Sunday, March 23, 2014

Military Police in Eureka

[Update I: April 1, 2014]
The video says it all about scared shitless paranoid police: The "Bounty" Police Force? Albuquerque Officers Face Protests, Probe over Spate of Fatal Shootings
[Update: March 24, 2014]
This could easily by Eureka, again. - Homeless man shot to death by police after being caught illegally camping.

Yeah! That's right and no thanks to Murl Harpham and his "Tough Cop" Eureka police department. We are not terrorists neither are all of us criminals. We don't need the violence they bring with their pack-dog mentality and abject paranoia. The question I ask is, Why Eureka?

You got to know when the police, Sheriff's Department and all other policing agencies support a particular candidate for District Attorney, there is only ONE reason, and that is NOT because that person would work to enforce the law for the county with due diligence and impartiality. That person is their to enforce continued police impunity.

Communities grow weary of militarized police
As numerous law enforcement agencies across the United States begin enrolling large armored vehicles into the force, pockets of resistance are forming among some communities concerned with the trend.
Speaking with the Journal, Eastern Kentucky University professor Peter Kraska said residents are even more worried about potential police militarization following the recent disclosures of the National Security Agency’s bulk surveillance program. When citizens continue to hear about the government’s expanding presence, Kraska said armored vehicles represent “a pretty visual example of overreach.”
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