Saturday, October 29, 2011

From where does the rot come?

[Update below]
Many people are still in a quandary as to what the Occupy Movement wants or what it is all about. The Elite's want them to have leaders they can attack. They want them to have ideas and beliefs to attack. The Uber Rich and their warmongering politicians want these people to conform the their failed way, get in line and continue doing what you are told to do. 

Clearly, the joke is on them, though. The purpose of this worldwide movement is there for all to see. The simple truth of why there is such an inability to see and understand what is going on is the almost total delegitimizing corruption that has completely looted this country and the world of everything valuable. The Ruling Elite's efforts to dehumanize the majority of humanity has run into a serious problem. Many of these people refuse to accept the lie that they are worthless degenerates wanting an equality of which they legally or morally possess no right. They are in the process of taking back what they rightfully possess, the Earth. Even if it is only a dirty little plaza in the middle nowhere.

In Southern Humboldt there is the town of Garberville, it has a small park. Business people in Garberville, those without any shame, proudly proclaims its past 50 years business survival was its almost total subsistence on the ill-gotten, criminal marijuana money. The social deprivation of Garberville and surrounding communities by these people, as they try to justify their amoral needs, has led to generations of social corruption and lawlessness. One of these business people, Eric Kirk, also publishes the blog SoHum Parlance II. This man, as I understand it, is also a practicing lawyer or attorney. He recently posted: Open Thread on Friday Night's Meeting which was about the blight cause by the homeless and transients and the apparent efforts of the locals to deal with the problem. This situation is kind of a mini-occupy Garberville. After reading some of the comments, I posted a short observation about how the business people were part and party to the lawlessness of the past 50 years through their, what amounted to, criminal money laundering business activities. As such, they had compromised their integrity and legitimacy as a people, and a community. To me, the stench of these business people and their supporter's hypocrisy far acceded the smell they claim ravages their town as a result of no public facilities for homeless garbage and feces. As such, their current situation was of their own making.

So, where does the rot come? Where does that total corrupt thinking, base amoral being of the believer that justifies the total lawlessness and that unaccountable criminal behavior? The following exchange in the blog post listed above might give you a hint:  My comment: 
“Every businessman or woman with established businesses that knowingly takes money, does businesses with criminals, by definition launders money. Just because these business people have a symbiotic relationship with law enforcement and the courts does not justify or legitimize the crimes or the criminals. Ernie Branscomb’s position on this matter is there for everyone to read. He made this an issue, not me. Just because the whole community wants to absolve itself of any responsibility for its actions all these years, present conditions say otherwise. People are fond of telling me, “Sh*t happens.” Well, all I’m saying is, “Live with it.” I don’t like it either. I have nothing but contempt for those that think they have and had the right to take that “dump” right in my front yard and then blame me for having such a nice yard that they could use.”
“Well, that pretty much includes everyone who does business, pretty much everywhere. Because crime in many forms is a significant chunk of GDP.”
Why is the hypocrisy of such a laissez faire attitude coming from a practicing attorney NOT a total surprise? 94% of the politicians with the most money win elections. The government and its judicial system are totally bought and paid for by criminal money – so according to lawyer Eric Kirk, the total worth or value of the United States is based upon criminal money, that makes everything (all crime) justifiable.

So, where does the rot come? It comes from a lifetime of the totally corrupt, lawless thinking of wannabe Elitist Parasites as they practice their dark art of lying, accusing, looting and murdering while posing for all to see as self-righteous, holier-than-thou, born of God, paragon's of all things righteous and perfect

[UPDATE :: Saturday, October 29, 2011] Here's another example of ROT, of a sick, sorry apologetic promoting the status quo at the expense of the deaths of innocent young people. Juan Cole's "Why a No-Fly Zone won’t Work in Syria" - is really a misnomer disguised as a plausible reality. When all he's really doing is defending Barck Obama's current gutless policies while trying to excuse away and justify his (their) duplicitous fecklessness corruption.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Words To Live And Die By

When I first heard this young woman's video I thought it would be good for everyone to hear what she said. When Democracy Now posted the translation I decided to put what she said on the Report. While the physical realities between Egypt's Mubarak government and police state are not as apparent as the Bush/Obama government and police state in this country, her words, as current events demonstrate certainly apply her and now. So, here is what she said, many thanks to Democracy Now:

ASMAA MAHFOUZ: [translated] Four Egyptians have set themselves on fire to protest humiliation and hunger and poverty and degradation they had to live with for 30 years. Four Egyptians have set themselves on fire thinking maybe we can have a revolution like Tunisia, maybe we can have freedom, justice, honor and human dignity. Today, one of these four has died, and I saw people commenting and saying, "May God forgive him. He committed a sin and killed himself for nothing."
People, have some shame.
I posted that I, a girl, am going down to Tahrir Square, and I will stand alone. And I’ll hold up a banner. Perhaps people will show some honor. I even wrote my number so maybe people will come down with me. No one came except three guys—three guys and three armored cars of riot police. And tens of hired thugs and officers came to terrorize us. They shoved us roughly away from the people. But as soon as we were alone with them, they started to talk to us. They said, "Enough! These guys who burned themselves were psychopaths." Of course, on all national media, whoever dies in protest is a psychopath. If they were psychopaths, why did they burn themselves at the parliament building?
I’m making this video to give you one simple message: we want to go down to Tahrir Square on January 25th. If we still have honor and want to live in dignity on this land, we have to go down on January 25th. We’ll go down and demand our rights, our fundamental human rights.
I won’t even talk about any political rights. We just want our human rights and nothing else. This entire government is corrupt—a corrupt president and a corrupt security force. These self-immolaters were not afraid of death but were afraid of security forces. Can you imagine that? Are you going to kill yourselves, too, or are you completely clueless? I’m going down on January 25th, and from now 'til then I'm going to distribute fliers in the streets. I will not set myself on fire. If the security forces want to set me on fire, let them come and do it.
If you think yourself a man, come with me on January 25th. Whoever says women shouldn’t go to protests because they will get beaten, let him have some honor and manhood and come with me on January 25th. Whoever says it is not worth it because there will only be a handful of people, I want to tell him, "You are the reason behind this, and you are a traitor, just like the president or any security cop who beats us in the streets." Your presence with us will make a difference, a big difference. Talk to your neighbors, your colleagues, friends and family, and tell them to come. They don’t have to come to Tahrir Square. Just go down anywhere and say it, that we are free human beings. Sitting at home and just following us on news or Facebook leads to our humiliation, leads to my own humiliation. If you have honor and dignity as a man, come. Come and protect me and other girls in the protest. If you stay at home, then you deserve all that is being done, and you will be guilty before your nation and your people. And you’ll be responsible for what happens to us on the streets while you sit at home.
Go down to the street. Send SMSes. Post it on the net. Make people aware. You know your own social circle, your building, your family, your friends. Tell them to come with us. Bring five people or 10 people. If each one of us manages to bring five or 10 to Tahrir Square and talk to people and tell them, "This is enough. Instead of setting ourselves on fire, let us do something positive," it will make a difference, a big difference.
Never say there’s no hope. Hope disappears only when you say there’s none. So long as you come down with us, there will be hope. Don’t be afraid of the government. Fear none but God. God says He will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. Don’t think you can be safe anymore. None of us are. Come down with us and demand your rights, my rights, your family’s rights. I am going down on January 25th, and I will say no to corruption, no to this regime. [Source]

I had also planned on running a video by the Young Turks about the Oakland police assault on the Marine veteran when I happened to notice a similar video on the Humboldt Herald and SoHum Parlance II. I would suggest following up with these comment sections, in particular on SoHum Parlance II because there is a good discussion. Here are some of my comments on this subject. What I write here is not based upon some theory, but on actual life's experience living and working in the Pacific Northwest timber industry.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey! I Count Too.

Why should people all over the Earth stand up or rather take a stand on some small plot of land and say: “Hey, I count too.”?

They call it the “Occupy Movement.” They try to get the Power Elite to hear them by getting them to first see them. They've had some success overturning powerful dictators, but no real success dealing with the root cause of issue that allowed for decades of authoritarian, dominant control. The reasons are obvious to some. Today, Glenn Greenwald is announcing the release of his new book: With Liberty and Justice for Some.

I'm offering his complete article here (below) and at for all to read. What he says, far more eloquently than I, and lays out the primary motivation behind this blog Report. His arguments validate and substantiate what this Report has worked at showing locally. The political institutions are illegitimate and the corrupting control of the criminal elite are responsible for the ensuing anarchy rampant in society that threatens us all. The sad truth is, all the corrupt politicians, law enforcement, and judicial systems cannot make uncorrupt American law and justice. One bad apple rots the whole barrel of apples. So, what's the solution?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Show Me The Difference

[Update] [Update II] [Update III - Kym Kemp's latest]

President Barack Obama                                                   Mendocino Sheriff Tom Allman

'If you can't catch him, kill him'
If you see him, shoot him down like a dog.

'If you can't catch him, kill him': Obama's secret death warrant on al-Awlaki revealed - article from Mail Online posted October 9, 2011. Then there's the September 30, 2011, report from Obama of al-Awlaki's assassination:  Anwar al-Awlaki: Steely-jawed Obama triumphant at al-Qaeda loss - Someone said: "A very bad man had a very bad day." 

[UPDATE :: Wednesday, October 19, 2011]  Reuters: Two Awlaki teenage relatives killed in Yemen attack: family 
and from the New Yorker: An American Teen-Ager in Yemen.

[UPDATE II :: Thursday, October 20, 2011]
To all of you that believe with all your heart that the press releases Sheriff Tom Allman puts out tells the whole and absolute truth, such as Kym Kemp in her latest propaganda would have everyone believe, I encourage you to read this article about President Obama's wanton murders of natural-born American citizens.

Twitter observation on this: "I condemn the Libyans for killing one of their own citizens without giving him due process and fair trial. We never do that in the US."

Now, compare that to this:
Authorities shoot, kill murder suspect Aaron Bassler; suspect had finger on trigger, officials say - Finger on the trigger, HUH?

Compare with today Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Times-Standard white-wash from the Ukiah Daily Journal: Items found in Bassler's backpack raise questions[T]hree-man SWAT team from Sacramento County opened fire on him from high ground as he walked on a logging road, killing him almost instantly.” That's not what this reporter says in the first paragraph and if that's all you read you'd get the idea there was a fight between Tom Allman and Aaron Bassler: "[F]ollowing the final confrontation that ended in Bassler's death on Oct. 1." Confrontation, HUH?

Allman says without any apparent question, that there was NO shoot to kill order. The facts, as reported, say otherwise. Allman's justification of the ambush assassination speaks for itself. Bassler was ONLY a SUSPECT being chased for something Tom Allman accused him of doing. There was no proof of anything. Only police officer accusations. The fact the Bassler was in the area or that some eagle eye could see "his finger on the trigger" doesn't prove anything. 

Some may remember, if you have good memories, that there used to be a concept in Anglo-American law called a presumption of innocence, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now that’s so deep in history that there’s no point even bringing it up, but it did once exist. Some of the critics have brought up the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, which says that no person — "person," notice — shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Well, of course, that was never intended to apply to persons, so it wasn’t intended to apply to unpeople. [Emphasis added] 
 Do you know the difference between "people" (Like: "We the People.") and "Unpeople"? You should. There are two separate laws for each decided by the "authorities" or the "officials" as they choose to interpret them.

[UPDATE :: Tuesday, October 25, 2011] 
Kym Kemp's latest attempt at try to help whitewash the unjustified murder of Aaron Bassler is her link to the Press Democrat: The Hunt for a Killer. Like local reporting, nothing more than repeated unproven accusations (other than the dead body) to try justify the arbitrary murder. Kym's support for this type of police action, reminiscent of all tyrannical dictators, speaks volumes about what's happened to American society. When people give the police the right (for whatever pretense) to be accuser, judge, jury and executioner, equal protection under the law is long gone. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who Knew? "We Are the 99%"

Extra Benefits of Supporting the "Occupy Movement"

Link Between Financial Crisis and Medical Illness - A little know or accepted reality - The root cause of sickness.
 DR. GABOR MATÉ: Well, you know, among the many inequities in a society are the ones that this protest has brought to light, the inequitable distribution of wealth and power. But what is not so generally realized, that this society also makes people sick. Fifty percent of American adults have a chronic medical illness, and much of that has to do with stress. And if you look at the literature on what causes stress, it’s uncertainty and lack of information and loss of control and lack of expression of self. And the uncertainty that has been forced upon the American population by the recent economic crisis, the loss of control as power has flown into the hands of very, very few people, and the absolute powerlessness of the many in the face of all that, and the lack of expression through the ordinary political process, people are totally disempowered and deprived of their voice. This protest addresses all those issues. So I can only say that this is an extraordinarily healthy thing to happen. People who participate here will be healthier for it as a result, and maybe society, in general, as well. And one more thing, as well. There was a study just this morning that parents who are stressed, they’re not as tuned in to their kids. They’re not as connected to their kids. So when society stresses people, like the current economic uncertainty and crisis does, children are not getting what they need. So this protest, as well, speaks to the needs of children as much as to the needs of adults in general. So that’s why I’m so gratified to see all this.
Dr. Gabor Maté is a Vancouver, Canada-based physician and bestselling author. Similarly to myself he observes, "As somebody who reached political consciousness in the 1960s, just when John Carlos did his famous salute at the Olympics, it’s gratifying to see that the thirst and the demand for justice and power and people’s rights wasn’t restricted to one generation or one time only but is very much alive in America." [Emphasis added]

The rest of the interview can been read here at Democracy Now.

The total looting of the America people and their worldly counterparts of their value as individuals and as countries, their laws, moral and ethical character and what everyone considers the measure of their value is nearly complete. Dr. Gabor Maté explains the ultimate objective - DEATH.

As a side note to learning more about this movement, Dave Stancliff's As It Stands Sunday, October 9, 2011, 'American Uprising' -- ongoing  demonstration for equality is worth reading. An observation worth noting he says, "This blacklash [sic] has no leaders, but the overall message is clear; things have t change." He clearly understands the "message," and makes the observation, but typically does not understand the relevance of no apparent leader or leaders. What he and most others, at least the human species 'others' don't see is that life on this planet is moving from a vertical authoritarian, dictatorial, corrupt, believer-motivated system some call Democracy to a horizontal, intention-motivated system. A system that doesn't need corrupt leaders that betray their country, its Constitution and people or traitor banks and too big to fail corporations. Dave Stancliff is right when he calls it an "American Uprising." He concludes by asking: "As It Stands, can you hear them? The voices ringing out across the land"? The answer is, "NO"! But they will soon enough - That is when the people, in particular those with some small measure of personal value or worth, those demonstrators or protesters that stand for themselves realize that asking for permission is a waste of time and stop cooperating. [Source]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UPDATE: How Your Elected Representatives Work for You

[UPDATE :: Tuesday, October 25, 2011]

I came across this on Eric Kirk's blog yesterday:

Open Thread on Friday Night’s Meeting

and was totally repulsed and personally offended by the comments of these self-righteous, sanctimonious hypocrits that I read by both him and Ernie Branscomb - two local businessmen operating in the Garberville area for years. There are dead people buried in those hills and several generations of people raised in that criminal culture - a culture that spans all parts of society including all the business people that washed that criminal money in their decades-long efforts to justify their crimes by feigning ignorance and a natural right. The untold millions of criminal dollars that has washed through and over Humboldt County ALONE touches or has touched everyone, including this writer one way or another, with its cancerous corrupt tentacles. The elites of Southern Humboldt try to put on a pretty face for everyone to see believing that they are inoculated from the disease. Problem is, the rancid, rotten smell from their festering pussy sore and the residual excrement can't be ignored anymore. (No pun intended.)

How Your Elected (SoHum) Representatives Work for You  

[Note: "SoHum" means, Southern Humboldt and now, decades that picture is synonymous for Garberville, CA]

Why "synonymous"? Because it tells you something about the character of Garberville. Not the character today, but when that sign first proclaimed "WELCOME! The friendly folks are here to serve you good stuff." The welcoming and accepting hand was out for everyone. You could go into Garberville and be served in your dirty, dusty logging duds right alongside a family in their Sunday best that just came from church.  I know, I did both. It didn't matter who you were, you all got the same - the best they had to offer.

Well, this is what the local business people in Garberville have to offer today. Impressions of a Homeless Meeting - Kym Kemps latest on the homeless people's situation in Garberville. Since I referenced her original article: Even Laundry Nazi’s Get Hurt Feelings it's only appropriate to follow up.

Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of her article, (1) Ernie's view and (2) Eric's view - One a true blue Elitist and the other a wannabe Elitist. Actually, one is a lawyer and the other some sort of businessman and community leader - I'll let you figure out who's who.

If there is one thing the "Occupy" people are demonstrating, is that all politicians are bought and paid for whores. The question everyone needs to ask is, who is the worst one? The Pimps that pay off these corrupt prostitutes or their willing patrons? In Southern Humboldt it doesn't take long to figure out who the Pimps are.

There is a simple truth in the World, a truth wannabe Elitist never seem to understand: People must live - Life lives one way or another. Take away all the jobs, kick people out of their homes, what are they going to do? Just blow away or die? People like Eric Kirk and Ernie Branscomb that suck off this Capitalist Whore want all the benefits of the deprivation they cause and exploit, but no part of the responsibility for what they've had a part in causing.

There's another Universal Truth most people never ever seem to learn, that is, until it's way too late: "You shall always reap what you sow" - For the Kirks and the Branscombs of this world that means: "What goes around ALWAYS comes around."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Will This Work?

Deepak Chopra Leads Meditation at Occupy Wall Street

Here was Deepak’s meditation for the group. “I just want to do a two minute meditation, or even less. Put your hand on your heart and just ask yourself internally what kind of world do I want to live in? And listen. Do it now. And now ask yourself how can I make that happen? How can I make that happen from a place of love, compassion, joy and equanimity? Simple anger will only perpetuate what already is out there. It was created by greed and fear. We have to go beyond that, and come from a place of compassion, centered equanimity and creativity. Once again, ask yourself, how can I be the change that I want to see in the world? Thank you.”
 How do you defeat fear, greed and anger? Deepak says: "[A]sk yourself, how can I be the change that I want to see in the world?" It all starts with you. That's the little known secretive message coming out of all these "Occupy" movements all over the World.

"[A]sk yourself how can I make that happen? How can I make that happen from a place of love, compassion, joy and equanimity? Simple anger will only perpetuate what already is out there." 
What is the answer? How does a calm person working "from a place love, compassion, joy and equanimity" effect ANY positive change? Without HARMONIOUS INTENT, you don't. It's as simple as that.
It's also how you defeat bullies when they believe they have the right to beat you - You stop cooperating with them. You stop giving them permission to beat you. You act with purpose and right. You defend you legitimate right to exist same as everyone else.

So, there you have it - How to occupy and take possession of yourself while taking possession of what is rightfully yours - the Earth.

Locally there are the Occupy Humboldt: Bringing the Revolution to Humboldt and Occupy Eureka movements.  [Source]

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Does the Obama Murder of an U.S. Citizen Mean?

[UPDATE Below  ::  Authorities shoot, kill murder suspect Aaron Bassler; suspect had finger on trigger, officials say] [UPDATE II] [UPDATE III]

What Does Obama's Due-Process-Free Assassination - Murder of a U.S. Citizen Mean for YOU?

All nations derive their ultimate right to legally exist from the Universe and it's Arbitrary Law governing all matter. Consequently, it means the total delegitimazation of the United States as a valid country with the Universal right to continue existing as a legal entity. President Barach Obama's criminal conduct resulting in the deliberate crimal murder of an American citizen in an open and complete violation of the United States Constitution establishes or codifies America's total anarchy as a rogue nation in this world. The American people are now faced with the same choice as their founding fathers faced with England's tyranny.

If, as most people are like you, the reader, unable to understand the significance of legal or legitimate existence, as either by an individual or as an individual country in a world of nations or legally existing countries, then for especially Humboldt and Mendocino Counties and in particular for the citizens of Eureka California, accept that it means this:

It means the same thing, complete impunity for murder by accusation. Whip up a mob and you're free to kill anyone with total abject impunity.

A good example of what's going on locally right now is this matter of some anonymous individual claiming the a guy named Aaron Bassler killed some wonderful person named Jere Mello. So, the Mendocino Sheriff's department has a kill on sight or is it "kill or capture"? There is no proof and no probable cause presented anywhere, but that certainly does not deter the locals from their blood lust. Look at Eric Kirks latest perverted statement, "Melo Shooting Suspect Exchanges Gunfire with Law Enforcement." There is absolutely NO PROOF that what he claims is the truth. All anyone has is the Mendocino County Sheriff's Press Release. A good example of the local blood lust is referenced in Kirk's post at Kym Kemp's blog: Aaron Bassler And Law Enforcement Exchanged Shots Today. -- Again, no proof. Only the self-serving News Release from the Sheriff's Department offered as god's-gospel truth. Reading the comments on her blog will make most decent Americans ashamed such people are their neighbors.

Here are the relevant links from the Times-Standard -- No solid reporting here, only repeated Press Releases.
4) Search for suspected gunman in Melo shooting continues; Link between deaths of councilman, land trust employee not ruled out - 09/01/2011
5) Officials: Bassler wanted in two shooting deaths - 09/03/2011 
[Authorities said they have obtained an arrest warrant for suspect Aaron Bassler, 35, in connection with the shooting deaths of Matthew Coleman and Melo, but did not given further details on how the crimes were connected.]
6) Murder suspect Aaron Bassler still at large; DNA evidence places him at Aug. 11 killing - 09/27/2011
7) Fort Bragg murder suspect fires upon officers Thursday; sheriff's deputies unhurt, return about 10 shots - 9/30/2011

It was here that company came and I wasn't able to publish this post. Before turning off the computer, this news article from the AP confirmed the Aaron Bassler had been shot down like a mongrel dog just like howObama gunned down Anwar al-Awlaki. Sheriff Thomas Allman of Mendocino County wants everyone to trust and believe in him when says Aaron Bassler is guilty just like Barack Obama's accusatory claims. 

Need I say anything more? The proof is what it is: Authorities: CA slayings suspect killed in manhunt - When he "raised his high-powered rifle."

[UPDATE :: Sunday, October 2, 2011]
Authorities shoot, kill murder suspect Aaron Bassler; suspect had finger on trigger, officials say is the headline in today's Times-Standard.

REALLY? More newspaper propaganda justifying police lawless action. Read what Allman says happened, if you can believe what Kaci Poor reports for the Times-Standard:

The team, positioned approximately 40 yards away from and 25 feet above Bassler, identified him by his black clothing and the high-powered rifle he was carrying. Without making verbal contact, the team fired seven shots into Bassler's chest. Bassler did not return fire before he died. 
According to Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman, while there was never a shoot-to-kill order made by commanding officers, the SWAT team had sufficient cause to fire on Bassler without first establishing verbal contact
Bassler had his finger on the trigger of his gun, a round in the chamber and the safety off, Allman said. It was evident by that, and his previous actions, that any contact with law enforcement officers would be met with “deadly and lethal engagement,” he said.
"It was evident" that someone put in that position would try to defend themselves, but where was the proof that this "someone" was Aaron Bassler? Someone was wearing black clothes and carrying a rifle and  that's all anyone knew. "Bassler had his finger on the trigger"? "The safety off"? "A round in the chamber"? What divine power gave these god-almighty judges that insight at "40 yards away"? Bassler's murder is no different than that of Anwar al-Awlaki.

It all starts with vilifying the Awlaki's and the Basslers and the Cottens of this world. It ends with your son or daughter, maybe even your father or mother that attends the Unity Church of the Redwoods.

For those of you that often wondered what Karma meant? Please observe the precise definition as it is played out, defined and enforced upon America. [Emphasis added]

[UPDATE II :: Monday, October 3, 2011]
The depths of moral depravity and wanton criminal behavior by all parts of government that is encompassing the United States viciously impressed upon the people is illustrated in the following quoted article and is a related, rather extensive point regarding state-sanctioned murder based completely upon a simple accusation: "It was evident (to Sheriff Tom Allman for sure) by that, (after-the-fact supposed probable-cause evidence) "his finger on the trigger of his gun, a round in the chamber and the safety off" - that any contact with law enforcement officers would be met with 'deadly and lethal engagement.'" On that account we must take Sheriff Tom Allman's word, because summarily executing the boy foreclosed on any of the proof.
In the article by Glenn Greenwald: So much evidence, there’s no need to show it - posted today, we see the issue and what drives the depravity:
That mentality — he’s a Terrorist because my Government said he’s one and I therefore don’t need evidence or trials to subject that evidence to scrutiny — also happens to be the purest definition of an authoritarian mentality, the exact opposite of the dynamic that was supposed drive how the country functioned (Thomas Jefferson: “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in men, but bind him down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution“).  I trust My President and don’t need to see evidence or have due process is the slavish mentality against which Jefferson warned; it’s also one of the most pervasive ones in much of the American citizenry, which explains a lot.
Yes, the lawless, anarchistic, mob mentality explains a lot. What value life compared to someone's worthless opinion?

[UPDATE III  ::  Monday, October 3, 2011]
The HILL'S Blog Briefing Room: Rep. Ron Paul sees Awlaki killing as 'possible' impeachable offense - And that's the test of American will to see if they've got the guts enforce the Constitution.