Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm Too Serious? Maybe.

John Oliver & Martin Sheen Present The Ultimate Doomsday Video

If the end of the world is coming, you don't want to see a military band playing "Nearer, My God, to Thee" as CNN reportedly has planned.
No, if Doomsday is finally here (and you're going to be parked in front of a TV during humanity's final moments), you want a celebration rather than a funeral dirge -- and on "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver recruited "West Wing" President Josiah Bartlet, Martin Sheen, to help the world go out in style.
Check out the clip above for everything that made our time on this planet so remarkable, plus a few things we're all less than proud of. -- Via Huffington Post.



  1. serious truth demands ....action

    that's what I like about Les Visible....

    he's so "Out There" with action...

    a real rumble in the jungle type action...

    during the monsoon season...even

    speaking of godzilla and all

    why do economic terrorists get to print currency
    OWN the Media,

    and operate a crack house called Congress...

    and make hemp "our" enemy ?



  2. looks like there is a conspiracy on your website, too

    there should be thousands of

    on one side or the other

    but noo....

    apparently SLUGGO is too mean looking....

    and Mr. Bill is just not what he used to be

    how sad



  3. one more time for the children in the hospital....

    or why loving the BOMB really matters....

    See Also Kay Pollard Griggs...!

    NATO military activity near Russian borders has dramatically risen,
    citing specifically how since 2013 there has been a four-fold rise in the
    number of ships entering the deep, dark... Black Sea....of the
    Fortress of ultimate DARKNESS....where EVIL lives.

    General Gerasimov said:
    to wit :

    “The number of tactical and reconnaissance aircraft flights
    near the Russian borders has increased two times,
    and flights of early radar warning planes – nine times.

    “Since the start of 2014,
    the number of NATO operations has drastically increased.

    ”Considering themselves ‘winners’ in the Cold War, & with AFRICOM
    going on FULL TILT BOOGIE & Jade Helm in the OFFING...
    the ZOG US decided to reshape the world to suit
    exclusively the Synagogue of Satan Money Changers their ownselves.

    “Striving for absolute ECONOMIC/MILITARY " dominance ",
    ZOG / Washington no longer takes into account interests of other countries
    in its "policy" for the global police and made it
    " not obligatory"... for itself to observe the pretend norms of
    Faux-international by the Money Changers'
    Co-Conspirators the yeast infection faced infamous Pharisees

    Ja Ja



  4. Davy, I wonder who is going to get fed up with the bullshit and shoot first?