Monday, September 27, 2010

Threading the Needle

[UPDATE Below :: Update II]

Declaration of War  ::  “When a War Starts, It Knows No Limits.”

A week ago this Report posted observations about the gross hypocrisy demonstrated by a local newspaper Opinionator championing and defending all American's First Amendment rights, he would have everyone believe was bought and paid for by people like him, while at the same time demeaning and vilifying a small minority of religious people to incite the public to deny them to freely defend and express these very same rights. For exposing this hypocrisy this person has personally attacked me, and would deny me these same rights too. (Read latest update below)

This guy's conduct of threats and intimidation, lies and abusive accusations has incited and inflamed others in this community to join him in his personal assault on Law and the Constitution. Can we be so surprised, then, at the impunity with which some of louder Opionators, editors, commentators and other self-righteous preachers and the like incite hatred for everyone that would defend and enforce Law over emotion driven worthless opinions?

It is the threat, based upon lies and false accusations acted upon with all self-righteous hypocrisy that defines the warmonger criminal. It is the abhorrent, loathsome existence of such animal scum that they would justify their existence by using nothing more than their malicious lies and baseless, unproven accusations to assault and murder innocent women and children. In Mexico these thug bullies use guns to enforce their legitimacy and right to control with total impunity. In America, for the most part, this country hasn't degenerated into such physical chaos and anarchy where the State is powerless to protect the common man and women. No, we're not quite so unsophisticated as the radical extreme Islamist and Mexican Death Squads. We don't use bombs, guns and suicide vests, nor do we corrupt the judiciary, police and government representatives. Unlike them we DO NOT first make threats of death against falsely accused people and their families. Death? Yeah, death. What do you think life is? Life is freedom – death is slavery or control. Thug bullies control by threats and intimidation. The thug bully exists by its lying accusations, their guns are their threats, their bullets are the police and the courts. Dave Stancliff would see this blogger DEAD. If he could get at, drop a bomb, on my family to get at me he would – the ultimate act of a craven coward. It is as simple as that. Don't believe me? Read his public threats below.

Dave Stancliff NEVER acknowledges any reader's ability to think for themselves or their right to distinguish facts from worthless opinions. He NEVER defends his opinions. He ONLY defends himself. You don't agree with what he says, you don't agree with HIM. To a wanton bully questioning ANYTHING they do or say is a personal insult. His whole existence as a person totally depends upon getting you to agree that only HE has the god-given, legitimate right to tell you how to think and what to believe. This is how the so-called American Elitist impose the Master-slave relationship. It is what drives most employers, police, politicians, bureaucrats and religious leaders. It is also what unifies a group of wannabe elitists in societies, communities and on the Internet. It is the festering sore that raised its inflamed, pusy head in this community.

Not one time did I find where Dave Stancliff justifies or defends the legitimacy of any of his “opinions.” No matter what, whenever anyone questions his thesis he immediately assaults that person. He absolutely refuses to consider any reader's differing opinion or basis in fact with what he says. Anyone that doesn't agree with him, hates his guts.

I watched these interviews on Democracy Now the morning of Thursday, September 23, 2010, about what's going on all over Mexico and in particular Juárez, just across the boarder at El Paso, Texas. The Mexican Federal and State governments are unable to protect, not just news reporters, but everyone – all Mexican citizens, from the least to the greatest. Everyone is in physical jeopardy. Their lives, their family's lives, their friend's lives, their business associates lives, are all threaten by thug bullies who are completely protected with total impunity for the most obscene and horrendous acts of hatred and murder. Murdered for doing what? Nothing more than writing about and exposing what's going on in their towns and communities. That is EXACTLY what the Joe Blow Report is about in its own limited way, Citizen Journalism. In Mexico and the United States as well, crazy lunatic bullies resort to violent THREATS as their first resort to try to silence anyone they can't control or don't like. That is EXACTLY what Dave Stancliff tried to do when I, by chance, happened to write an observation about one of his newspaper “Opinion” articles. Because Dave Stancliff takes everything personally, he immediately assaulted me with his ad hominem, personal filthy, lying accusations that continue until today. His personally directed accusations are lies because he cannot and does not prove or provide any definitive proof other than his personal opinions. He audaciously expects everyone to accept and believe his personal opinions or more factually, conjecture, as proof and justification for his personal assaults simply because HE says so.

From where I sit, there is no difference in his intimidating threats and the serious consequences that do not bode well for me and my family than the threats and and personal harassment caused these reporters in Mexico. The only thing that has protected us so far is the fact he doesn't know who I am. My so-called anonymity protects him as well, but he's too stupid to see that fact. When I watched this program and these interviews this morning I realized the similarities and decided to post this observations, Threading the Needle - A Declaration of War.

"Explain to Us What You Want from Us"–Juárez Newspaper Publishes Editorial Addressing Cartels After Another Reporter Gunned Down.

Also: Special Report: Silence or Death in Mexico's Press - Crime, Violence, and Corruption - Are Destroying the Country's Journalism.
The drug traffickers, violent criminals, and corrupt officials who threaten Mexico’s future have killed, terrorized, and co-opted journalists, knowing that controlling the flow of information will further their needs. They have been increasingly successful, and the results have been devastating.
This just quoted statement about successful threat to "Mexico's future" is the goal of the Dave Stancliffs and those that support him in this country. It all starts with these kinds of threats and incitement while hiding behind their state of virtual impunity and in this man's case, hiding behind the literal support and protection of the Times-Standard newspaper. By the way, legal counsel tells me the following copy of Dave Stancliff's blog posting is sufficient evidence to justify asking a Judge for an injunction. I post some of what he says on this Report because his own words define what he is better than anything anyone could possible say about him.

Blogger Alert: I’m offering a reward for exposing hate blog author.
If you’re not familiar with the Joe Blow blog you’re better off for it. But if you’re one of those people Blow goes after, then you know what he’s all about. Just look at today’s blog attacking me – his favorite pastime.

For well over a year this anonymous coward that calls himself Joe Blow has been attacking me and spewing malicious lies, slander and libel. Just look back at his archives. They’re proof of his campaign of hate.

I’ve put up with his shit long enough. It’s time for an accounting. If you can provide me with his name, address, phone number, I’m offering a reward. Email me at [***] You’re name will not be revealed to anyone.

It’s time Joe Blow finds out that he can’t get away with his hate-filled rants that cross the line. I’ve never had a problem like Joe Blow in over 20 years as an editor and publisher. The man is obsessed with me. I’ve offered to meet with him in Southern Humboldt where he lives, and to talk out our differences like mature adults, but he refused and spewed more paranoid blather. (See his archives)

If this crazy bastard would leave me alone, I wouldn’t pursue this avenue to stop him. However, after his post today it’s evident he’s never going to stop harassing me.I don’t read his blog, but Google Alert warns me every time he posts stuff about me.

I’ve outright asked Blow boy to reveal his name, but he told me he couldn’t or “I’d have to move to Peru.” What’s that mean? Is he a criminal on the run? Perhaps someone with a criminal past? In past comments he’s mentioned about living in South America for a while and going broke while doing something there. Any connection? Who knows, but whatever it is it’s bad enough to make him conceal his identity.

I’m taking this drastic measure because it’s the only way to stop him. I’ve already had a lawyer look over his past posts maligning me and he says I have a strong case against Blow boy. This is a case of constantly attacking a person’s reputation with lies and malicious slander. We do have laws to prevent this. Now, I just have to find the coward and get him in court. He picked this fight and I’m going to finish it. [Emphasis added]
I am told Dave Stancliff crossed the line with what he said here. There are laws to protect people from this kind of online bullying and overt personal threats, as well the inciting others to violent actions. What happens when Stancliff or some of his supporters can actually get at me and my family? It's been my experience when dealing with people that demonstrate such irrational and psychotic behavior that lawsuits are the last thing motivating them. Here's one quote: "There is no punishment on earth that is fitting enough." Think I might have to move my family? Threatening to take drastic measures to finish a fight to stop someone is ominous enough, but couple that with threatening to take someone to court is an act of violence. He intends to use that court to violently attack me and my family, to violently force me to stop living my life as I decided and live as he demands. These are the threatening acts, dictates and demands of terrorists. He, by implication, is telling everyone exactly what they can and cannot say about his “As It Stands” opinion column published in the Times-Standard newspaper. Not unless you want to endure the full limit of his wrath.

Anyone that follows this guy is very well aware what happens to anyone that makes the mistake of publicly disagreeing with anything he says or writes. Dave Stancliff is totally intollerent of anyone that does this. The Internet is replete with examples of this behavior and conduct, berating and denigrating people.  I had no idea when I decided to write some observations regarding one of his newspaper “opinion” columns on Internet Trolls that he suffered from some form of apparent neurosis (*) and paranoia (**). He immediately, however, began asserting all kinds of personal, ad homonym accusations of hatred and personal attacks against him. He still believes he, like some little, tin-god, would judge my motives: “I’m offering a reward for exposing hate blog author” and “campaign of hate.”

Ad hominem: [Appealing to personal considerations rather than to logic or reason: Debaters should avoid ad hominem arguments that question their opponents' motives.]
Rather than talk about or dispute over what's said or written, he takes everything personal and forces everyone to defend themselves and their motives. When he refused to stop, that's what we did. We allowed him to define himself and simply accepted his judgments on the matter. The only libel or slander that's supposedly damaged his reputation is what he's said and written about himself.

 The Joe Blow Report occasionally makes observations about Dave Stancliff's newspaper “opinions” and he accuses the writer of being a “hate blog author” and writing a “campaign of hate” about him. What he establishes here (copied above) and by everything he has posted on my blogs, on his and throughout the Internet is that Dave Stancliff is unable and incapable of distinguishing the difference BETWEEN what he “says” or “writes” from “who” or “what” he is. That when someone says, writes, critiques or disagrees with something he publicly publishes, either in the newspaper or online, he immediately accuses them of personally attacking him, i.e., "For well over a year this anonymous coward that calls himself Joe Blow has been attacking me and spewing malicious lies, slander and libel." You'll notice, that absolutely nowhere does he define any of these so-called "attacks," "lies," "slander" or "libel." He expects everyone, including me, to simply take his "god's gospel word" for everything, rather than put out the facts, show the reader some respect as someone smart enough to make up their own minds. The self-defined reality is that his documented conjecture and opinions, whatever originates in his mind, becomes him and his reactions define him. Everyone that accepts his personal dreams as fact or truth, strictly on his say-so allows Dave Stancliff to re-define them as juvenile or really stupid too.

Is Dave Stancliff beyond hope? Since you never know, for him and all his buddies that have allowed him to get them all riled up over his juvenile nonsense and tender, hurt feelings, I'd like to suggest he and they read Dave Silverbrand's timely and appropriate article in the Thursday, September 23, 2010 Times-Standard article: "Taking Criticism."

Mental and emotional disorder that affects only part of the personality, is accompanied by a less distorted perception of reality than in a psychosis, and is characterized by various physiological and mental disturbances (such as visceral symptoms and impaired concentration).

Science Dictionary - Neurosis
A psychological state characterized by excessive anxiety or insecurity without evidence of neurologic or other organic disease, sometimes accompanied by defensive or immature behaviors.

1. A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution with or without grandeur, often strenuously defended with apparent logic and reason.
2. Extreme, irrational distrust of others.
1. Psychiatry . a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission.
2. baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

Psychosis: (Medical Dictionary)

1. A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution with or without grandeur, often strenuously defended with apparent logic and reason.
2. Extreme, irrational distrust of others.

Science Dictionary - Psychosis:
A mental state caused by psychiatric or organic illness, characterized by a loss of contact with reality and an inability to think rationally. A psychotic person often behaves inappropriately and is incapable of normal social functioning.

Threading the Needle
The phrase generally means to find a path through two opposing views. It's often done by politicians (or "Opinionators" writing for newspapers) who try to have their cake and eat it too.

Maureen Dowd and Glenn Greenwald present two interesting commentaries on America's slide into lawlessness. 1) Slouching Toward Washington.  2) The Obama administration's war on privacy.
The choice is simple. You can believe what people say or you can believe what they do. Better to believe when what they say and do is the same thing.

[UPDATE II :: Monday, September 27, 2010]
Stupid is as REALLY STUPID DOES. "Get your lawyer and I'll get mine so we can fight this out." This is not only really stupid, but absolutely childish. This is what little punk bully-boys do on the playground. That is until the bully-boys learn there's more to life than what they want.

This scum-bag sack of lying shit posts his filthy lies, threats and personal attacks then accuses me of harassing him. Coming on my blog with his threats is no different than coming to my home and confronting me personally. This is exactly what thug bullies do. This statement is the ultimate in arrogant impudence. He can say and do whatever, "get a better lawyer," threaten, "He picked this fight and I’m going to finish it" and then spreads his filth all over the Internet, but let me comment on what he's doing and I'm "harassing" him. Does he repudiate one thing I wrote above that proves "harassment"? He comes on this blog and proves every observation made and thinks he's going to threaten and intimidate me with his histerical and childish behavior.

Dave has left a new comment on your post "Threading the Needle":
I have a great idea - let's exchange our lawyers names and meet in court.
We're going to someday as long as you keep harassing me. You aren't going to get away with this Joe...
Time will tell.
ps - please get a better lawyer, as the advise above is not only wrong but glaringly so.
Posted by Dave to Joe Blow Report at September 27, 2010 12:58 PM


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The DEVIL'S in the Details

This posting is really an update on my observations: The Bigot is Back posted below. It seems Ernie Branscomb has horned in on the discussion and brought in some others as well with his Monday, September 20, 2010, Not Fair! You going to join in the lawsuit too, Ernie?

My intent here is not for the purpose of justifying how or why I have dealt with the issue of Dave Stancliff as I did. Since his personal attacks against me and my family have escalated it seems only fair to clarify the purpose of the Joe Blow Report and why it exists. Considering the comment section along with Ernie's opinions, their bitch seems to be that they don't know who I am so they can vent their extremist demagoguery directly in my face or at my family. Or that Dave Stancliff can sue me for writing about some of his newspaper "opinions," personal public threats and demagogic vitriol. What hypocrisy! Dave Stancliff hides behind the newspaper “Opinion” writer's protection to assault and vilify at will and then accuses me of being a craven coward for not telling him who I am so he can try to hurt me and my family. It's a good thing I don't take any of this personal.

If I was interested in trying to be an egocentric bullying jerk out here in our community trying to tell everyone what is right and wrong and how to think and believe, I'd be the first one to post my picture and display my name. Joe Blow of the Joe Blow Report is hardly “anonymous.” Anytime I post a comment on any blog or website I am identified by name and picture. The issues raised on my blog stand on their own merit. As yet, all anyone does, when they don't like what's written is call me names and make bucket's full of unproven and unsubstantiated accusations. In all of Ernie Branscomb's 1,084 words in his “Not Fair!” opinion, NOT one word took issue with what I said or the issues I raised about the extremist rhetoric assaulting Law. This is the best Ernie could do, make a personal accusation, “To have “Joe Blow” openly taunting him, from behind his cowards curtain of anonymousness, seems to be patently unfair. ” Where's the “taunt” Branscomb? Is that all you know how to do, make unproven or unsubstantiated accusations. This is nothing more than a personal attack on the messenger. This is exactly why I tried to keep “ME” out of the fray, to avoid this very issue.

Apparently according to Ernie, and others, it's okay for Dave Stancliff to “taunt” me when it serves his or their interests. Dave Stancliff changed the rules when he got personal with his threats and ad homonym vitriolic diatribe. So, for those of you that can't quite figure all of this out, when he wrote this last piece and said the things he did, he self-defined himself as a neurotic “bigot” among other things. Since he made sure we are talking about one another and NOT what we say or what he got published in the very public newspaper, I made the simple observation.

Unlike Ernie Branscomb or Dave Stancliff, I don't write or blog to try to justify who or what I am in this life; why I exist. I don't need people to agree with my worthless opinions nor do I need to justify my legitimate right to exist as a person by telling everyone that doesn't agree with me how to think, act and believe. Ernie Branscomb, Dave Stancliff and everyone else that has joined in on their vitriolic diatribe are simply nothing more than blue ribbon hypocrites. Stancliff can personally threaten me and my family, call me every insulting, despicable and disgusting name in the book, rant like a neurotic extremist all over the Internet, and that's just fine with everyone. Let me point out some differing points of view regarding what he “wrote” and I'm a quivering coward “taunting” a poor, sensitive, emotionally fraught little sick Davey.

In all fairness, all of you people, with some rare exceptions, need to grow up and start taking some responsibility for what you say and do. Did I or Joe Blow asked any of you to read my blog? Did I ask you, Ernie Branscomb, to “swallow” anything? I DID NOT come on any of your blogs, or forum boards and say one word to any of you about this issue regarding Dave Stancliff's newspaper “opinion” article. Nor have I personally gone to any one of you and tried to turn your opinion against him or campaigned to get him out of the newspaper for what he's publicly done this past year to discredit himself. I pay for that Times-Standard newspaper I get everyday and I support some of their local advertisers. That gives me the legal right to express myself about what they publish whether I read what's in it or not. No one put a gun to anyone's head, made them come to my blogs and force-fed them my blog observation. You don't agree with me? So what! What makes you think or believe I care? If you want to take issue with my observations, fine - I leave the door open. Whenever I make a comment on someone's blog, my picture is always there identifying me – you are forewarned. No one forces you to read the comment or anything I say anywhere at anytime.

People come to the Joe Blow Report to read what's written there. Absolutely no one comes to the Joe Blow Report to read what "I" wrote. The real issue confronting everyone is that a select minority want to dictate who can blog and who cannot. It is about these so-called wannabe Elitist's right to enforce their personal wills upon all others - they define who the Law benefits. These would-be Elitist scum think they are in control today. Well, they are not.

For the readers benefit, Ernie and I went to school together. I knew his family and they knew mine. If Ernie knew who I am, he'd NEVER think to accuse me of being a coward. He'd know or should remember my stand on principles, religion and bullies. I've tried to explain, that in this kind of a situation, I am doing everyone a favor by keeping these kinds of people at arms length. You get personal with me, start threatening to take me to court because I write some observations about “opinions” published in the newspaper, you threaten my family and my children's inheritance. Anyone that follows my writings should know I take life very seriously. I don't hide behind a pseudonym because I have something to hide or because I'm afraid of online bullies or even off-line bullies.

Now that takes me to this latest attack from Dave Stancliff: Blogger Alert: I’m offering a reward for exposing hate blog author. Stancliff's good at throwing around pejorative accusations, isn't he? To "hate" Stancliff, I'd have to know him, now, wouldn't I? The fact is I've never met the man. Since he's posted his picture all over the Internet, I might recognize him should our paths cross on the street. The same goes for Ernie Branscomb. While I knew him in school 60 years ago, I haven't had any dealings with him since. So, what is it I hate you two?

Be interesting to know what the reward is. You'd think that people that have experienced as much life as Stancliff and Branscomb, they would have learned by now the life works BOTH ways. In fact,this was quoted in the news today: “When a War Starts, It Knows No Limits.”

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Bigot Is Back


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Stancliff knows! HA! HA! HA! -- HAAAH!!!

These are the hate mongering, bigoted words of a man that would be, a god:
"Perhaps most disturbing is the sheer blind hatred coming from this church group."
Only a "god" know what "evil lurks in the hearts of men." Only a would-be god proclaims his self-righteous judgments before all men. The phenomenal reality of Dave Stancliff is that he also proclaims to know how men think and how they feel. Read his words the Times-Standard published in today's As It Stands: "Snyder v. Phelps: a case of free speech or harassment?"
Albert Snyder suffered as only a father can on that horrible day. He didn't want other parents of military sons and daughters to suffer more than necessary when they had to bury a child. They did not deserve to have hate-spewing extremists shatter the sanctity of the ceremony. [Emphasis added]
Yeah! The Shadow knows "hate-spewing extremists" when he sees them, doesn't he?

The self-serving arrogance of the "Dave Stancliff" type of hypocrite is expressed here again and again in his hyperbolic self-righteous tirade against the U.S. Constitution:
In my opinion, this sick church and its 60 members shouldn't be allowed to harass private funerals. *** For Albert Snyder, the case is not about speech rights. It's about harassment, plain and simple. *** Why should anyone be allowed to hijack a private funeral as a vehicle for expression of their hate? *** As a journalist, I respect the First Amendment... *** What this church is doing is wrong
This is the same emotionally driven sentiments expressed against the Muslims and against those particular Muslims that are building a Cultural Center near Ground Zero in New York. First Amendment Constitutional rights including the right granted ALL Americans plus the freedom of and the free expression of all religions only applies to the qualified patriotic natural-born Americans as defined by these American wannabe Elitists gods.

As a patriotic American veteran that swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, I doubt anyone thought they'd see the day someone says they "respect" that Constitution by writing and publishing such emotional inspired and blatant hypocritical contravention.

Once again that ugly head of the Thought Police rises up for all to witness. These are not some obscure innocent little children, victims of some obscene child molester. These are the lives of mature adults that made a conscious and deliberate decision to put THEIR lives up for sacrifice to defend, not the "Dave Stancliff's" of this country, but the United States Constitution. These Dave Stancliff's dishonor the value of these lives of these people as they assault this very Constitution with all their emotional blather.

The Great Authority on such matters, Dave Stancliff says:
I'm not sure what God and what Bible he's referring to, as the Christian Bible abhors acts of hatred like his.
You think maybe Stancliff would have everyone believe he's actually referring to the Islamic God and the Koran? My point - what makes Dave Stancliff such an authority on any God or any Bible? Only a wannabe "god" would ever presume such authority to portend such knowledge and personal judgments. The God I worship made this distinction:
"You love what is right and hate what is wrong. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than on anyone else." - Hebrews 1:9 NLT.
 What is "wrong" is judging your fellow man. What is "right" is to "hate what is wrong." Dave Stancliff and all others that express the same state of being need to take Jesus Christ's actual words to heart:
"Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you, for God will judge you in the same way you judge others, and he will apply to you the same rules you apply to others. -Matthew 7:1 GNT.
We can all be sure that none of the parents want to confront the truth of the value sacrificed. In that regard it might be useful to consider these words also written in the Bible, ostensibly about our time. These words are important because they define how God judges men - they are judged by what they are - deluded liars that act on their lies:
"[A]nd in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned (judged) who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. -2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 NIV, NAS.

[UPDATE :: Monday, September, 20, 2010]
Copied below are the words of the proven bullying extremist that writes the As It Stands column in the Times-Standard newspaper. Like any neurotic extremist he makes more threats and unproven accusations – this is not the first time he's threatened me either. Dave Stancliff, just read what he publicly writes, certainly has no problem slandering and libeling anyone he judges objectionable. For some people in this country and for all practical purposes, Dave Stancliff's assault on the U.S. Constitution and the people that defend that Constitution, that the Times-Standard published for the general public Sunday, makes him, at the very least, another de facto “hate-spewing extremists.”

The Times-Standard wants letters from the general public, preferably local people, about matters and issues written about and published in their paper. They advertise daily and published this article just last Friday, September 17, 2010: "Getting that letter printed". When these letters object or are critical of the newspaper, their reporters, opinion writers and of some issue or subject, as some obviously and regularly are, do they constitute slander, libel and harassment of the paper or writers?

Dave has left a new comment on your post "The Bigot Is Back":
Someday we're going to meet in court Joe.
I'm saving posts like this to prove how you slander and libel me. I thought you were done harassing me...
it seems you just can't just let go of your hatred of me - you hypocrite.
Posted by Dave to Joe Blow Report at September 20, 2010 7:51 AM

[UPDATE II :: Monday, September 20, 2010]

Are these the words of a rational, sane person with the character and qualities needed to justify writing for the Times-Standard newspaper? Why is it that the newspaper, Kimberly Wear in particular, continues to support and enable this kind of reprehensible conduct and behavior? Is there some reason these people responsible for the Times-Standard are incapable or unwilling to accept the self-manifest truth, or to comprehend that Dave Stancliff's public behavior and conduct directly reflects the paper's ethics, morals and credibility in this community? I've already written to the Times-Standard management and showed them what Dave Stancliff is publicly saying and writing. How bad does it get BEFORE someone responsible for that corporation becomes responsible for this kind of horrendous defamation? It's obvious that Kimberly Wear isn't capable of dealing with this matter. Apparently she's to close to the problem. This community deserves better than a newspaper that enables such unjustified, reprehensible conduct. 

Dave has left a new comment on your post "The Bigot Is Back":

What about Rose's comment? I don't see you giving an update on her.
Is that because she know's your so far off base that she disagrees with you?
Does that make Rose a bigot because she disagees with you?
You're such a lying hypocrite.
As far as the Times-Standard letters to the editor policy, they don't print anonymous ramblings from extremist cowards so you'll never get one printed Blow boy.
If you aren't afraid of the truth, let's you and I go to court and see who is slandering and libeling who. You won't do this because you are a coward with some bad past to hide - I recall you saying that you couldn't reveal your real idenity or you would have to move to Peru.
Dark secrets Blow boy?

Posted by Dave to Joe Blow Report at September 20, 2010 12:08 PM 


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Impunity Rules Supreme

Times-Standard's Matt Drange reports today that: “Fatal shooting ruled to be justified; report found no unlawful conduct in police shooting of Eureka man.”

This judgment was expected, but it is no less the tragedy. Not because another person is summarily shot down by the police, but because of the defacto license it gives all local police to continue and expand their assault on the general public.

Look at how the District Attorney Paul Gellegos and Assistant District Attorney Wes Keat's use of “after-the-fact” information to demonstrate unsubstantiated and unprovable “intent” to justify the killing, if not murder.
"Sequoia's system helps explain how such a senseless thing takes place,” Keat said in an e-mail to the Times-Standard. “He made it clear in an intense physical struggle over the gun that he intended to use it on the officers. It is a tragic thing but no part of the outcome was the fault of the officers.” [Emphasis added]
Previously EPD Chief Garr “Neilsen said that the report came back as he expected, adding that Sequoia would have killed Coon had the officers not reacted the way they did.”

There is absolutely no proof that what they say was justified at the time of the killing. 

The last time I checked, all law-abiding citizens possess the legal right to own and carry firearms for legal self-defense and other purposes. The reality however, is that in these Northern Counties, the mere possession of such a weapon will get you summarily dead. The police position and implementation, that is continued and justified in this ruling is that WITHOUT any proof of intent, other than simple possession, they are legally justified to act with lethal force.

Since the death of this boy, not one letter was published in the Times-Standard that addressed some of the outstanding issues and questions involved. As far as this community is concerned, no doubt due to how the Times-Standard used “after-the-fact” information to bias their reports, the police were totally justified right from the start.

What they reported is that David Sequoia was, without any justifiable provocation, physically assault by Kris Coon. At that point, Sequoia had the legal right to resort to a weapon in his self-defense. That's point number one. Point two is, neither one of those police officers knew for an absolute fact at the time they shot Sequoia that it was actually his gun. They just plain got lucky. To say he was going to kill Coon or the police officers is an unsubstantiated assumption that led to his unjustified death.

Point three is, Kris Coon's unwarranted and unjust actions mixed with police knee-jerk reaction to use lethal force as a first response caused that boy's untimely death. He is responsible and needs to bear some accountability too. Problem is, the only way you can justify what the police did is justify what Coon did.

The bigger problem that faces everyone, whether they like it or not, is that when people like Kris Coon can get away with going at their neighbor in the same way he obviously did, pits neighbor against neighbor. More than that it tends to make the police the enemy, rather than a friend to call on in a time of need.

The Joe Blow Report has written extensively about this right after the incident. The Report raised some questions, conflicts and contradictions about the incident as reported by the Times-Standard. They reported this outcome as a foregone conclusion - no harm no foul. The cozy relationship expressed in this kind of continued reporting exposes compromised reporters. This community deserves better. Here is the list, starting with the first article:

  1. Who Really Killed David Sequoia? – March 19, 2010
  2. Basic Freedom: No Right To Touch
  3. Personal Safety in Eureka is an Illusion
  4. Stacking the Deck – March 24, 2010
What we'd like to know is WHY no one at the Times-Standard or anyone else has not asked these outstanding questions and got some explanations for the rank contradictions. Everyone (mostly) seems to think EPD Chief Garr Nielsen is doing a good job with the police department. How that is justified when he can make this kind of a statement is beyond reason: "It appeared to be a pretty clear-cut case,” Nielsen said. “It seemed from the outset that the officers used necessary force given the circumstances.” When he answers and defines these "circumstances" maybe then he'll have some credibility. Until then, Impunity Rules Supreme.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Humbug Blogs 2 Step

[UPDATE Below]

I occasionally go through a list of local blogs to see what seems to be important and how people are responding. It's a great way to learn or measure the online pulse of the community. The Report has its favorites to be sure, but we're always searching for new blogs to add to our list. This list isn't by any means all inclusive.

I'm going to visit a list of local blogs and note some of their entries, follow some of the comments and make some observations. Be interesting to see what develops.

The first blog was the North Coast Journal. Maybe I missed it, but somewhere along the line the name was changed to simply the Journal. The Web address is still the same:
The Journal's News story by Ryan Burns is: HookedBlood, masochism and the shocking thrill of human suspension. It comes replete with a video. Here is where, "seeing is believing." Some locals didn't think much of the Journal's idea of this story. Guess that's why we get sanitized news coverage most of the time. May be distasteful, but these things are going on in our communities and we need to know about them.

Number 2) SoHum Parlance II - My list starts with:
  1. Warren in? - Report on Pres. Obama's appointment of Elizabeth Warren. 
  2. Harvest Fiesta at Garberville Town Square - Notices of Garberville activities.
  3. Gross! - Eric's dislike for The Journal's Hooked cover. - 68 comments.
    • Eric and some others seem to think the picture offends children's tender sensibilities. This is why we have laws, to try to protect us from a minority trying to tell us how to think and what to do in a FREE America. A couple of weeks ago they were all trying to tell parents what books their children should read in school. 
Number 3) Ernie's Place - He likes to talk about the "Old Timers" is Southern Humboldt.
  1. No Folks... This Ain't Kristabel's Kitchen! - Ernie's giving lessons on how to make and bake an apple pie.
    • Kristabel it seems is the Chocolate Covered Xanax - What can I say? Ernie's trying to compete or maybe, taking lessons? 
  2. Love, hope, and charity, in a rip-off world. - Ernie's definition of what it means to be charitable in our ever-growing time of needs. 
Number 4) Redheaded Blackbelt - Another Southern Humboldt blog of interest. The titles define the interest.
Number 5) The Coffee Shop - This is a political blog - always of interest and informative, from a certain point of view.
  1. 9/12
  2. I see lots of "American color"
  3. If Gitmo and Abu Ghraib commanders had only known
    • that they could string people up by tuna hooks stuck in the skin on their backs, twirl them around while blood dripped from the piercings as people stood around cheering and getting their rocks off - that this would be considered COOL - if they had only known, waterboarding would have been totally unnecessary. Torture is merely erotic self expression. Dontcha know?
    • Hooked - Blood, masochism and the shocking thrill of human suspension - NC Journal.
    • We remember
    • ...and many more.
Number 6) The Humboldt Herald - Always interesting to compare what Rose has to say over at the Coffee Shop with Heraldo. Each have their own distinct agenda. 
  1. Humboldt Growers: Excellent but Too Independent?
Number 8) Fred's Humboldt Blog
  1. Cops on cameras - A video everyone should watch. Cameras provide very little protection when the police are authorized and equipped to act like Special Forces troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Number 8) Sports and food lovers blogs: Samoa Soft Ball and Planet Taperass
Number 9) HIGHBOLDTAGE - Politics and Music in Humboldt County
Number 10) The Arcata Eye - Mostly Arcata stuff.

Then there is the Times-Standard Forum - Topix:
Always a lot of conversation there.

Well, thats the rundown for this time. As you can see, each blog has its special interests and followers. The subjects that interest these bloggers and their following comments give a fair idea of what the online crowd thinks or believes is relevant and important in their lives and in their respective communities. Some serious thought, but mostly on peripheral issues.

[UPDATE :: Wednesday, September 15, 2010]

Ryan Burns adds a comment on Eric Kirk's disgruntled response about the North Coast Journal's cover story about fishhooks in the back and suspension. So far Eric's little blurb about this issue has produced 132 comments. The online conversation broached a couple of serious issues that no one wanted to consider. A good reading if you want to see how people justify their elitist's right to tell everyone that they don't see as equal to them what do and how to think. When all else fails, they use their children's tender sensitivities that they think needs protecting. In the meantime their tender, sensitive babies grow up to face a brutal, murderous, Dark Age world without the capacity to survive, either spiritually, mentally or physically.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Destiny – Humble or Otherwise

When you get to the later stages of life you can easily fall into the trap of looking back on all those years – years that just seemed to melt away into nothing, to see if you accomplished anything with the gift, the life you received. If you have a family, children and grandchildren you can see the physical reality of your consequential existence. For the many, through the existence of their children their posterity is guaranteed and that is enough – their humble destiny is fulfilled. Some few others, however, would see fate's insidious hand working its mysterious way among men and women.

I read Dave Silverbrand's article in the Thursday, September 9, 2010, Times-Standard: “Accepting one's humble destiny” where he concludes by saying: “My destiny has been to humbly accept what comes my way.” Apparently, his destiny was to simply be just a humble man floating on the winds and waves of time. I am inclined to believe, however, there is more to Dave Silverbrand than that.

Personally, I was never afforded that luxury – to “humbly accept what comes my way.”  Destiny got its hooks into me at an early age and as a consequence I was forced to stare down fate every day. To be sure, on rare occasion, what came my way has managed to cause some humility. Like Dave I spent some time in South America and got to see what it meant to be obscenely rich and obscenely poor. I also had the opportunity to lay on a gurney in a Hospital Emergency Room and hear a doctor ask my wife if she would like them to call in a minister or a Priest. I distinctly remember raising my head, looking down past my feet a her wide-eyed face and thinking: What the hell? This isn't going to happen (DIE) I haven't told her all the things I need to tell her. That was almost 6 years ago and I must admit, I still haven't told her everything. Yeah, the heart medication slows me down some too. A less humble person than I might think I thwarted destiny that fateful Thanksgiving Day. Instead I give thanks to destiny's God everyday for the prompt, caring response of the firemen, ambulance drivers, pilots and paramedics, the doctors, nurses and hospitals, all who were just doing their everyday jobs.

Have I fulfilled my destiny yet? Do I and did I have to “accept what comes my way” – life? There were always choices. I chose to entangle my destiny with the ambivalent destiny of another - a lifelong soul mate. When I looked back and saw all those missed opportunities I was denied, and with the wisdom of time realized it was all for the best, I began to take a second look at what I had really done as only I could do it. Destiny's fateful hand had guided me all the way, provided me with the requisite protection and allowed me the innate ability to offer the value of myself as only fate could demand. To become the person I was always destined to be.

Friday, September 10, 2010

An Empty Cup

I just listened to one hour and seventeen minutes of another one of President Obama's continued hollow sermon, “just continue to believe in my words and my ideas of hope.” Don't be put off that in the past 19 months my “words” and “ideas” did not materialize – they will. Just believe and they will.

That would be fine if he had anything to back that up. His persistent timidity and gutless complicity with the Elitist Republicans and their Corporate benefactors has left this country wanting. The conflicting and contradicting realities are self-manifest everywhere. Here's some sobering reading: Arianna Huffington: Obama Insists He Made "The Right Decisions" on the Economy -- The Struggling Middle Class Begs to Differ. On Democracy Now this morning: Arianna Huffington on Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning The Middle Class And Betraying the American Dream.

President Obama had a “point” message or theme that he enunciated throughout his litany, i.e., “help the middle-class.” From a substantive reality point of view, everything he's done since taking office is talk about how well he's helping poor and middle-class America while all the time he's helped the banks so they could foreclose on millions of Americans and an untold number of businesses.

You can always tell the seriousness of an individual by how well they answer a question. President Obama's ability to speak for prolonged minutes at a time and never ever address the specific point of the question is raised to an art form.

Obviously, the character and substance of any political "leader" is of paramount importance. Accepting the offerings of a corrupt system, parties that are all bought and paid for produces an empty cup. An empty cup of hope most all American's are forced to fill with their worthless dollars, homes and businesses.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How To Justify Legal Murder

[UPDATE to "Resisting Arrest - Sitting Down" :: Thursday, September 9, 2010 - Actually, they do have the right.]

The Courts have now affirmed it:
"Obama wins the right to invoke "State Secrets" to protect Bush crimes." Glenn Greenwald's reveals how Bush and Obama have taken the U.S. government obove and beyond the law.

What does it take to write and establish criminal laws? Not much, it seems. Here's a good example by Robert Knight of the kind of logic needed:

Washington Times:
KNIGHT: ACLU says 'Right to life . . . most fundamental of all rights'
"But only if you're a terrorist, not a baby"

Local police do have the defacto right:
"U.S. citizens have a right to know what conduct may subject them to execution at the hands of their own government," Mr. Spitzer (ACLU lawyer Arthur Spitzer) wrote. "Due process requires, at a minimum, that citizens be put on notice of what may cause them to be put to death by the state. ... Both the Constitution and international law prohibit targeted killing except as a last resort to protect against concrete, specific, and imminent threats."
Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement, "The U.S. is careful to ensure that all its operations used to prosecute the armed conflict against those forces, including lethal operations, comply with all applicable laws, including the laws of war." [Emphasis added]
The Law is there to protect and defend against the corrupt and perverse. Their depths of deprivation know no bounds: Report: Abu Ghraib photos Obama is censoring "show rape" and sexual torture of men, women, and children.

Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer who conducted the Abu Ghraib inquiry, confirms ...
And the last straw comes from The Atlantic: The Untamed Prince - "What Tyranny is This"?
And, most tragic of all, those who say they care about liberty above all - the tea-partiers who invoke the founders - seem only too willing to surrender every liberty for the prize of a security against a threat we cannot even measure, and to bow down before a new king (and probably warrior-queen) rather than elect a new president. ***  [T]his is so plainly not a nation under the rule of law anymore. And there are very few political issues more important than that.
When "concrete, specific, and imminent threats" are lies inspired by fear and conjured up in the paranoid minds of liars, they, the paranoid liars, become the Law - The Absolute Ruler.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Resisting Arrest - Sitting Down

One of the more disturbing trends since 9/11 is the idea that somehow just because you wear or carry a badge, i.e., police, fireman, or dog catcher you're automatically a hero. Now, for getting paid to do the job men and woman have been doing for hundreds of years, they're somehow special. For some reason their lives take on a value way beyond that of the people they are there to serve and protect.

This blurb (Twit) came across Twitter the other day and caught my attention: "Officers' safety comes first, and not infringing on people's rights comes second." - Lt. Fran Healy, Philly Police --

Officer "SAFETY" trumps "PEOPLE'S RIGHT"? Since when? The first RIGHT of the PEOPLE is their SAFETY. Isn't that what these people are there to protect and defend? Isn't that the new name for police departments anymore? Department of Public Safety? Notice the word "public" - NOT "police" safety. The problem in most of these cases, "police safety" is not the actual issue. All that is required for the police to deploy lethal force is their fear of some, as yet undefined, threat. The guy had a gun in his belt, or was packing a rifle and turned to look at who was hollering at them and in another case the guy had a broken piece of a metal rake handle in his hands, who was close enough to an officer that he could have put his arms around him.

Unfortunately for everyone, this is NOT an unarmed and in many cases untrained society. What the authorities with their "better safe than sorry" policy has done is take everyone back to the days of the Wild, Wild West. That "shield" they're given has meaning; it represents something important, more important than the person wearing it or at least it used to. At that time it provide far more protection than "some cop with an attitude" or any fancy bullet-proof vest, pepper spray, billy club, fancy sophisticated weaponry and training, Taser, or high-powered guns.

The Times-Standard newspaper's Donna Tam, this time, reports today, Wednesday, September 9, 2010, that: Eureka Police Department arrests man on six charges - Sounds like they got another bad one. It only took three or four officers and a little pepper spray to get the job done. They only had to beat him up a little bit. At least they didn't Taser him to death like what took place in Seattle, WA: Another Death From A 'Non-Lethal' Taser.

Donna Tam says, "Sims reportedly waved down Eureka Police traffic officer Tim Jones while he was driving on Buhne Street in Eureka. Jones conducted a traffic stop, but Sims did not stop until William Street, between C and D streets" From the sounds of it, you'd think the guy wanted to get arrested. Which is probably a good thing. It's "those kinds of people" that make driving in Eureka so enjoyable. Officer Tim Jones needs to be commended. In fact, all the officers need to be commended for showing some restraint. (From the looks of the picture I can well understand why "Sims suffered minor injuries" after being pepper sprayed. I guess what Donna Tam meant was it took three officers to "immobilize" Leroy Sims.) Many times such people are really only asking for help in the only way they know how. In this day and age that's kind of like playing Russian roulette.

No one in our American Society legally gave the police the right of summary accuser, prosecutor, judge and executioner.

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