Thursday, April 5, 2012

Silence is Consensus

There is an interesting phenomenon called the “Silent Treatment.” What amounts to perfunctory consensus rejection, or so most believe. It's practiced on blog commentary all the time.

The Free Dictionary defines the:
silent treatment
n. Informal
Maintenance of aloof silence toward another as an expression of one's anger or disapproval
Mostly the “silent treatment” means that you do not exist, therefore you do not need to be recognized as legitimate and accepted as a co-equal. The problem is, you DO exist and when these kinds of people give you the "silent treatment" they expose themselves as weak and illegitimate people. The circle closes when they become what they would have others be.

Silence, in this context, has another meaning too: Consensus or agreement. In the following context as laid out below in my article, Pounding Sand –Kym Kemp Style you'll notice NO comments disagreeing with any observation in that article. That means there is a “consensus agreement.” – which works for me.

Just a noted observation since changing formats and affiliations the old Readheaded Blackbelt had a certain character that is now lost. Now all you get are press releases that are mostly unanswered propaganda. Oh! well, to each his own.

The following quote came from Glenn Greenwald's latest article: State-dominated media and Iran

NOTE: The definition of "collaborator."
That led me to this observation: “this is what establishment-serving journalists in Washington mean when they boast that they, but not their critics, engage in so-called ‘real reporting’; it means: calling up Serious People in Washington and uncritically repeating what they say.”

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