Monday, January 20, 2014

The Forsaken Self, a Lie and a Fraud

Pants on fire.

This article is about two issues:

I. The damaged child, who is taught that cruelty and even violence are expressions of love

II. The damaged adult, who still believes in the crucial importance of "secret information"

Herein you can learn why there is very few in this country with a true "sense of self" and why that has allowed Barack Obama to get away with defrauding the American people of their God-given rights. Here is an excerpt from the terrific article by Arthur Silber:

"Secret Information": Giving Up Your Life for a Vicious Lie

You can consult the articles linked above (and follow the internal links for much more on this) to appreciate the full scope of the fraud represented by "intelligence." The crucial point is that "intelligence" as it is thought of by most people -- and as it is marketed by the State -- is a fraud from start to finish. It is a damnable, unforgivable lie. I will probably have some narrower comments about Obama's speech, but the speech in its entirety is premised on a complete fabrication, on a conception of "intelligence" that corresponds to the facts and the truth at not even a single point. In that sense, Obama's speech is nothing but a lie. 
I am painfully aware that my position represents an almost undetectable minority view. Very few people agree with me. Among other things, that is a testament to the training and conditioning to which all of us have been subjected. As children, we often had no choice but to accept our parents' and other authority figures' claims to "secret information," which was one of the supposed justifications for commanding our obedience. Most people carry this belief system into adulthood without alteration or serious challenge. An authority figure makes a serious pronouncement, and most adults are prepared to accept it; you see this dynamic with "experts" in all fields, even when what they say is obvious nonsense. The President makes a series of claims that have nothing to do with the truth, and there is no wise child -- and there are almost no adults -- who will declare: "You're a liar, and you're naked, too." 
But I'll say it: You, Barack Obama, are a goddamned, bloody liar. And put some fucking clothes on.
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