Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Jew Agenda Comes Clear

Finally, we begin to see the Zionist Jew's true intentions regarding Israel. They made their move in 1948, but were unable to sustain their intent to completely eradicate the Palestinian people from their lands. As noted in previous posts, the Zionist Jew began to wage war on the civilian people to force the Palestinians to submit to or go along with the Jew's right to take their land by force or without any compensation. The so-called decades old "peace process" was nothing more than a ruse to allow the Jews time to take more Palestinian land by build illegal settlements. The two-state solution merely furthered that ruse for another decade. Neither Israel nor the United States ever intended to recognize Palestinian legitimacy that comes with statehood.

Another Update :: Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Israel's targeting of civilian resistance to the separation wall proves the two-state solution is now just a meaningless slogan - The Report has maintained this from the beginning. Nice to have some confirmation.

Update :: Saturday, February 21, 2009

Israeli Zionists have no intention of peace, only expansion of Eretz Yisrael

Addendum :: Monday, February 16, 2009

If the Jews truly wanted peace they would NOT continue to do this:
Israel seizes land for settlement expansion

Jews begin to feel the bite of Gaza assault:
Jews in Muslim lands anxious over Gaza war

By AMY TEIBEL6 hours ago

Addendum :: Thursday, February 11, 2009
Fraud in the Holy Land - Independent versus Sovereign State

"Writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says: “Netanyahu’s election is likely to bring the curtain down on the great fraud… the lie of “negotiations” and the injustice of the “peace process.” Israel consistently claimed these acts proved the nation was focused on peace and the end of the occupation. All the while, it did everything it could to further entrench the occupation and distance any chance of a potential agreement.

For 16 years, we have been enamored with the peace process. We talk and talk, babble and prattle, and generally feel great about ourselves; meanwhile the settlements expand endlessly and Israel turns to the use of force at every possible opportunity, aside from a unilateral disengagement which did nothing to advance the cause of peace.

The truth defines itself - 61 years of undisputed history speaks.

It's become quite obvious today that with the election and continued support by a majority of Palestinian people for a Hamas government, or at least
a national unity government that includes Hamas, that these people will not totally go along with Israel's right to their 61 years of visceral rape. The only solution for the Jew is to finally cut the Palestinian throat. Right at this moment the knife is already moving with the starvation of 1.5 million Gaza refugees. Fata and Abbas think they've cut a deal with Israel to survive, but all they've done is expose their treason. Israel will deal with them equally, regardless.

In the aftermath of Israeli elections, one way or another, Israel's latest vote count puts the Right Wing, neo-fascist in control. According to Neve Gordon, a professor of politics and government at Ben-Gurion University and the author of Israel’s Occupation, as reported on Democracy Now, this is the trend even with the younger generation.

What we see in—before the elections, that in all the high schools in Israel, Lieberman was the leading party in [inaudible] votes. So we see that the younger generation is supporting these neo-fascist tendencies. And we cannot blame the schools from it, but we have to blame the whole atmosphere in Israel, which is indeed a racist atmosphere, an anti-Arab atmosphere, anti-Palestinian Arab atmosphere. And Lieberman, what he has learned to do well is to feed on the hatred and the fear of the Arabs, to use a xenophobic method. And this is extremely dangerous. And to tell you the truth, I fear for Israel. I fear for the citizenry in Israel. And I think we are in a watershed moment in Israeli politics.
Mustafa Barghouti, independent Palestinian lawmaker and democracy activist lays out a far worse situation.

This is a very serious shift, but not only to the right; this is a shift to racism. In my opinion, in these elections, Israel has completed the transformation into an apartheid state with an apartheid racist political system.

And this is the outcome of two processes. One is the implantation of fear and hatred in the Israeli society by the Israeli establishment. The army is a big part of that establishment, and the military-industrial complex is a second big part. And the second factor has been the complicity of the international community. The United States administration, previous administration, the European governments, the whole official international community has been complicit with Israeli crimes, war crimes in Gaza and in other places, and silent about forty-one years of occupation. So, basically, people in Israel think they can do what they want. If they violate human rights in such a terrible manner and nobody is objecting, I think they think they can move forward towards racism and an apartheid system, and that is unfortunately the case today.

In addition to what was said about practically the Likud racist approach dominating the whole scene, with Livni and Netanyahu—and here I would agree that there aren’t much differences between the two. Maybe you can say that both of them are racist. Only, Netanyahu is a blunt racist, and Livni is a racist with some makeup. But they both represent the same. [ ... ]

In my opinion, we have reached a very critical moment, and that’s why these elections are of great importance, because the bringing in of racist tendency in Israel and this whole extreme coalition into the Israeli government, which would be the case, is happening exactly at a moment when we are about to lose the last opportunity of two-state solution, because of the growth of settlements, because of the fragmentation of the West Bank, because of the consolidation of a situation where Palestinians practically live now in bantustans and ghettos. And they’re in a situation where, after fifteen years of the creation of the Palestinian Authority, the only road open for it by Israel is to become only a security sub-agent for occupation and something like Vichy government in a bantustan entity. That is the risk. And that’s why this is dangerous, not only because it is against peace, but also it is like the last hit in the direction of killing the final or the last opportunity of two-day solution. [ ... ]

I would like to emphasize here that I believe that the last war on Gaza, plus other things that the Israeli government did jointly with the Bush administration, was nothing but an effort to create a preemptive strike against the Barack Obama administration. That was clear in the Resolution 1850, which tried to restrict the peace process only to the failing Annapolis process. And that was clear in the war and intensification of tension in the region, to prevent, in my opinion, peaceful dialogue with Syria and Iran that Barack Obama wants to have and to obstruct a fast and quick withdrawal from Iraq. But finally, that agreement that was concluded between Livni and Rice, in the very last hours before Rice left her position, was also a preemptive strike against this administration. [ ... ]

That agreement was that the United States and NATO will be providing guarantees to Israel and provide protection to the occupying force, being Israel, and to prevent the resistance of the Palestinian people who are under occupation. So this is the first time in human history where, from one side, the people under occupation in West Bank are supposed, through this huge security apparatus, which is consuming 34 percent of our budget, depriving us from healthcare and education—the Palestinian Authority is supposed to provide protection to its occupiers, and the world community has to provide protection to the occupying force of Gaza, in this case the Israeli occupying force. [ ... ]

And maybe these results of elections in Israel will show everybody the time has come for a real change in the American policy. Every value that President Obama spoke about—values of respect of human rights, of democracy, of respect for Geneva Convention, avoiding torture, justice, equality, equal opportunity—every value of those are violated by Israel.
So, there you have it. The picture, the truth about Zionist Israel's legitimate right to exist, is getting clearer and clearer. President Barack Obama will not do what is necessary to preserve the Jewish state or try to protect his or America's integrity, what little bit that's left. Certainly, now when he's bombing innocent civilian people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Zionist Israel is revealing itself to be exactly what it is. No civilized people wages war on defenseless and innocent women and children, for any reason. The Universe has wiped out whole civilizations for such crimes. Perhaps they should have seriously tried to make peace with the Palestinian people, recognize their legitimate right to exist along with everyone else, when they had the chance.


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