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Eat This Eric Kirk - SoHum Parlance

Latest Addendum :: Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joe Blow Calls Eric Kirk Names BAD! BAD!

Click the link and it will take you to his blog thread. Then you tell me who was doing the name-calling. Everything he said in response to my posts were derogatory, excoriating, insulting and abusive. Here you will find the classic example of what Jesus Christ was talking about when he said to NOT cast pearls before pigs or holy to dogs. “Do not give what is holy to dogs, neither throw your pearls before swine, that they may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open.”

I call his blog a WHOREHOUSE because that's just what it is. (Of course, you know what that makes him.) He invites you in to share in his communion and the next thing you know you've been communing with a sick whore. In other words they've enticed you into making an agreement with them that they have the right to say anything they want about you, to denigrate, abuse, and tell you what kind of a human being they think you are and expect you to go along with their judgments. Then, if you should try to defend yourself from these kinds of people, people Jesus Christ calls "pigs" and "dogs" you're accused of calling them "names." "Hypocrites" and "liars" is something Jesus Christ called the same kind of whoremongers. If it was good enough for Jesus Christ is certainly is good enough for me.

You know why Jesus called these kinds of people "pigs" and "dogs" don't you? Because pigs wallow in their own crappy sewer and dogs return to eat their own vomit. Jesus identified these kinds of people as carnal, non-humans because that is their manifest personality; they think and act like rabid, vicious animal. The Dictionary defines vicious as:
1. addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral.
2. given or readily disposed to evil.
3. reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong.
4. spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.
5. unpleasantly severe.
6. characterized or marred by faults or defects; faulty; unsound: vicious reasoning.
7. savage; ferocious.
8. (of an animal) having bad habits or a cruel or fierce disposition.
All in all, Joe figures he keeps good company. Jesus Christ wasn't popular with these same kinds of people either. He certainly wasn't averse to telling people or calling them for what they were when they were arrogant, self-righteous hypocrites, vipers, blind guides, liars, or whitewashed graves .

That's what you'll find on Eric Kirk's SoHum Parlance II. Do beware!

“When leaders of competing Palestinian factions make maximalist claims to appeal to hardline constituencies, it’s extremism. But when Israeli leaders do it, it’s politics. If the goal of the U.S. and Israel is to strengthen Palestinian moderates like Abu Mazen against Hamas — and people keep telling me that’s the goal — it’s hard to see how this helps.”
Livni Promises To ‘Maintain Maximum Settlers’»

Israeli Foreign Minister Backtracks On Commitment To Force Jewish Settlers Out Of The West Bank»

President Obama has said that an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is going to be a top priority for his administration. During an interview with Al-Arabiya last week, Obama said the Israel-Palestine issue is “interrelated” with “what’s happening” throughout the region. He also offered support for the so-called two-state solution. “I think it is possible for us to see a Palestinian state,” Obama said, adding, “But it is not going to be easy.”

No it will not be easy. As CBS reporter Bob Simon noted on 60 Minutes last week, “hundreds of thousands” of Jewish settlers would have to withdraw from the West Bank for it, along with the Gaza Strip, to be part of a Palestinian state. But also during Simon’s report, this two-state

solution may have received a small boost. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who is in the running to become the country’s next prime minister, told Simon — bluntly — that in order to achieve peace and advance a Palestinian state, the Israeli government would force the settlers to leave the West Bank:

SIMON: Can you really imagine evacuating the tens of thousands of settlers who say they will not leave?

LIVNI: It’s not going to be easy, but this is the only solution.

SIMON: But you know that there are settlers who say, “We will fight. We will not leave. We will fight.”

LIVNI: So this is the responsibility of the government, of the police to stop them, as simple as that. Israel is a state of law and order.

This is the end . . .

Addendum to the peace viper :: Monday, February 2, 2009

By ARON HELLER, Associated Press Writer

If you want to know why there is no prospect for peace, just read what this guy has to say. The root cause of the problem is right there for anyone to see that cares to look. The problem has absolutely nothing to do with a difference of opinions. It has everything to do with that woman and this guy, Tzipi Livni and Benjamin Netanyahu and all their kind.

ADDENDUM :: Thursday, February 5, 2009

The corrupt continue to pervert as the noose tightens around the collaborators.

Olmert approves transfer of NIS 170 million to Gaza Strip
Just hours after a top Hamas official was caught by Egyptian authorities trying to smuggle millions of dollars and euros into the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave permission for the Palestinian Authority to transfer NIS 170 million from the West Bank to Gaza to pay government officials there.

The Prime Minister's Office said it agreed to transfer the funds in accordance with a request by PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad.

The officials to be paid are mostly Fatah members.

Israel seizes Gaza freighter
Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora condemned the action.

"Those who commit massacres against innocent civilians in Lebanon and Gaza will not stop themselves from assaulting, in front of the world, a ship carrying humanitarian supplies," he said. "I express my utmost condemnation for this blatant attack."


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Ice" By Any Other Name

First, our beneficent government finds reasons to own specialized commercially viable business property, for example the fish processing facility that Pacific Choice Seafood Co. leases. A great 22 year relationship so they say. Sounds good! A nice symbiotic relationship.

Going back to 2005 apparently Humboldt County Environmental Health moved against a local family owned business, Hunter Enterprises, they deemed unsafe for public health. You can read John Driscoll's Times-Standard newspaper 9/10/08 article "Eureka Ice on ice" here. The "Powers that Be" conveniently found:
"Concerns about a major release of ammonia have been raised by environmental health and the EPA, whose inspectors found ammonia leaking from a valve during an inspection on July 16. The deteriorated condition of parts of the 60-year-old waterfront building and the potential threat to firefighters prompted city building and fire officials to recently demand repairs."
A valve leaking, deteriorating condition of "parts" of the "waterfront" building and a "potentiall" threat to our heroic and fearless firefighters "prompted" building and fire officials to "demand". Consequently, the "Environmental health (Humboldt County Department of Public Health's Environmental Health Division) entered a consent decree which called for Eureka Ice to get rid of the approximately 2,500 pounds of anhydrous ammonia on site" the business was shutdown "to spare the company millions in fines".

Then we read Mr. Driscoll's 10/31/08 piece,
Eureka Ice forges resurrection plan. The plan is to rebuild after the shutdown caused further damage to the building. There was a suggestion by Pete Nichols in a My Word for the Times-Standard dated 9/235/28, "Time for a fishermen-owned and operated cold storage facility."
In many a crisis lays opportunity, and I believe this is one opportunity that the fishing community should seize upon. There are existing models to bring cooperative cold storage to ailing fishing communities. Most of these ventures are not so fortunate as to have institutions in place that could provide financial support to 1) provide immediate relief for the current crisis; and 2) secure funds to implement the long-term vision of a modern, fishermen-run community cold-storage facility.
The Headwaters Fund was designed, and is uniquely situated, to accomplish both of these tasks. In the wake of funding the boondoggle of the Redwood Marine Terminal feasibility study and business plan, one would think that they would see the development of a cooperative cold storage facility as both a refreshing and realistic opportunity to fulfill the Headwaters Fund's mission.
It seems the City of Eureka has other plans for this business. For next we read Jessie Faulkner's 01/26/08 Times-Standard article, "Headwaters Fund on ice" where he reports, "In its application, the city of Eureka said it expected that Pacific Choice Seafoods would operate the plant under a contract with the city." Today, January 28, 2009, he reports, "Supes approve request for grant - Proposed ice plant gets much-needed Headwaters cash." Mr. Faulkner identifies Bonnie Neely and Mark Lovelace, Fourth and Second District Supervisors, supported this new ownership as did Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District commissioner Ronnie Pellegrini.

So, that's some of the history of this "business-as-usual" Humboldt County-style government takeover. What would you call this style of government? Socialism, Communism, Fascism, some form of bastardized Capitalism? Symbiotic collaboration for a "number of stakeholders" is called something else that's unprintable. Is this the future for business in Humboldt County?


Monday, January 26, 2009

Time for More Gems

Any of these little GEMS work for you?
  1. A man can't be judge of his neighbor's intelligence. His own vital experience is never his neighbor's.
  2. Have the wisdom to abandon the values of a time that has passed and seek out the constituents of the future.
  3. Social good is what brings peace to family and society.
  4. The body is the shrine of divinity.
  5. We mustn't confuse mastery with mimicry, knowledge with superstitious ignorance.
  6. Always watch and follow nature.
  7. People bring about their own undoing through their tongues.
  8. To know means to record in one's memory, but to understand means to make part of oneself.
  9. All thought comes from within, but the master gives the keys.
  10. Everyone finds himself in the world where he belongs.
  11. A man's heart holds his own truth.
  12. Organization is impossible unless those who know the laws of harmony lay the foundation. [*]
  13. Sound skepticism is necessary condition for the discovery of truth.
  14. If you are searching for beauty, observe nature.
  15. The first step to knowing wisdom is knowing your ignorance.
  16. It is the passive resistance from the helm that steers the boat.
  17. Have the wisdom to abandon the values of a time that has passed and pick out the constituents of the future.
  18. If you search for the laws of harmony, you will find knowledge.
Joe says, "Watch out for the 'Dominator Hierarchy'." They think they are unique, exceptional people God gave the right to lord it over everyone else.

These are the people that moralize the right to butcher innocent women and children because they say "terrorists" hide among them. They justify their obscene existence by saying the deaths were caused by a bomb or two that landed in the "wrong place".


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino

My wife and I just took this Sunday morning off to sit in a nearly full theater to see the Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Torino. At the end of the show, to a resounding chorus of applause from MOSTLY men and women of our age, we both said to one another, "He did it again, didn't he?"

He was on the cutting edge of our traumatized society AGAIN! That's what he did.

Hope in hope is a BLACK JOKE. There is only ONE way for our, MY generation to redeem itself and Mr. Eastwood has nailed it.

Sorry guys, but that's what it really means to be a Christian.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Roots of War

Mr. Bronner lays out a very revealing commentary about the disparaging ways of thinking that justifies Zionist Israel's right to exist and defend that existence in any way they so choose. Mr. Bronner and The Joe Blow Report share a common reality; life's experiences speak to the truth. Judgmental, worthless opinions expounded as false, lying accusations used to establish one's illegitimate right to exist by controlling, compromising and occupying their neighbor's space, can only produce war. Mr. Bronner defines these "roots" this way: "...because their belief in their own view is so overpowering that anything that contradicts it becomes a minor detail."

Gaza Notebook - Bullets in my In-Box
Published: January 24, 2009 by the New York Times

GAZA — Faisal Husseini, a Palestinian leader who died at the start of this decade, used to tell a story about his first visit to Israel. The 1967 war had just ended, borders were suddenly opened and he took a drive to Tel Aviv, where at some point he found himself detained by an Israeli policeman. Questions and answers ensued. At one point the policeman said to him, “As a proud Zionist, I must tell you ....” At which Mr. Husseini burst out laughing.

What’s so funny? the policeman asked. “I have never in my life,” Mr. Husseini replied, “heard anyone refer to Zionism with anything but contempt. I had no idea you could be a proud Zionist.”

I have written about the Arab-Israeli conflict on and off for more than a quarter-century and have spent the past four weeks covering Israel’s war in Gaza. For me, Mr. Husseini’s story sums up how the two sides speak in two distinct tongues, how the very words they use mean opposite things to each other, and how the war of language can confound a reporter’s attempts to narrate — or a new president’s attempts to mediate — this conflict in a way both sides can accept as fair.

Among Israel’s Jews, there is almost no higher value than Zionism. The word is bathed in a celestial glow, suggesting selflessness and nobility. But go anywhere else in the Middle East and Zionism stands for theft, oppression, racist exclusionism.

No place, date or event in this conflicted land is spoken of in a common language. The barrier snaking across and inside the West Bank is a wall to Palestinians, a fence to Israelis. The holiest site in Jerusalem is the Temple Mount to Jews, the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims. The 1948 conflict that created Israel is one side’s War of Independence, the Catastrophe for the other.

After Israel’s three-week air, sea and land assault in Gaza, aimed at halting Hamas rocket fire, it is worth pausing to note how difficult it has been to narrate this war in a fashion others view as neutral, and to contemplate what that means for any attempt by the new Obama administration to try to end it.

It turns out that both narration and mediation require common ground. But trying to tell the story so that both sides can hear it in the same way feels more and more to me like a Greek tragedy in which I play the despised chorus. It feels like I am only fanning the flames, adding to the misunderstandings and mutual antagonism with every word I write because the fervent inner voice of each side is so loud that it drowns everything else out.

George Mitchell, the former Senate majority leader who is Mr. Obama’s new special envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, could find something similar when he arrives here.

Even though an understanding crystallized a decade ago over the outline of an eventual solution here — Israel returning essentially to its 1967 borders and a Palestinian state forming in the West Bank and Gaza — the two sides’ narratives have actually hardened since attempts to reach a peace foundered.

So Mr. Mitchell, who once led a commission tasked with finding a solution to the conflict, will begin this latest effort grappling with two separate wars fought here, based on two very different sets of assumptions.

Opponents of Israel feel the Gaza fighting has demonstrated (again) everything they have always believed — that Israel is a kind of Sparta that dehumanizes the Palestinians and will do anything to prevent their dignified self-determination. The ways in which Israel attacked — the overwhelming force, the racist graffiti left on walls — are what one has come to expect of that state, they say; those Hamas rockets were no challenge to the Israeli military behemoth, and, after all, who could blame the resistance fighters for launching them to protest the blockade and everything else about Israel’s longstanding occupation?

Those for whom Israel is the victim and never the aggressor likewise saw in this war a reaffirmation of their beliefs — that Hamas, an Islamist terror group, hides its fighters behind women and children; that Israel’s army was an exemplar of restraint and respect, holding its fire when civilians were in sight, allowing tons of humanitarian aid in even while at war (what other army would be so decent?).

Abroad, people care deeply about this conflict. That should make it easier for a reporter to cover, because the actors and place names and history are familiar. But it turns out that like the actors themselves, the audiences have utterly distinct and contrasting sets of assumptions. Every time I fail to tell the story each side tells itself, I have failed in its eyes to do my job. That adds up to a lot of failure.

What’s more, the competing war narratives are part of a larger narrative disconnect.

One side says that after thousands of years of oppression, the Jewish nation has returned to its rightful home. It came in peace and offered its hand to its neighbors numerous times only to be met with a sword. Opposition to Israel, this side argues, stems from Muslim intolerance, nationalist fervor and rank anti-Semitism, all fed by envy at the young state’s success. Every time I write an article about the conflict that does not mirror this story line — if, for example, I focus on Palestinian suffering or alleged Israeli misdeeds or quote a human rights group like Amnesty International — I have proven myself to be a secret sharer with the views of the enemy.

As one recent complainer wrote, “To read your paper, all the questions and criticism are directed at Israel, and it is all based on a collection of anti-Semitic organizations masquerading as humanitarians.”

The other side tells a different story: There is no Jewish nation, only followers of a religion. A group of European colonialists came here, stole and pillaged, throwing hundreds of thousands off their land and destroying their villages and homes. A country born in sin, Israel has built up an aggressive military with help from Washington in the grips of a powerful Jewish lobby.

Every time I fail to allude to that story — when, for example, I examine Israel’s goals in its Gaza war without implicitly condemning it as a massacre, or write about Israel in ways that do not call into question its legitimacy — I have revealed my affiliation and can no longer be trusted as a reporter.

Since the war started on Dec. 27, I have received hundreds of messages about my coverage. They are generally not offering congratulations on a job well done.

“Thanks to you and other scum like yourself,” said one, “Israel can now kill hundreds and you can report the whole thing like it was some random train wreck.”

“Bronner ,” said another, “you’re back to your usual drivel about only the poor filthy Arabs — who voted for the Hamas people who got them into this predicament — with incessant indiscriminate rocket fire on innocent Israelis.”

There are also blogs and chat sites on both sides that spend time accusing all the journalists here of having agendas because our articles mention facts or trends that they consider a diversion from the real story.

Because Israel barred foreign journalists from entering Gaza until the war ended, The New York Times relied on my Palestinian colleague here, Taghreed el-Khodary, for on-the-ground coverage of the fighting.

We would speak several times a day as she cautiously went out. Her first stop was usually Shifa Hospital to get a sense of civilian casualties. Early in the war, at the hospital, she witnessed the murder of an alleged Israeli collaborator by Hamas gunmen. They shot him in the skull more or less in front of her. One of the gunmen told Taghreed that she should never mention what she saw to anyone. She told him there was not a chance she would stay silent, then made some calls to find out about other such events and sent me the information, which we published the next day.

A couple of Arab bloggers went after Taghreed with the worst insult they could come up with — Zionist. She was a Palestinian Uncle Tom doing the bidding of her white-man bosses at a newspaper that, as one reader said in an e-mail message, “is fully complicit in the atrocities that Israel commits against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. You make it sound guiltless and reasonable. That’s your assignment.”

At the same time, Israeli officials and their backers declared that keeping reporters out of Gaza was the right move because no independent journalism could possibly occur in an area run by Hamas, which controls every utterance here. Have any of these people ever read Taghreed’s work? Or any of our work out of here?

Many have but it doesn’t matter because their belief in their own view is so overpowering that anything that contradicts it becomes a minor detail. As another reader put it, “Basically, you are aiding terrorists and causing the increase in bloodshed while telling one-sided stories, totally ignoring the whole picture.”

He did say one thing I agree with: “You should not be a reporter if you are not telling the whole story, not just the parts that sell.”

I would offer a mediator the same advice.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Sins of Our Fathers

While a few locals debate and Erik Kirk (SoHum Parlance II) moralizes and justifies the obscenity of these religious bigots here, and here, and here ad nauseam, the wanton butchery and deprivation of Israel's war on the Palestinian people, primarily in Gaza, we offer the latest number of people massacred by American weapons:

Rights Group Puts Gaza Death Toll At 1,284 as of Friday, January 23, 2009 according to CBS News.

The condensed version at Earth Times:
Gaza City - A leading Palestinian human rights group Thursday put the final Palestinian death toll of a 22-day Israeli offensive in Gaza at 1,285, saying nearly 70 per cent of the fatalities were civilians. Of the 894 civilians killed, 280 were minors and 111 were women, said the Gaza-based Palestinian Centre For Human Rights (PCHR), whose field workers have been recording the impact of the Israeli onslaught since a fragile truce took effect early Sunday.

In addition, 168 members of Hamas' "civilian" police force were killed, it said in a statement sent to journalists.

That would leave the number of Hamas and other combatants killed at 223.

The human rights centre put the number of injured at 4,336, of whom 1,133 were minors and 735 were women.

The Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza had thus far put the Palestinian toll at more than 1,400 killed and over 5,500 injured.

According to the PCHR field workers, more than 2,700 buildings throughout Gaza were destroyed or damaged.

They include 60 police stations and 28 public office buildings used by the Hamas regime in Gaza, among them ministries, municipalities, governorates and Gaza City's parliament building. But it said they also include at least 2,400 houses, 490 of which were destroyed in air strikes.

Thirty mosques were destroyed and 15 were damaged, it said. Israel has said Hamas used these mosques to store some of its large rocket arsenal, believing that as religious insitutions they would be immune from attacks.

The PCHR called for the establishment of a commission of inquiry to investigate alleged crimes committed by the Israeli military against civilians in Gaza.

Thirteen Israelis were killed during the offensive, launched by Israel to curb Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza at its southern towns and villages

The Sins of Our Fathers
. . . and our mothers is a pox on us all.

Addendum :: Friday, January 23, 2009
UN releases Gaza attack photos

UN pictures show what appears to white phosphorus 'wedges' raining down on one of its compounds in Gaza

There is more than enough evidence that Israel committed war crimes in its three week-long offensive into Gaza, says a UN investigator.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Serious Gem From Israel on Manhood

Is this the picture of real manhood?

Israel accused of using illegal white phosphorus shells in Gaza

By Damien McElroy in Jerusalem
Jan. 11, 2009

White phosphorus is an incendiary material that causes severe burns when it comes in contact with human skin and its use in conflict zones is restricted inside civilian areas. Syria called on the UN to investigate the claim.

Human Rights Watch said its researchers witnessed the use of the materiel on Saturday and Sunday in Gaza City and Jabalia refugee camps, both built-up areas.

The Israeli military, which refuses to comment on the types of munitions it is using in the conflict, rejected the accusations. "There is no use of white phosphorus," a spokeswoman said. "Everything we use is according to international law," Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch said: "Israel should not use it in Gaza's densely populated areas."

source: Telegraph UK

Manhood I learned from my father:

My father, a World War Two combat veteran fighting in Europe, told this story to my brother and me one day when we were just teenagers. He never talked about his experiences, with the rare exception of when he was talking to fellow combat veterans. That is when my brother and I would sneak in and listen. Occasionally, as we grew older he would talk to us about the atrocities of war. He never got real specific, but he always got his point across.

This time he was talking about the day he and his platoon were nearly destroyed. He said that everyone carried, as standard gear, two grenades hanging from their suspenders on their chests. One was a fragmentation grenade the other a phosphorus grenade. He said the phosphorus grenade was the most lethal because it would burn through anything; it would not stop burning until it was burned out. Well, this day they were on the march and the guy walking right next to him, my Dad said collapsed later from "battle fatigue" - he said the last time he "saw him he was sitting beside the road bawling like a babe." My Dad said he happened to look and see that the pin that hold the trigger to the phosphorus grenade was hanging only by a thread. He said he was able to grab the grenade and get the pin put fully back in place. He said when the platoon realized what was going on they all ran like hell; screw the Germans, they'd take their chances.

My father was rather vague when we asked him what they used those grenades on. However, he did mention an occasion when he and another soldier were searching a home when they heard a noise from the basement. My father said all the houses had basements, with internal doors and and stairs leading down into the basement. He said those basements were always black as pitch and they never ventured down into them. He said the German people would hide there to get away from the bombardment coming in before the American soldiers moved in to search the towns building by building. The problem, he said, was that you never knew if it was civilians or German soldiers hiding down there, or both. He said his partner hollered down the stairwell in both English and German for whoever was down there to come out. When nothing happened, the customary response was to toss in a grenade and move on. This time my father noticed that his partner had pulled the pin on a phosphorus grenade and was about to toss it into the basement when all of a sudden people began to come pouring up the stairs. He said the basement was full of dozens of old men, women and children. He said he can still see the look in their eyes and shakes in his boots every time he thinks about how close they came to incinerating all those poor people.

Real men, men whose manhood is secure, do not wage war on the innocent civilian population with impunity even if there might be an enemy soldier hiding among them amid their family and friends.

It has come to our attention that some are accusing The Joe Blow Report of being anti-Jew and anti-Semantic. These people carry their own load or responsibility for what they do and do not do. Making observations of their attitudes, actions, behavior and conduct does not speak to the writer's, in this case Joe Blow, motivations or intentions. The facts speak for themselves!

Joe Blow is constantly addressing and exemplifying the works, writings and heroic works of Jewish people. Not all people in Israel or Jews around the world are cowardly war-mongers. Right now the majority are and their crimes are before the world.

If it is wrong to say anything negative, regardless the obvious truth, about a Jew or Israeli, their government or religions without being branded a racist then it is wrong to say anything negative about the Palestinians, Arabs, or their religions. Those that live by the double-standard, because they presume to be unique among mankind, shall also die by it.

An ancient Jewish Bible scholar wrote about the "lawless" people when he said: "So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness." The truth is revealed when they are judged because they act in harmony with their beliefs or opinions that are lies. Assaulting the messenger never changes the truth.


Monday, January 5, 2009

More Gems

Some of my favorites are,
  1. Ignorance is the temple of the presumptuous. [*]

  2. The bad master makes the seeker into a slave.

  3. There are two kinds of error: Blind credulity and piecemeal criticism. [*]

  4. Envious greed must govern to possess and ambition must possess to govern.

  5. Know yourself... Your beginning will disclose your end.

  6. The gift of knowledge is so great that no effort whatsoever could hope to 'deserve' it.

  7. In every vital activity it is the path that matters. [*]

  8. What you are doing does not matter so much as what you are learning from doing it.

  9. Your body is the temple of knowledge.

  10. The first step to knowing wisdom is knowing your ignorance [*]

  11. All organs work together in the functioning of the whole.

  12. Images are nearer reality than cold definitions.

  13. A house has the character of the people who live in it. [*]

  14. Leave him in error who loves his error. [*]
ADDENDUM :: Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some good words on Light and Darkness I took the liberty to copy here:
There is an ancient Chinese saying “It is easy to give sinister words, but hard to utter good phrases”. In other words, human beings have tendency to criticize, condemn, and judge. Yet it takes great understanding and big heart to console, encourage, and build up.

Why our human nature has this tendency to blame others, and not ourselves? It’s because we are all prone to the self-righteous attitude. Then, why this direction and not the other way around? I’ve been pondering over this question for a long time now, and I believe the explanation can only be found from theological point of view.

There are two forces exist in and beyond this universe. Force of Light and force of darkness. The force of Light creates, nurtures, fosters, encourages, and gives meaning to otherwise mundane existence. The force of darkness destroys, depresses, demolishes, defeats, and judges. Similar notion was vividly illustrated in C.S. Lewis’s book.

Seek and walk in the Light. Everyday let’s put a smile on a child’s face, cheer up a grieving heart, and console a languishing soul.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Humboldt Elite's Royal Baby

Great news! Read all about it. A royal baby was born! 

Two days into the new year and we're blessed with a new female Superior Court Judge by the name of Joyce D. Hinrichs. Anyone know who this woman is or what makes her qualified? By any chance, is she from a local family with roots in Humboldt County? What makes her of "royal blood" anyway?

Joe's objective interests in politics and elections are purely spectatorial. When you consider how rare it is to get a new Superior Court Judge, well that's something Joe considers really important. While these judges are elected and apparently re-elected, the history of their tenure is that they damned near die ensconced in their little kingdoms. Unfortunately, he never saw anything in or on the "media" talking about electing a new judge. Some people knew there was an election, the newspaper says the courtroom was overflowing. 

She says, "I am really honored to be joining the sitting judges here on the Humboldt County Superior Court. They are wonderful, dedicated, hard-working judges and its an on honor to sit among them." Is this what we can expect from her, gushy, but dedicated, hard work? Whatever that means!

When you consider the impact judges have on the day to day lives of everyone, you would think that the serious voter, those people that care about their homes, businesses, property and persons would make sure they know exactly what they are getting. Well, you would think so, but then the whole country just elected a new President and they don't have clue about him.