Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Queen of the Forest and Hopeful Holidays

Occasionally you come across a little pearl that is worth highlighting. This exchange between the infamous demigod jon and his nemesis Forest Queen, recently on the Humboldt Herald, is one of these pearls.

jon makes the following statement:
"Thanks for the heads up fair wage folks! I swear I will make a meeting in 2014. Good luck on your efforts they are an important first step toward rebuilding our middle class despite every effort of the 1% to have a feudal class for some unknown reason."

The pearl is Forest Queen's response:

"Well Jon, at least you always offer up a perfect segway – “ . . .despite every effort of the 1% to have a feudal class for ‘some Unknown Reason.” “Unknown reason?” This ‘moral superiority’ of yours is a great impediment to momentum for those who are pushing and pulling humanity forward ~from the individual to the collective. You are implying Jon that our localized consciousness is lacking, and that we are globally ignorant. Your stance is invalid. [Emphasis mine]
“To know nothing of the past is to understand little of the present, and to have no conception of the future.” Nothing has changed Jon. The NWO/OWN has been around for thousands of centuries. It’s the same as it ever was . . .the Comfortably Numb slave/Master relationship that many ‘will’ not relinquish to make a stand. 
The NWO advances different ways, at different speeds, in different countries . . . but we are all marching steadily towards total domination by our rulers. REMEMBER, there is no such thing as an arms race between China or Russia and the U.S. There is no competition between those countries against each other. They are all working to advance the use of drones to CONTROL THEIR OWN PEOPLE. The race to build drones is a race to control people, waged by corporate governments on their own people in the common cause of world domination. This is NOT an arms race by governments to protect their own people against other ‘hostile’ countries. China is now referred to as the ‘Middle Empire.’ 
~i regard politicians as frauds and liars. Imagining the overthrow of the current political system is the only way i can be enthused about politics. One free thinking man, Buckmaster Fuller said; “Humanity now faces a choice: oblivion or utopia.” 
We need more critical thinkers. Critical thinking is important because it is logical, therefore includes self-defense, personal empowerment, liberal democracy in civic duty, philosophy, and the search for wisdom. ‘Valid’ vs ‘Invalid’, ‘Strong’ vs ‘Weak.’ Every field has its own specialized terminology and logic is no exception. Gun control, for example, isn’t over what “Policies” will best reduce gun violence, or how to interpret the Second Amendment. The level of resistance is rooted in “fear of government power and control.” The issue then is whether (1) it’s reasonable to think that the Federal Government poses a threat to the American people, and (2) whether private gun ownership has an important role to play in mitigating or neutralizing that threat. 
Edward Snowden vindicated, NSA to shut down in six months. Bless up the Constitution!"

If anyone bothered to follow these exchanges on other blogs, SoHum Parlance II for example, I'm afraid you would find what Forest Queen said here and elsewhere was totally lost on this guy. Instead, unfortunately, what you hear is the loud and heavy sucking sound of a large parasite drowning in all that energy, recognition and acknowledgment.

Whenever it looks like the darkness is about to overcome the light, the light shines a little brighter. Here is my raised cup to all the enduring bright lights.


  1. Wow Joe,

    ~what can i say? Thank you for the recognition. i'm honored to be amongst creative thinkers. When truth is suppressed, countries die. The truth is extreme, to make it moderate is to lie.

    Forest Queen

  2. Merry Christmas Joe. Thanks for all of your efforts.