Friday, March 5, 2010

So Hum Schools A Disgrace

[ADDENDUM :: Sunday, March 7, 2010 below]

Everyone agrees: Schools in poor condition.
When I read this in the Thursday, March 4, 2010 Times-Standard,I was disgusted. This situation is unconscionable and corrupt. It says something rather glaring about the Southern Humboldt community.

There is nothing more important than the education of our young people. They need to know that they are valuable and important. The only way you can convince them to trust you is by how much you are willing to sacrifice the things that are most important to you. That's a rather difficult task when you force them to spend most of their time growing up in a sewer. If the community doesn't care, why should they? All you do-gooders, all you parents and community members, Supervisor Clendenen and your wife, and Superintendent Michael McAllister, all of you lost the argument before you ever said a word. Your real priorities are right there fully displayed for everyone to see.

This is a disgrace for the School Board and the District Administration - PERIOD!

To allow these conditions to develop over such a long period of time identifies a serious situation. It is unthinkable that the people of Southern Humboldt would deliberately allow their schools to degenerate and deteriorate without doing something about it BEFORE it got into this condition. I guess that's the way they do business in So Hum - Let things get so bad they are forced to either shut the whole thing down and either start over or bring in Charter Schools. Charter Schools do have some advantages. One, as far as we know anyway, the only one's paying are those with children. No "GO Bond or higher property taxes.

It's hard to believe that if the School Board had worked with the community so that everyone knew where the money went, why there wasn't sufficient funds to fix the problems as they developed that the community would step up and do what was necessary. But that's the problem with these elitist's isn't it? They're running the School District. All the taxpayers need to know is that they need to pay more when told. That's the only value anyone has in the community, the taxpayers, the parents and the children. If the taxpayers doesn't do what is expected, make the necessary sacrifices, then like the worthless bums they are they and their children can take whatever they get.

Well, there is a group of responsible people working on this problem. They are: SOS for South Fork High School. Click the link to go to their website where you can learn about them and their efforts to engage the community and raise the necessary monies.  A friend of the Joe Blow Report received a brochure recently for SOS that said, "Total urgent funding needed .... 73,000." Donations and contributions for any amount can be made payable to: SOS for SFHS at PO Box 650, Miranda, CA  95553. While we share and support this commendable effort by those few people of value, we wonder if there is yet time or sufficient will or resources to turn this around and show our children and grandchildren their real worth.

Culture of Worthlessness - So Hum Legacy

There is an elephant in the room, however, that begs exposing. Here's the question: "Is this what happens when a whole community supports, defends and survives on the criminal production of marijuana for the last 50 years"? The truth as revealed is that these people are diseased within themselves and this situation with the South Fork High School is just one of its physical manifestations. Like most cancer patients So Hum is in total denial; unwilling and unable to accept any responsibility for how they've lived and raised their children for the past 50 years. The acidic smell of death is unmistakable. The immutable reality is: "you reap what you sow" or "what goes around always comes around." I guess it's a time for an accounting. Time to decide what's worse, the symptom or the disease.

[ADDENDUM :: Sunday, March 7, 2010]

There is a somewhat interesting conversation on Ernie's Place that is rather condescending if not self-serving about Southern Humboldt, but still worth reading. Be sure to read the comments.


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