Friday, January 30, 2015

Local Blog Exposes Self

[UPDATE] [UPDATE II :: This joke for a respectable blog continues to disintegrate]
The so-called Tuluwat Examiner showed itself to me early on. Those of us that didn't go along with their right to slander, insult and demean, anyone on their "shit-list" got censored. It was a new blog and usually only 6 to 8 people commented, or rather I should say puked out volumes of accolades at what seemingly appeared as community beneficial postings. They went after the new Eureka Police Chief for his supposed inability to fight crime as well as the City of Eureka over budget issues and a few other pet issues that began to identify them for who they really are. But, it was their commentary on the police killing of Tommy McClain where they began to show their duplicitous intent. Their sleazy way began to show itself - talk one way and do something else. It didn't take the folks over at Eureka Citizen long to find out who and what they were dealing with.

Now today they endow the world with this definition of who and what they are, rabble-rousing, gossip mongers.

take aim, and make jokes(?)”…….Sorry “Eureka Citizen” but this (ill) legitimate outlet “The Examiner” will continue the debate of your programs with or without out your direct participation. 
We’re a blog, that’s what we do!
It's been my experience in life that you can't "debate," actually REASON WITH AN IDIOT.

[UPDATE :: January 31, 2015]

When I said: "You can't reason with an idiot" I had no idea that those psychotics would prove and justify what I said in such a finite way. So, if you go there remember "reader beware," be sure to read the comments. When I wrote the above posting there were no comments. When I checked this morning there were 42.

What you will find there is a classic example of what happens when you fall into a Harpy Nest. The Eureka Citizen thought to engage them and got caught in their trap.

[UPDATE :: February 2, 2015]

Another good example of what I mean by a "Harpy Nest" is also self-defined in this latest posting's comment section as a Troll Nest. Pay particular attention to the standout example that calls themselves Mola42. He clearly suffers from DID. EC’S PANHANDLING ORDINANCE ON SHAKY LEGAL FOOTING

Watching these degenerates self-define and then disintegrate is vindication at it's ultimate best. I know exactly  how the New England Patriots must feel today after the so-called Moola-types tried to make "Deflategate" work for them.

A couple of examples:
Retired USAF Col
February 1, 2015
6:21 pm
"It is really hilarious that it has only taken a few comments to get TE to do 3 retaliatory articles and simply self-destroy it’s former reputation. TE has become the laughing stock of Humboldt County." 
Retired USAF Col
February 1, 2015
6:22 pm
"Simply reinforced the butt-fucking description of the TE crowd."
 And finally:
Greg Sparks
February 1, 2015
10:12 pm
"You do realize that this group, Eureka Citizen, has totally consumed Tuluwat Examiner for nearly 2 weeks. You and your fellow bloggers have become obsessed with this group. 5 of your last 6 articles are about, or mention the group. Additionally, you let members of the group completely take control of your blogging; they easily manipulated every member of your blog. You completely played into their hands."

"I’ve always used Tuluwat as a 3rd opinion to read and absorb. After the past week, it’s sad to say you have lost all credibility. Good luck with that."

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