Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Antichrist Declares War On Majority Rights

On a sunny Sunday morning as I sat down to savor my morning brew, I was confronted with this Times-Standard headline: "A CHANGING LANDSCAPE" followed by, "Half of eucalyptus trees along Highway 101 corridor to be cut" and "The new civil rights movement." A changing landscape alright; a destructive change.

Here's your declaration of war right, from the mouths of civil terrorist:

Local businesses and individuals that contributed to the “Yes on 8” campaign were also targeted at Saturday's protest, with some speakers calling for boycotts.

”Support the businesses that supported us,” Susan McGee urged the crowd, drawing loud cheers of support.

Linda Atkins, who won a city council seat representing Eureka's 2nd Ward on Election Day, also urged those in the crowd to use their power as consumers to effect change.

”We have a big economic impact on this state -- let's use it,” she said.

Atkins told the crowd that the proudest moment of her life came when she recently married her wife at the Humboldt County Courthouse.

Included in this is the posting on the Humboldt Herald, for one, the names and addresses of those and I quote: "SUPPORTERS OF PROP H8te (ARCATA & EUREKA):"

The will of the people means nothing to the thug bully. All he or she cares about is getting his or her way. There's usually only one way to deal with bullies and these people, and I use the word "people" loosely, would be wise to remember that when they go military on their relatively peaceful neighbors.

It's one thing to take Democracy into other parts of the world and force them to convert, destroying their culture and religious beliefs held for thousands of years, depriving them or causing the to forfeit their legitimate right to exist. It is an all together different situation when you try to force a depraved sub-culture on your own people, destroying or at least trying to destroy the very basis for their and your existence.

These "people" are not interested in civil rights, or any other right you can think of. They want legitimacy and equality to all other members of society. Unfortunately, they are fighting a losing battle no matter how many people think or believe "these people" are endowed with unalienable Rights. That God or Universe our founding fathers believed granted all "people," excluding women, blacks and homosexuals of course, has spoken. A plague is upon them and they are a cancer in our society. When you vote such "people" into office you bring the very essence of corruption into halls of government. The lines are being drawn and drawn deeply.

So goes the eucalyptus trees, so goes the people; mostly young people, I'd say.

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