Sunday, August 3, 2008

Security Sickness

Read the Sunday, August 3, Editorial in The Eureka Reporter carefully and see if you can find the flim-flam. The title is: "Creeping Internet regulation." To the casual reader you might conclude that the recent ruling by the FCC against the big telecom company, Comcast, was a subtle infringement or posed a serious infringement on Net Neutrality. You might . . .

Notice: "Ostensibly, Comcast did this to customers who often transferred large files because it was concerned that the files might contain illegally copied music or films." Comcast actually assaulted Net Neutrality causing the ruling, because someone, a rare few big downloaders "might" infringe upon them.

Joe recently read on a local blog, SoHum Parlance, the following advice (legal apparently) about search warrants under "Tooby Raids Imminent. Duck and Cover": "Many people who were caught up in last month's raids were innocent of any crime, but a search is justified under the law simply on the basis that there is reason to believe your home contains evidence of a crime." "Reason to believe, he says. Innocent people are legally persecuted, harmed and in some cases killed on a "belief" that "illegally," what? Yeah! What justifies that kind of wanton, rubber-stamp conduct by those empowered to protect the innocent? The same kind of psychotic paranoia that subordinates common sense and makes everyone complicit, security sickness. The kind of common sense that protects the innocent rather than deal with them as mere casualties of war.

Today, all that's needed is for someone to "believe" that you are involved in a "suspicious activity." Something as simple as taking or trying to take a couple of pictures and you will find yourself infected with a current strain of "security sickness." You can read about real "creeping regulation" here. The kind of "creep" that hits all freedom-loving and law-abiding Americans right where they live.

Don't you just love The Eureka Reporter's great snake oil?

ADDENDUM Monday, August 04, 2008
One of the more obvious symptoms of “Security Sickness” is, “If you believe that what you say in good-faith is true then you are NOT a liar.” Why the news media has no credibility or why you can’t trust the Eureka Reporter to print the facts. Or the Eureka Reporter’s facts speak for themselves when they use a quote from a corrupt Republican Dark Age Crusader (John Boehner, R-Ohio, the House minority leader) to justify their worthless opinions.
Read for yourself where Craig Aaron (Communications Director for Free Press) says, in part: "Well, this ruling that happened on Friday, which is really a landmark, a historic precedent, was the result of an incredible grassroots movement to draw attention to these issues of an open internet. . . ." You can read the rest of the interview here.

ADDENDUM: Tuesday, August 05, 2008
Another symptom of the disease: Mcain suggests military-style invasion modeled on the surge to control inner city crime. You think, when the sickness is full blown, we'll get "Iraq inner city" crime with car bombs, suicide bombers and rampant executions?

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  1. I feel so safe now.

    By the way, how do you pronounce "Boehner"?