Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dave Stancliff''s Expertise

#LearnTalk Twitter Chat: “Bias in the Media,” with Dave Stancliff, Febrauary 11, 8PM
It’s time for #LearnTalk again! This week’s moderator is Dave Stancliff.  Dave, a retired newspaper editor and publisher with over 20 years experience, has been writing an op ed column, As It Stands for the Eureka, California Times-Standard for the past 5 years. His successful column has also grown to include a blog by the same name.  Dave’s area of expertise is political news and analysis. On this #Learntalk, he intends to discuss “Bias in the Media.”
Join the #LearnTalk community to discuss this issue. In the era where the news cycle often trumps the news, it is a critical issue to consider. [ Emphasis Added ]

I had started this article about a week ago, then had to other things of more importance to do. Anyway...

As someone that reads the Times-Standard Sunday edition regularly for the past five years now, and observed Mr. Stancliff's column, I've got to ask how many of his As It Stands opinion columns are about "political news and analysis"? Probably count them on one hand - maybe two. Most of his opinions have been nothing more than spoon-fed, milk-sop pablum. He will, on a rare occasion, take a stand on a subject. But then, I've found, he totally misses the real point of of the issue he's writing about. Mind you, on rare occasions the ability to engage and actually "take a stand."

I know he demonstrated a lot of "expertise" when it came to his "bias" when defining me. Based upon that "experience," I'd have to state he probably has a lot of "expertise" on bias, but not on "political new and analysis." A legitimate truth and a moral standard is always backed up by personal experience. Everything else comes from the mind and is by its very nature lies and worthless opinions.

Anyway, today is Valentine's Day, the program is long past, and I missed it - Darn! Everything changes. So, maybe we can expect some sort of substantive engagement from Dave. One can always hope, but don't ask me why.
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