Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The REAL Tragedy In Eureka

You can read all about it here. [UPDATE :: More fool's gold]

Their deceitful blog nonsense is the reason why the people of Eureka accept what happened to Tommy McClain with barely a whimper.

This statement is so misleading I call it an out and out deliberate lie.
"The point was simple and clear.  EPD makes a negligent mistake and kills an innocent young man…..too bad."
These scummy people, I call them "Blackshirts," as that's what they are, present the pretty face of decency, law and justice while offering the very opposite, that of corruption, lawlessness and deviant indecency. They would have everyone believe that "THEY" have stood behind the Tommy McCain family right from the beginning. When if fact they never pushed or advocated for a just legal resolution to his murder. The outgoing D.A. Paul Gallegos puts forth his worthless opinion on what happened and buries the crime with impunity and what do these people do? NOTHING, that's what - not a word. Right from the beginning all you herd from them was for the "family" to get "their justice" from the Civil Courts. Thus protecting the Eureka Police Department and its offending officers from ever paying any kind of personal criminal penalty. They whine and cry about the inaction and failure to take a verbal position by the City Council, in particular the two newly elected members. But, you'll never read anything from them that is a constructive solution to the matter. They chafe away at the Police Chief and one of his newly appointed Captains, while at the same time carry on and praise the virtues of the other Captain ad nauseum.

The simple truth is, according to already admitted facts by those involved, those officers deliberately murdered Tommy McClain in cold blood. To say otherwise is to support criminal impunity and lawless anarchy - the total destruction of law and order as epitomized in Chief Mill's so-called "thin blue line." The police are NOT the law. They are ONLY empowered with that right when the people believe they are and give them that right. Stop cooperating with the liars.

That is the real crime.

The average 99.9% of the people that live and work in Eureka are at war with that so-called "thin blue line." It's high time they got that simple fact figured  out. No one is going to come to their defence. Not the courts, the city councils, the county supervisors or anyone else. The police serve ONLY to protect them and their pocketbooks. As long as you want to be a second-class American, the police and their apologists will promptly oblige you.

There's  more on the City Council action in the Times-Standard March 4, 2015, edition:  Eureka City Council rejects McClain claim.

Also, maybe it's time for Tommy McClain's family and friends to take a lesson. Their Facebook Page.

[UPDATE :: March 6, 2015]
I read in the Times-Standard newspaper yesterday that Rio Del City Council had approved buying and installing body cameras and other recording devices for their police. Then I checked local blogs to see what they had to say. The above blog links are good examples. Never you mind that the real issue is not more transparency by more video, which is already proven worthless to most District Attorneys and juries granting blanket immunity. Just another feel-good knee-jerk response from the weasel face good ol' boys and girls.

Unfortunately, the solution to this lawless corruption is not found in Eureka, Rio Del or anywhere else in Humboldt County. That is why I posted the above examples of what is and why it is. The blood of Tommy McClain screams at everyone.

By the way, if anyone is interested in a good example of a weasel face, 0.09% apologist, just read the comment section of the postings.


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