and inner calm. Simply put, their actions are totally harmonious with their inner being – what they are is defined by what they do.

How does any of this apply to the Occupy Movement? First question that needs answered is, what does the Occupy Movement intend? Are they acting in harmony with their goals and objectives?

What makes the Occupy Movement different for most all other such social or political phenomena is that it operates completely different from what everyone knows and understands - pure Democracy working from a Horizontal Way. Here on Humboldt Bay you can occasionally see large flocks of black birds flying over the bay. What's striking is how they move and fly as one body. If you observe a flock of geese flying overhead, you'll always see a leader at the head, not so with the black birds. What distinguishes the Occupy Movement is that it is leaderless, yet somehow they have the ability to learn, adjust and move as one, but not in ways always expected. They are an alive, ever evolving and growing movement. They stand for their legitimate rights and when forcibly deprived, they move to another more defensible place. Locally, however, they are still not completely “able to change shape according to the situation without resorting to rote learning.”

By chance I found what is titled the “Occupy Eureka Edition” of what appears as an electronic newspaper dated November 9. 2011. On this page the Occupy Movement states its purpose and goals.
“Our form of protest, shared with tens of thousands across the nation and world, is rooted in the continuous, peaceful occupation of public properties, both day and night, and taking back these places for prolonged periods of me. 
It is a widely shared sentiment that ill motivated entities have acquired control of our Country’s political, economic, and social spheres by deceptive and inequitable means, and are acting to the detriment of the American people. Our intent is to make it clear to all that this is not an acceptable development, and to encourage dialogue that will lead to positive solutions. Please help the Occupy Eureka participants take back the lawn by standing in solidarity. Come give a couple of hours to the Occupation. [Emphasis added] 
Occupy Eureka and Arcata have requested that Porta Potties be established on site, at no expense to the city. This request has been rejected by our authorities. Our local governments are creating a situation that negatively affects the community. The unwillingness to work with protestors will not deter them, nor will it benefit the community at large.”
The above statement is backed up by this comment on Occupy Eureka's Facebook page this morning (11-16-2011).
“Laura Cutler:
Morning! I may not be able to attend General Assemblies for a while due to addressing Occupation related legal matters. I wanted to suggest that folks work on putting together a well attended General Assembly with an agenda item addressing how folks want to make proposals to the County, City of Eureka, etc. during this temporary "truce." One possibility is to put a proposal together that everyone buys into. That may be difficult. Folks might not agree. I suggest folks consider the option of reaching consensus simply that everyone in the occupation and the general public individually make their proposal to all of the agencies involved. With that approach, the occupation continues to support the commitment to allowing all voices to be heard, the agencies will receive many letters to read rather than one, and the agencies will have proposals before them quickly rather than after the weeks or months it might take to get a unified proposal together. Just a suggestion.”
Similar statements of intent with consistent courses of conduct are outlined in the Tuesday, November 15, 2011, edition of the Time-Standard: Occupy Eureka camp raided for a second time; 31 protesters arrested. Regarding,
“Local attorney Laura Cutler said she has been trying to set up a dialogue between city and county officials and Occupy Eureka organizers, but she has yet to hear back from the local government. Some options Occupy Eureka organizers were interested in discussing were moving the encampment to another location in the city and using the courthouse lawn as a place to hold rallies and disseminate information, she said. Cutler said she has been trying to initiate a meeting with local government for the past three weeks.”
"The agencies Cutler has contacted include the Eureka city manager, county supervisors, the sheriff's office, Eureka police, the county administrative officer and the county counsel."
"'Occupy Eureka has expressed interest in having a dialogue about camping issues, but there's been absolute silence from government agencies,” she said. “Any request has gone unheeded.'
Cutler said she wants to continue her role as mediator but has been considering taking part in Occupy Eureka's legal defense and potential civil rights lawsuits."
Ms. Cutler clearly demonstrates the weakness problem afflicting Occupy groups in America. You can talk or you can act (occupy). You cannot threaten, dictate and make accusations, i.e., that the political leaders or public representatives are bought and paid for corrupt and then expect reasonable, peaceful sit-down negotiations. (Turn a deaf ear.) We learned today that cities all across America coordinated their attacks on these camps. The reason no one talked to Ms. Cutler is because no one is the least bit interested in talking. They talk with their police billy club, don't you know?

Right now the police believe they possess their legitimate right to enforce their master's laws any way they see fit. Until these issues, legitimate existence and personal rights, are addressed they will continue to act violently and aggressively.

For some additional followup, Glenn Greenwald has some really pertinent observations.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Same difference – NO difference

Glenn Greenwald: Why the Washington Post won’t fire Jennifer Rubin

Joe Blow Report: Why the Times-Standard won't fire Dave Stancliff

Even though the resultant actions: “[D]id damage to The Post and the credibility that keeps it afloat.”

As they did damage to the Times-Standard and the credibility that keeps it afloat.

Just change the names, the individuals and businesses and Glenn Greenwald's argument fits exactly. It's about class warfare in the Middle East infecting the World and its about the same kind of class warfare right here in Eureka, CA. reaching into every household and community. With the same disparities, prejudices, hatreds, biases, bigotry and hatred and soul rotting corruption. These people that alienated themselves have had ample opportunity to demonstrate their truth, but clearly, they are unable, incapable or unwilling. Yet, in their own blind way, that is exactly what succeeded in doing. No guessing who or what they are now.

They remind me of the guy out in the logging woods that had to defecate and then stepped in his own poop. When he came back to work with the crew, no one could get within 100 feet of him. He, on the other hand, couldn't figure out what was their problem. To him, his crap “didn't stink,” – we all thought something died.

The fact is, something did die. That rotting corpse is right there in plain sight for everyone to see. Makes me believe we're all living in a land of zombies.

Race or class difference enforced by Jews against Palestinians and Wannabe Elitists Published reporters and Opinionators against low-class, subhuman Blog Writers are exactly the same. You might want to throw in the letter writers (Letters to the Editor) and  My Word Opinions as well. Therein lies a great example of the class distinction demonstrated in this community within the political, legal, judicial and law enforcement daily. Another good example of this are the people that are taking a stand in the Occupy Movements and the disparaging contempt expressed by the so-called financial and political Elite – the lines are drawn. The Times-Standard would have everyone believe what they offer fulfills their responsibility to the community's Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. Might as well be out here in the mountains on a rainy, wind-blown day hollering at the trees for all the good it does.

Glenn Greenwald says:
“To put it mildly, Abrams’ (“by neocon royal family member Rachel Abrams”) post was bigoted, violence-inciting, and driven by hatred of the purest and most repellent strain.” 
Read what Dave Stancliff publicly wrote about me and then show me a difference. The fact is you can't. Substitute the names and institutions, i.e., Washington Post with the Times-Standard and the issue is the same, same bias, and same damage to the paper's credibility. Oh, they'll tell you Dave Stancliff is not on the payroll and what he writes, and I might add, what they publish, are his personal opinions they claim exempts them from any personal responsibility for his demonstrated attitudes, actions and conduct. Yet, they continue to publish him.

For some reason the people that run the Times-Standard news paper don't seem to care. That simple truth is what's most disturbing. You have to ask yourself the question, Why? Glenn, in his way answers this question as he concludes:
“Herein lies one of the great myths of American political culture: the media’s “objectivity.” No institution plays a greater role in restricting the terms of permissible debate in America than they do. The fact that they impose these limitations with such gross bias is bad enough; their self-praising insistence that they do no such things makes it that much worse. If the Post applied media standards equally to anti-Arab and anti-Israeli commentary, then Jen Rubin would be waiting on the unemployment line next to Rick Sanchez, Helen Thomas and Octavia Nasr. But it plainly does no such thing, and therefore she will remain exactly where she is. ” [Emphasis added]
As will Dave Stancliff.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[UPDATE] Non-Apology Apology – Silence

It's been 9 days since posting A knee-jerk is ALWAYS a knee-JERK and, true to form, glaring S I L E N C E – on this blog anyway. Sadly, these individuals seem unaware of what's really going on in our social order today, even though they are responsible for mountains of the aforementioned subject verbiage.

I gave these four individuals ample opportunity to take ownership of their attitudes and actions. In the face of their “non-apology apology” one must conclude that they don't believe I'm worth any consideration, let alone an apology. What they fail to understand is that their conduct, or in this particular situation where Dave Stancliff justifies what I wrote whether he intended to or not, defines the truth of him and everyone that supports him. What he said about me were sick lies based totally upon his personal biased opinions and egocentric worth. The “truth” is established by actions consistent with the lies. Their actions either establishes their legitimacy and credibility or refutes them. It puts them on record whether they like it or not.

Complicating matters, but also emphasizing their conduct, came in the form of a Letter to the Editor today, Wednesday, November 9, 2011, Times-Standard: We are not free:
Dave Stancliffs' column, “Next Stop, Africa: American Imperialism On The March” on Oct. 30 is one of the most outstanding pieces I have ever read in The Times-Standard. War and conquest is and always has been in the interests of the so-called ruling classes. America has been an imperialist nation from its very beginnings, starting with the native inhabitants. Our history is not pretty.
How profitable war is and for whom it is profitable should be obvious to any American with their eyes open. Cheney, et al, tell us that WMD are threatening our lives and safety, and off we go bombing a whole country, killing hundreds of thousands.
Meanwhile, private contractors are being hired with no bid contracts at pay rates that make a joke of the pay our armed forces are getting.
Haliburton and its subsidiaries were/are being hired and work with little to no accountability.
Could it be that Cheney, once CEO of Haliburton and still on their payroll while serving as vice president, could have had a role in that?
Recently, someone ranted at me that he had fought in a war for my freedom. Aside (mostly) from World War II, every other war we've fought was a war of conquest and profit.
Not profit for the mostly young people who fought and died, but profit for the powers that be who sent them to fight and die to make them richer.
Until we stop fighting and working for the top 1 percent, we are not free.
Sylvia De Rooy
Just a note on this letter that's glaringly indicative of the knee-jerk assumptions that always seems to give the one actually responsible, a pass. She says, "Cheney, et al, tell us that WMD are threatening our lives and safety, and off we go bombing a whole country, killing hundreds of thousands." It was the President of the United States, George W. Bush, that lied to the American people that is responsible for the lives of "hundreds of thousands" of innocent people.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Will the Real Matt Owen Please Stand Up

I'm writing about the “Matt Owen” that got a rather lengthy MY WORD opinion published Friday, November 4, 2011, called “Occupy Eureka: Hopefully, a peaceful resolution.” Maybe what he wrote says more about the Editor's of the Times-Standard newspaper than it does about himself. He clearly does not admittedly understand what the “Occupy” movement is all about, yet here he is telling everyone why he thinks they should be summarily dealt with. Here we have groups of people all over the World and the United States taking a stand for their legally guaranteed Constitutional right to petition their governments for redress of grievances. Unfortunately, you can't petition anyone until the agree to recognize and accept you – ONLY then will they hear you. Matt Owen has clearly decided that these people, the dregs of society, are unfit and therefore unworthy to be heard let alone seen. Which begs the question, what kind of a person is the “real Matt Owen”?

We know that other such citizen movements removed, but not necessarily replaced,  decades old authoritarian, dictatorial despots with the purpose of establishing an incorrupt Democratic government that actually worked for and represented the BEST interests of the people. Ever wonder how such murderous criminals could stay in power for so long at the total detriment of the majority (99%) of the people? You'll find the answer to that question contained in Matt Owen's words and attitude as expressed within [his (worthless) opinion]. Opinions promoted and based upon the exceptionalism of the despot; the wannabe Elitist tyrants. Everyone of these individuals Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Bashar al-Assad, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Joseph Stalin to name only seven historical individuals retained their power because of people like Matt Owen.

The Occupy Movement has a clear and distinct message. Despots and tyrants and their supporters are always unable to understand that message. Every bully I ever dealt with NEVER saw what was staring them right in the face. When the confrontation was all over, they never could figure out what had happened.

The following is an excerpt from Glenn Greenwald's Saturday, November 5, 2011, article: The Drone Mentality – in both senses of the word. It's relevant because what Glenn Greenwald lays out here is the foundation also demonstrated by Matt Owen for same way to deal with everyone associated with the Occupy Movement or the 99% of Americans being dispossessed. I would also like to point out that the same mentality is also demonstrated by four other individuals: Dave Stancliff, Ernie Branscomb, Eric Kirk and Kimberly Wear of the Times-Standard newspaper. Here is Greenwald speaking about the movement:
“Over the last week, I had the genuine privilege of spending substantial amounts of time with participants in the truly inspiring Occupy movement around the country, including visiting Occupy Oakland on Thursday. This same dynamic is at play there. Many sneer at the protest encampments because they include the homeless, the unstable, the “dirty,” the jobless, and those who are otherwise downtrodden, dispossessed and unable to live decent lives. Much of that sneering is due to the desire that these people remain hidden from sight, invisible, so that we can avoid facing the reality of what our society has produced on a large scale (having Dirty, Disobedient People be part of a movement vaguely associated with liberalism also harms the ability of progressive media stars to maintain their access to the Halls of Seriousness). But they are and should be part of that movement precisely because the disappearance of the middle class and booming wealth and income inequality produces exactly this type of human suffering. There are those who love to parade around as supporters of the marginalized and poor who prefer that they remain silent and invisible — distant abstractions — because being viscerally confronted with their human realness is unpleasant and uncomfortable. That’s exactly why victims of President Obama’s relentless drone attacks remain invisible and many prefer to keep it that way — it’s best not to confront the reality of the misery that one’s policies wreak — and it’s exactly why everything should be done to prevent that disappearing from happening.”
Matt Owen's concluding comments could come from any of Bashar al-Assad's supporters or Ali Abdullah Saleh's supporters or Hosni Mubarak's thug supporters: “I believe we all want to avoid the anarchy and violence, like what happened in Oakland the other night. Hopefully a peaceful resolution can be reached; otherwise law enforcement will enforce the laws.” I'm sure he does, since this Occupy Movement is standing directly AGAINST people like Matt Owen. Like the four individuals mentioned in the previous post: A knee-jerk is ALWAYS a knee-JERK they had ample time to stakeout their positions. 

So, Will the Real Matt Owen Please...

Here's a quote from Humboldt Herald's: 
Hodgson (North Coast Journal publisher Judy Hodgson) calls bullshit on Tyson’s cheerleaders August 3, 2011 and we all know who and what "Tyson's cheerleaders" are - Republicans: 
Supervisor Virginia Bass admits that it was her husband who suggested including a portion that he knew to be untrue:
Finally, on Tuesday, I got my answer via email from Virginia Bass.
”I take responsibility for the discussion and the inclusion of this portion of the article [both Journal and Bradlee references]. … Matthew (referring to her husband, Matthew Owen) suggested the inclusion of the comment by Benjamin Bradlee and Mike [Jones] and I thought it was appropriate.” [Emphasis added]
[Source] Jager/Owens [Source]

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A knee-jerk is ALWAYS a knee-JERK

[UPDATE :: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - Non-Apology Apology - Silence]

Is it right to gloat? Bask in the light of total redemption, total justification and total exoneration? Tell me it is, because that's what this post is about – PERSONAL VINDICATION.

By God, when you are right, YOU ARE RIGHT! In my case, after enduring more than two years of incessant public personal slanderous and threatening attacks that were NEVER rectified, I have, if anyone does, every right to flaunt the gloating.

Almighty God DOES smile upon His little children. Vindication ALWAYS comes to he who waits and let me tell you, it is so, so sweet. OKAY, enough with the gloating. Here's what happened when I picked up the Sunday Times-Standard newspaper and worked my way to reading, Next stop, Africa: American imperialism on the march – and when I got to the third paragraph, I almost couldn't believe what I saw ... What I read made my heart skip a beat, but maybe I'd better explain.

That "happy faced" picture, that one you see there on the right, is the face of a guy that goes by the name of Dave Stancliff. That innocent looking “happy face” hides the soul of a man that publicly and shamelessly castigated, denigrated, blatantly lied and viciously accused me of all kinds of filthy, obscene and malicious actions and intentions directed against him and to him, not to mention to his pug-ugly dog. What did I do to so offend his infantile sensibilities? Nothing more than make the simple observation about his "knee-jerk" reaction that he published in the Times-Standard newspaper under his Opinion column: As It Stands. His personal attacks became so extreme that he even threatened to assault my family with some sort of lawsuit or criminal action. Mind you, that was on top of his threat against me of being some sort of Internet stalker and crazy, radical terrorist. Apparently, someone convinced him that his documented abusive conduct, over-the-top threats, and constant invective, were criminal in nature if not in intent. Eventually, he stopped his campaign, at least I think he did.

The irony of what he tried to do two and one half years ago, enforce his own brand of Imperialism is exactly what he is railing against today. He did everything he could think of, used every opportunity he could conjure up to try to force me, either by tacit inference or open admission that he had the right to judge me as some sort of sub-human meaningless person that dared question him or his opinions. His definition of "Imperialism" can be applied to himself because it is exactly what he tried, and to a certain extent within the Internet blogosphere, achieved a measure of success:
"Imperialism is defined as extending a nation's (or nationalistic [someone devoted to self] person's -) authority by territorial acquisition (taking a person's reputation and personal legitimacy through forced submission to to act and be as they are as a valued individual) or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations (through deprivation of one's credibility, acceptance and recognition as an independent individual through malicious lies and accusations designed to control the minds and beliefs of others).
For anyone interested, here is the link that started all of this that proofs the above definition. Note the date: Sunday, May 31, 2009. The title of my article was:  Trolls versus The Thought Police.

Two years later he's still going at me: Title of this article and updates: Goody Two-Shoes. Do a search on the Report's WordPress Blog under Dave Stancliff, start at the bottom and work back and you'll find it's all there, Dave Stancliff in all his glory – that is if you have the stomach to go through all that crap.

Stancliff even posted a couple of his own and offered a reward to anyone that could identify the author of the Joe Blow Report. He started out with this link on his blog. - June 3, 2009. Then there were the apologists' incessant blather - one in particular: Ernie Branscomb. He wrote and posted a blog article defending Dave Stancliff's conduct, joining and supporting him with his own unjustified public invective.

So you can see, this whole episode got right down dirty, vicious and nasty mean. Dave Stancliff would make up all kinds of filthy, lying accusations then turn right around and do exactly what he was accusing me of doing. And – There he goes again! Only this time, he's admitted to being and doing exactly as observed in that "Trolls" commentary.

Here is what he said in today's Times-Standard newspaper, Sunday Edition, October 30, 2011As It Stands. I quote his admission:
 “Of course, I really didn't understand its full meaning and admittedly didn't go out of my way to find it out. Instead, I went with a knee-jerk reaction and put the word in my Commie file.” [Emphasis added]
Is that bald-faced admission that totally justifies my very first observations of his opinion writings in the Times-Standard newspaper NOT a thing of beauty? What makes it a thing of beauty is where it puts him and those that supported him in his bullying, servile war against me and my credibility. They owe me a public apology.

What Dave Stancliff refused to accept as well as everyone that supported him, including the Editors at the Times-Standard is that it was Dave Stancliff that lost his credibility and legitimacy, neutralizing the value of everything he subsequently said that they published. That fact is established in the quality or lack thereof in the paper's reporting as defined by his exact statement quoted above. So...

Do you see it now, Dave Stancliff? How about you, Ernie Branscomb? And you, too, Eric Kirk? What about the Times-Standard Editorial Management, Kimberly Wear – is all the personal filthy diatribe and invective still justified? Who among you has the character, moral fortitude and common decency to do what is right, dignified and honorable?

Dave Stancliff's exposure that May day to the Joe Blow Report was, in fact, his first encounter with someone in the vanguard of the worldwide Occupy Movement. His knee-jerk reactions are completely consistent with how the Occupy Movement is held in total disgust, ridicule and disdain. Here's a good example by Rush Limbaugh:
"These protestors, who are actually few in number, have contributed nothing. They're parasites. They're pure, genuine parasites. Many of them are bored, trust-fund kids, obsessed with being something, being somebody. Meaningless lives, they want to matter." [Emphasis added]
More importantly, however, and in stark contrast to his historical attitude and actions, Dave Stancliff's As It Stands opinion article today is basically about making peace in this world by ending the American Elite's domination through brutal military or police suppression and looting everything of value. I've attached it to the end of this post and included links to the Times-Standard because it is well worth reading. Of late, Dave Stancliff has upped his game and began writing about matters of common interest, that are pertinent and timely to the local readers. Lets see if he can practice what he preaches, at least from a positive point of view. Real peace starts at home - it starts with oneself. He says he tracks my Internet activity. Let's see if he has the moral character and personal integrity to be the person he claims to possess such standing in this community, to step up to being the kind of real man he thinks he is.

Jerk: Slang. a contemptibly naive, fatuous, foolish, or inconsequential person.