Monday, September 1, 2008

"Cut Back" or Tax Increase in Eurekaville

It's been months since that noisy, dusty ol' street sweeper graced the front of my property. Up until then you could set your watch on the consistent weekly passé. Like others in this town, when the neighbors trash began to build up we spent an afternoon gleaning and preening. It nearly filled a thirty gallon garbage can. That added cost is a tax increase.

The City Counsel, according to the report, says this is necessary in order to "free up funding to fill positions in its police and fire departments." If so, then two questions: 1) Did they fire the street sweepers they are replacing? And 2) Will we see a direct positive police affect in the community equal to keeping the city CLEAN?

If what I see going on out in front of my home every day and on the streets of Eurekaville is any indication, I'll keep the street sweepers. At least I'll be able to sleep easy knowing their no "garbage" roaming around polluting my neighborhood.

Street sweeping cut back
The Times-Standard
Article Launched: 08/29/2008 01:16:37 AM PDT

If Eurekans want to keep the streets in front of their homes constantly clean, they might be wise to pick up a broom.

The city recently announced that, beginning Sept. 1, it will be dramatically scaling back street sweeping services in its residential areas. In adopting this year's fiscal budget, the City Council opted to reduce street sweeping services in the city to free up funding to fill positions in its police and fire departments.

While street sweeping had previously been done weekly in residential areas, it will switch to a monthly schedule beginning in September. The sweeping will be conducted during the first week of every month, and a full schedule of what areas of the city will be swept on which days is available on the city's Web site,

In order to increase the effectiveness of sweeping, the city is asking residents to remove their vehicles from the streets on sweeping days and to keep the street free of yard waste, trash and illegal driveway approaches, such as concrete, metal or wood ramps.

The city is also asking residents to refrain from piling leaves in the street, as it could potentially damage the street-sweeping vehicles.

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