Saturday, September 17, 2011

Judgment Day

Are the Palestinians going to stand up and claim their rights as legitimate people same as all others, including the Jews and Americans? Or are the going to roll-over like a horny, mongrel dog and justify what the Jews did to them these past 63 years? Judgment day has arrived...

Steve Lendman thinks Palestine's Abbas has already capitulated, sold out and betrayed the Palestinian People. Considering the leadership in this country for the past decade, I'd say he's in good company. Problem is, neither people can see beyond their wants and desires - and to a large extent, their misguided beliefs in Jew Value.

An apparent contravening point of view is expressed Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Interestingly, both articles support the same premise: the Palestinian People are sold out or betrayed; totally devalued as a legitimate people. What the Americans and the Jews understand is that any legal recognition, whether it be tacit, abject or de jure delegitimizes Israel's right to exist in any state. Thus mandating the only viable solution for any kind of peace – A single state.

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