Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Law and Order Finally Comes to Eureka

[Update below: The Occupy Movement's Real Threat]

This picture should scare the hell out of everyone living in Eureka, California.

Every law-abiding citizen, for sure.
Anyone know why?
SEE the headline: "Thank you for a job well done"!
Does anyone have a clue what kind of policing job these guys were doing in Afghanistan for the past year? Is this what we want brought back to Eureka?

This is exactly how the circle is closed. When you bring debauchery, oppression and death upon an innocent people for ten years you get back, right into the very heart of your society the very same things, but only multiplied many times over, and that for a lifetime. I wonder if in ten years or even one year from now the current City Council will be saying, "Thank you for a job well done?"

As long as Eurekans keep electing Authoritarian Cult members that empower an emboldened City Manager it's a wonder Murl Harpham doesn't stay on for another year or two. Thank god for old age and senility - natural attrition does have its benefits. The question remains, if Harpham gets his way, (Eureka begins police chief hiring process):
Harpham, 78, ... said he likely won't stay too long after that, noting he'd like to help the new  hire with the transition but also wants the new chief to "have a clean slate here."
will, or for that matter, can any new police chief bring actual legal law and order policing to the people of Eureka?

[UPDATE :: February 24, 2012 - The Occupy Movement's Real Threat]
Latest Update: See comments on Ernie's blog about what happen in Court today]

To the uninitiated, the above headline, "Law and Order Finally Comes to Eureka," is sarcastic or cynical for a reason. There is a difference between mob rule by an Authoritarian Cult and their military police and actual law enforcement. Legitimate law enforcement does not require the people they are entrusted to protect and serve to be brutalized into forced servitude and subjection on a whim. A case in point is illustrated in three local blogs: Humboldt Herald's “Shocking Headlines,” Ernie Branscomb's “Omai, Felix, what have you wrought?” and Kym Kemp's “Bedsheets on aBridge: Protests Meet Police in an Occupied America" – Where Kym Kemp describes it this way: “The Occupy Movement has placed the people’s right to protest in direct juxtaposition with law enforcement’s need to protect the public and themselves.”

How does one's simple existence and their demanding of one's legally established rights threaten the public and the police? REALLY? Only in the mind of the paranoid.

If you want to know where and how such paranoid motivated conclusions originate, I invite you to read Glenn Greenwald's: Those weak losers who care about “law”.

The following article "Sick" listed below shows how bad it's been and how local communities support such sickness.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


This is what happens when you give the police the right to brutalize peaceful protesters.

Of course, in places like Syria, in Palestine's Gaza, and West Bank, and Egypt they just shoot you dead, but this is America. They see peaceful people that dare want what is rightfully theirs in an altogther different way. They teach you lessons you'll remember and suffer with the rest of your miserable lives.

What I'd like to know is where are the REAL MEN protecting this girl? As long as the so-called men are cowing around wringing their hands, shaking in their sneakers, of course, these bullies are going to brutalize and then blame the victim. That's why they're handcuffing her before giving her help.

Only a stupid fool would buy into this game. The only good I can see that comes from something like this picture is a wakeup call. To those would-be demonstraters and protesters, take a good look and ask yourselves, is it worth it? If you are standing up for your legal rights and what you are doing is totally legal, then you have the legal right to defend yourself against the criminal agressor. In other words, you have the moral, ethical and legal responsibility to defend yourselves. Failure to do so is a defacto admission justifying the accusations and consequential actions of the police. The government and their police know this and is why and how they co-opt and justifiably brutalize anyone that would ask them for their permission or legal right to exist or be an equal citizen.

If you're not prepared to take these steps then simply stop cooperating and hold the people that support this kind of police brutality, or "tough cop" mentality accountable. In Eureka that starts with the current crop of City Coucil people and the Eurekan's that voted them in.
[Picture was taken from Facebook]

This incident took place on August 11, 2007. An update three years later, Judge orders new trial for Alexandra Svoboda, is the reason I wrote this article. The kind of support the community employs to justify using the justice system as a further weapon of assault is demonstrated here. This is the reason why accountability starts with these people who find the police are attacked when they physically atetack someone and call it an arrest. There is only one word that describes such people - SICK!

Friday, February 3, 2012


"The person next to you has lived an experience that you have no idea about. Our individuality is born of the agreements and experiences that we have had in our life, which makes us who we are. There is no difference between us, except our point of view."

Man! And some of those points of view are extreme, juvenile and Mickey Mouse. But, is that who we really are? The sum our point of view?

My point of view may vary with who I am. Who I am is certainly NOT defined by my point of view.  Who I am is what speaks for me. My point of view or who and what I think or believe I am certainly does not. Our individuality, based upon our experiences and agreements, makes us distinct different individuals. The value of that individuality, however, is the same. Note: I did not say "individual."