Friday, August 8, 2008

How The Stupid Rule

. . . and rule, and rule and rule -- regardless of whose in office.

I'm not sure if this makes my point, but on the lite-side . . .

The Wrecking Crew: Thomas Frank on How Conservatives Rule

Columnist and author Thomas Frank joins us (Democracy Now) to talk about his latest book, The Wrecking Crew. Frank writes, “Fantastic misgovernment of the kind we have seen is not an accident, nor is it the work of a few bad individuals. It is the consequence of triumph by a particular philosophy of government, by a movement that understands the liberal state as a perversion and considers the market the ideal nexus of human society. This movement is friendly to industry not just by force of campaign contributions but by conviction.” Read the interview to learn how Ronald Regan and GHW Bush dominated Bill Clinton's agenda and how G. Bush Jr. has setup the next President.

We're not just talking about Conservative Republicans either.

Obama, the prince of bait-and-switch
24 Jul 2008
In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes the devaluing of civilian casualties in colonial wars, and the anointing of Barack Obama, as he tours the battlefields, sounding more and more like George W. Bush. Read on . . .

In the New York Times on 14 July, in an article spun to appear as if he is ending the war in Iraq, Obama demanded more war in Afghanistan and, in effect, an invasion of Pakistan. He wants more combat troops, more helicopters, more bombs. Bush may be on his way out, but the Republicans have built an ideological machine that transcends the loss of electoral power – because their collaborators are, as the American writer Mike Whitney put it succinctly, "bait-and-switch" Democrats, of whom Obama is the prince.

And continues . . .
Those who write of Obama that "when it comes to international affairs, he will be a huge improvement on Bush" demonstrate the same wilful naivety that backed the bait-and-switch of Bill Clinton – and Tony Blair. . . .

And concludes: Eleven years and five wars later, at least a million people lie dead. Barack Obama is the American Blair. That he is a smooth operator and a black man is irrelevant. He is of an enduring, rampant system whose drum majors and cheer squads never see, or want to see, the consequences of 500lb bombs dropped unerringly on mud, stone and straw houses.

Locally we find the same mentality in the Times-Standard, Friday, August 8, 2008, pg. A4:

"Mortgaging our children's future" -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be sliced, diced, and privatized. And, Change we should worry about. Rejection of the Republican Party today is not a rejection of limited government and traditional values. How do the stupid rule? They use "faith-based initiatives." She calls these "faith-based" ideas, opinions or beliefs "these great American principles" (limited government and traditional values) that have absolutely nothing to do with common sense or the facts. Some great smoke-blowing, or is it a slick bit of "bait and switch"?

And now if, you like to buy real local-grown food, this is a real casualty of the short-sighted and stupid: "Trouble in Paradise: Arcata farmer's market vendors need support." Time-Standard, My Word by Janet Sclar, Friday, August 8, 2008.

Read this article if you like to buy real tomatoes and then you'll know why people drive to Crescent City to shop at Home Depot and Walmart. With the gas prices the way they are, it's a bit of a stretch to believe it's because they're saving money. She concludes her Word by saying: "If sustainable decisions cannot be reached then the markets, and their vendors, will not survive and the next time you want to buy a real tomato, not caught up in some larger-than-life controversy over its origins, it won't be available here!"

--You reap what you sow according to Joe

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