Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is Your Neighbor a Threat?

If he or she thinks and acts like this, THEY ARE!
Dismissing the charges of Israeli war crimes. Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to Washington, said, quote, "Some are shamelessly accusing Israel of genocide and would put us in the dock for war crimes. But the truth is that the Israeli Defense Forces should be given the Nobel Peace Prize ... a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting with unimaginable restraint." -Democracy Now.
This is Israel's "unimaginable restraint":
"Human Rights Watch released a report, earlier this week, accusing Israeli soldiers of shooting and killing fleeing civilians in Gaza. The group based its reports on interviews with seven Palestinians who fled fighting in the village of Khuza’a."
Ron Dermer is a mentally sick, rotten Ebola-infected, degenerate, puking his plague upon everyone. He is how Israel manifests its putrid, rotten disease plagued country in the world - threatening the lives of all humanity. These Ebola infested sociopathic dead souls will see everyone dead for the want of a few more minutes life as a country. Anyone that accepts the thinking or beliefs that justifies what he says as valid, supports, enables and defends what Israel and the Jews did and are doing to the Palestinians, waging war on defenseless women and children, trying to break the Palestinian people's will risks becoming infected, sick in their soul and die. These dead souls are completely rotten corrupt and spread their deadly plague with a vengeance on the world and in your neighborhood and in your soul. They are a direct threat to everyone and if we do not take immediate action to isolate, quarantine and bury these dead people, we all risk becoming contaminated and dying ourselves.

Below are samples of local commentary, samples of the rotten infected disease-ridden puke vomited out ad nauseum, posted on a somewhat popular blog run by a local businessman. His track record is to censor and block anyone that exposes Jew criminal barbarism or dispute the rampant lies and corruption engendered by him and these sick people. The threat posed to this community through this sick, sociopathic, racist, bigoted blog is real and palpable. Wear your Ebola infection protective gear when you read the following examples. The list of comments on this thread (Mideast Crisis Discussion on Thursday Night Talk this Week) are considerable should you wish to follow the context. Comments by the blog author are also considerable and extremely enlightening, not so much about what he says in defense of the plague-ridden Jews, but about himself.

A perfect example of the deadly diseased thinking infecting the World:
Not killing Gazans ‘moral mistake’: Netanyahu

Here is something Eric Kirk and his gang of infected sociopaths need to read, and then shut up with their ignorance and scummy filth. Like all thug bullies, I know it won't do "them" any good in the long run - that kind of Ebola mystery serum won't help them live. DIARIES: LIVE FROM PALESTINE - "We will not rest until we liberate our occupied land," Gaza fighter says

I disagree with part of Mitch’s comment. One can easily imagine the Gazans reacting to Israel’s dismantling of its settlements there several years ago in a manner quite different from what occurred: instead of destroying the greenhouses left behind by the settlers, they could have used them to grow produce; instead of lobbing rockets at Israeli territory, they could have strengthened their own infrastructure; instead of electing Hamas to power, they could have voted for a party that even the European Union considers terrorist; instead of using cement to construct tunnels into Israeli soil, they could have built shelters. I have no difficulty imagine a scenario quite unlike what we are now witnessing.

I am sorry for calling you a liar, bolithio. I apologize.
I should just step away from the keyboard when the subject of Israel comes up, because it sends me off the deep end.

Well, bolithio, perhaps my 3:08 answers some of your questions.
But no, I don’t think ending the Gaza occupation will go a long way, or any distance whatsoever, towards preventing violence. Did you read the Hamas charter?
Yes, I got extremely pissed off when you lied about Oz’s question (sic, sic, sic). That is what the left does — it ignores the absolute day-to-day reality Israel faces and wonders, as if there is any wonder to be had, how Israel can be so mean. If that means my blog persona has offended you, well, I hope the offense was worth it to you.
I feel no need to checkmate you or anyone else, but the smugness with which the world refuses to acknowledge this no win situation and that it has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how it could respond differently than the IDF is a source of personal rage when I dwell on it, which I will shortly stop doing, for my own sake.
This problem is not Israel’s fault and it is not the Palestinians fault. The world created this problem and the world owes the Israelis and the Palestinians safety within the borders the world set. And the world has demonstrated its total unwillingness to admit that, or lift a finger to protect the descendants of the people it “gave” someone else’s country to.

“Racist collective punishment of a Third World people” — the people being “punished” in Gaza are of the same race as the Israeli Arabs who sit in the Knesset (parliament) of Israel — and of the man who heads Israel’s highest court. “Collective punishment”? From my vantage point, I see Hamas collectively punishing its own people by putting them in harm’s way — by hiding its rockets among schools, mosques, and hospitals. “Suicide by Israel,” one might call it (by analogy with “suicide by cop,” when a self-destructive person forces another party — a cop — to shoot at him, by engaging in unacceptably menacing behavior). —- This is what I read on a different blog today: If Hamas had its way, Gaza would look a lot like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. If Israel had its way, Gaza would look a lot like Santa Monica. — I can’t disagree with that.

Anon, your 7:34 a.m. comment is absolutely accurate.

Juan Cole's take on Israel: Israel Still Holding Gaza Civilians Hostage, Doesn’t Get Geneva Conventions - "So Gaza civilians cannot be denied building materials because somebody else fired a flying pipe bomb into the Israeli desert. The noncombatants don’t bear a personal responsibility for those little rockets."
Also, "Israel and the Erosion of International Humanitarian Law" - Unchecked Murder and Mayhem
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