Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Paranoid Elitist's Strike Another Blow For Democracy

Well, now we all know who's lives are more important at the Humboldt County Courthouse don't we? Anyone entering that building that is NOT a police officer is automatically degraded into some substandard potential "threat" to WHO? Must be the Judges and their protectors.

Do you expect justice from that kind of ingrained prejudice?

If so, think again. You are nothing more than "American" collateral damage.

These Elitists have had several years to brainwash the gutless traveling public to go along with this subterfuge. There are some of us that don't fly exactly because of these new impositions and what they force one to become supposedly for our (my) safety. Why then would I want to enter the Courthouse and subject myself to that kind of degradation for some kind of just resolution?

Joe says such a situation forces the law abiding to seek alternative methods for dispute resolution whether they like it or not. When the deck is stacked against you, only a fool continues to play the game.


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