Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recycle or BE RECYCLED

That's the new prospective for property owners in Eureka. "Eureka council authorizes liens for delinquent garbage accounts" was the front page notice awaiting everyone Wednesday, May 4, 2011, in the Times-Standard.

Making garbage and recycling MANDATORY was NOT a tax hike in Eureka, HUH? Now look what happens when you don't pay your bill and your "mandatory" account goes delinquent when you receive a "past due" notice. Now they can levy a "special assessment lien" on your property so they can lump what's owed in with and be collected along with your property taxes.

If that isn't bad enough, Eureka's ACE councilman, Lance Madsen, wants to punish these people by adding ADDITIONAL fees to cover "staff time" for their tax collection efforts. That's what we love, representatives that are constantly trying to figure out ways to get in our pockets.

So, it's recycle or get recycled.

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