Saturday, November 8, 2008

Joe Blow and the Eureka Reporter

When Joe Blow moved back to Eureka after some time away and moved into his new home, he found a stack of soggy old newspapers piled up behind his backyard fence. The name was The Eureka Reporter and they were delivered free of charge to anyone that wanted them. I guess somebody didn't get the message. It wasn't long before the Times-Standard called with a good offer, and always the one to support the local community, we began getting both newspapers.

It didn't take Joe long to figure out the the ER was a whole lot like Fox News, "We Report, You Decide." It didn't take Joe long to decide that what the ER reported was born-again, militant fundamentalist, fanatical religious Republican believers, with all their hate and fear mongering diatribe. True to their nature they blamed the victim. They preached individual responsibility and personal rights while all the time gutting anyone and everything that made some semblance of personal integrity and self-sufficiency a reality. Personal accusations and self-serving lies were their mainstay. And the Times-Standard, for the sake of some moron's idea of fairness and tilted balance, continues to enable that garbage. True to their nature the gutless enablers roll on.

Joe's first observation on his Wordpress Report was about the Editor, Glenn Franco-Simmons written under "The High Priest Of Trash." Not only did the Arkley's use their money, influence and this so-called Constitutional Right to promote and produce this kind of garbage, they allowed every other kind of fear and hate mongering in the form of a blank paper to print letters from the general public. That kind of stink hit everyone that supported this so-called conservative point of view, all those that advertised or did business with The Eureka Reporter and everyone that supported those advertisers and businesses.

Well, Joe got their last edition this morning and it was a blank page! Up in the top left corner it said, "What if we never existed?" The answer to that question is obvious, we'll never know now will we?

In the top right side is the word "Priceless." Down at the bottom right corner is says "1,225 issues of priceless community coverage." Joe says, rather emphatically, HE CAN'T DISPUTE THAT!

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