Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Filthy Mouth

What's with the filthy mouth? More typical low-class, filthy, scummy hypocrisy of a Brownshirt blog and their enablers.

If "Nobigdeal" was to respond to the filthy personal assault in his or her defence he or she would be censored, deleted and block from further participation on the blog for violating "comment rules." This kind of action is perfectly alright with the TE people just as long as they agree with the personal assault - someone defending them and their Brownshirt policies.

This is an issue for two reasons. One, it establishes the total loss of credibility and defines and identifies the purpose or reason for the blogs existence. And two, this is where this kind of worthless opinionated atrocity starts and is justified.

Editor Defends Decision to Drop George Will After Rape Column
“We had a lot of readers very angry and very hurt,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch's op-ed chief explains
And this:  St. Louis Paper Drops George Will Column After ‘Offensive’ Rape Piece

Actually he was dropped because his column was "controversial."

Eric Kirk used the same justifications for censoring and blocking people on his blog. In a Democracy EVERYONE needs to hear and see controversial points of view and understandings. Observations are not the same as worthless opinions. Yet we have people accused, judged and put to death on totally worthless unsubstantiated opinions. That lawlessness and corruption has its roots in these kinds of hypocritical actions and justification. They are all a net negative to the community.

This is just one example:

It isn’t a scoop when you scanner jump and call the police before a press-release is issued. Police need to take care of business instead of calling the blogs.
The police did say they were investigating if there was gang involvement.
All LOCO does is reprint press releases and the Times-Standard labels press releases as breaking news.
All TE does is take stuff and twist it to suit your political agenda. You are just Heraldo regurgitated.
For original news, try the Northcoast Journal.
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[Emphasis mine] -- And if for some reason you have a problem understanding what I just said then read this, because if these Brownshirts get their way this is what's coming to America:

JUNE 24, 2014 - by JONATHAN COOK
You Can’t Force-Feed Occupation to Those Who Hunger for Freedom
Israel’s New Abyss

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