Sunday, January 15, 2012

Need An Introduction to “Above The Fold”?

Somewhere along my daily perusing I came across a link that took me to Above The Fold” – “Home Delivered Glances At Humboldt County.” I try to keep the list of local blogs on my websites current and pertinent. It seems I totally missed this blog.

Since this blog is about “Home delivered glances at Humboldt County” and this Report is certainly motivated by a long family history in Humboldt and adjacent counties one of the first things I looked for was a link. Alas, NO LINK.

Well, for whatever it's worth, I can see why I missed this blog for nearly a year. But I remedied that problem forthwith. The Humbug Network is certainly alive and well. Even better now with the latest Lost Coast Outpost blog and the addition of their “blogger dream team.”

For years now, since Google changed their search algorithms I received tons of emails asking me for reciprocating links. I guess these local bloggers' disdain for their fellow contemporaries never got the message. Either that, or they all believe, as I do, that “less is more.”

Anyway, an interesting blog. Not real sure that its “glances at Humboldt” aren't a bit skewed, though. But then, some would say the writer of this Report as a bit skewed. For sure, a good blog to put on your list.

P.S.  When I was doing my Labels, the "Above The Fold Blog" label came up, making me think that I wrote about this blog before. I check my blog listing and didn't see the name. So, disregard any previous posts.


  1. Joe, you're linked on Redheaded Blackbelt under Links in the right hand corner.

  2. Kym, I know. I was writing about the Above The Fold blog. Thanks anyway. Nice to see that you never took anything I said TOO personal.

    Your inclusiveness was one of the reasons I was drawn to your blog in the first place. Your courage to make comments on the Report speaks volumes too. So, good luck with your “Blogger Dream Team” on LCO.