Friday, February 13, 2009

HumBug Blogger Elite Report II

At least once a week I go through my list of local blogs whether they really interest me or not. Most do. Some change or dry up. It's a kind of penance I pay for writing the Report. Occasionally, if the subject interests me, I'll even post an observation or ask a question. Over the months, I've noticed that the regular commentators, the Blah, Blah, Blah types who regularly wash each others hands, work together like a pack of ravenous dogs when a stranger tries to enter into their little social club. Or, they just ignore you altogether. No talking to terrorists you know?

Local blogs and blog commentary is a fair representation of local interests, issues and problems ranging from "A" to "Z". Everyone has an opinion on something and everything. Lord forbid someone should point out their opinions have nothing to do with rhyme, rhythm, history or the facts. Of course, it's all nothing but "WORDS" and we all know "words," when you get right down to it, are pure, unadulterated bull-shit.

So, why then all the animus when someone has the courage to disagree, point out their insincerity, or rank dishonesty?

I recently went on SoHum Parlance II and asked a couple of questions. For that I was told that I "looked like a duck," "walked like a duck" and that my comments were "duck crap." Remember, there's one rule the Blogger of Record, Eric Kirk insists upon: NO NAME CALLING. Even though he joined in with the excoriating ridicule he rose above, NAME CALLING! The ad homonym belittling insults of Kirk and his ad hoc groupies speaks for itself, to anyone wasting their time reading that crap. Yet, we find he's accepted and fits right in the Humbug Blogger Elite.

The above reveals, to any serious peruser of these local blogs, a couple of common threads. One, there is really NO serious conversation regarding important issues and problems. It's mostly all fluff and smoke and mirror stuff. Second, is the grid lock caused by the intolerance, xenophobic bigotry and hatred. Lest we forget to mention, there's a third thread Joe chooses to call the Humbug Blogger Elite. They represent the kind of club that has permeated the North Coast's perennial problems and ailments that ostracizes and victimizes every citizen and non-citizen alike. Such things like why there is no freeway bypassing Eureka and Bayside, Eureka police use of tazers, lack of transparency in government, some sort of serious police review, lack of effective traffic enforcement, and the list goes on.

What got me to thinking about this is what happened when I clicked on the North Coast Journal Blog and I was introduced to their new Blogthing. Hank Sims was ecstatic about their new Robot. He's got his robot setup to search the Times-Standard's internet homepage and as he says, "He watches a list of local blogs and informs us when they are updated." A real tiny list!

I would guess they think that tiny list of blog sites is a good enough cross-section of "politics, people and art" in Humboldt County to justify their little news paper. Here's one list, it changes every day:

Eureka Ruin: Money Trees Abound + 10 more… Eureka Ruin: Money Trees AboundNCJ Blogthing: The Blogthing is Dead • Watch Paul: Heinous? • Redheaded Blackbelt: Color at Dawn • Continental Shelf: Historical Society 49th annual luncheon • The Plazoid: Judges Cash In on Prison Profits • SoHum Parlance: Krugman: It’s not enough • Continental Shelf: Marina Center DEIR comments posted • Fred’s Humboldt Blog: Ocean Salmon Fishing This Year? • Humboldt Herald: Marina Center comments online

This is what The Journal says about itself:

The North Coast Journal of Politics, People & Art is a guide to what's really happening on the far North Coast of California. We provide news in a way that will make you think and we deliver all the fun through the liveliest, most comprehensive and interactive events calendar on the North Coast on the web at with highlights each week in print.

Unfortunately saying it doesn't make it true. Hank Sims seems to think that print media and their reporters stands head and shoulders above electronic media when it comes to accountability, honesty and integrity. He may have a point. Being an honest reporter in this day and age is a dangerous business. Sticking to the facts and not getting caught up in disseminating persuasive propaganda and rampant character assassination is a tough job, too. Even so, maybe it's time Joe Blow spent a little more time getting to know The Journal.

Look at the Blog Roll on each of these sites and you begin to see the thread of commonality. Joe has to ask, "Where's the beef"?


I came across this newspaper article by Mark Morford,
"Death by moron
Has anonymous commenting destroyed meaningful online dialogue? Oh, hell yes

We agree. You can read some of our commentary on this subject here. "Death by Moron" says a lot about anonymous commentators. Moronic blogs and commentators discourage most decent conversation, if you can find any, unless moderated.



  1. Joe, to be fair to Hank he puts blogs on the NCJournal's bot that he feels are “at least 51 percent about Humboldt County.” He said that on in the first comment.

    Boy approached him last spring and Hank put his on there then. If you feel you should be on there, you could try approaching Hank with your reasons.

  2. Kym, I appreciate the comment.

    "To be fair" is the prevailing sentiment here. I live in Humboldt County, my family goes back further than most, probably beyond the likes of Hank Sims. I post two blogs, one that says my objective is: "From there he shares some irreverent and less temperate observations about the community of which he resides. About truth, justice and sustainable human development." You can debate the relevance of talking about issues of self-defense in Palestine or the justification for the butchery of innocent women and children motivated by xenophobic bigotry, religious hatred and extremism. Then take a good look at Humboldt County's judicial systems, the record on how the police operate with impunity, the attitude the county has towards its tax payers manifest in how codes are regulated, mandated and enforced and the wanton anarchy on the our streets and highways and the total disregard for our own children. If America has the right, for whatever bogus reasons put forward, to invade, bomb, occupy and convert sovereign nations of people with impunity, the police, by established legal precedent, have the right to do the same to American citizens. When this action establishes Democracy as a purveyor and enforcer of anarchy, American citizens are totally within their rights to disregard whatever law interferes with whatever they are doing or want. Do you think our children do not see and react negatively to these realities?

    To me, what makes The Journal different than other blogs is that it represents this community by news (paper) print. It sets a certain standard. Hank Sims has made that point on several occasions. Whether the Joe Blow Report or any other local blog has 55% or 49% relevance is their (his) personal judgment. My Report stands on its own. What I write speaks for itself and stands on its own merits. That is its authority. Your blog and The Journal Blogthing exists by your authority, and the likes of Hank Sims, Bob Doran, and Ryan Burns respectively. Frankly, it's irrelevant whether the Report link is included on anyone's blog. I add links (I'll admit I've been a bit lax lately) to the Reports blogs in mutual recognition, to enhance my site and Internet presence. We're all here and we all have something valid to say. It's the good ol' boy elitist social club that's screwed this county since it's inception that I don't like and what I'm talking about.

  3. We do all have something valid to say. Even though I don't always agree with you, or for that matter any other blogger, I enjoy the free exchange of ideas. I like getting a different perspective.

    I think Hank must be in a difficult position though. If he put every blog on there, it might become unwieldy. If he doesn't put a blog on there, he becomes accused of controlling the conversation. I don't envy him. But I do appreciate the access to the blogs he gave. I pretty much use google reader exclusively now because I have so many blogs like yours that I follow that aren't on the Journal that it's easier to use my own.

    But I keep up with the Journal's version just to make sure that I can see any new blogs that come up.

  4. One of my reasons for posting the Report was to stimulate some thinking. I'm not looking for agreement. If I was, you'd know who I am.

    We each have our own interests for blogging. So, I don't think any of us are into putting every blog on our sites that's out there. It appears to me that we link blogs that interest us for various reasons. I think you can tell from some of my posts and comments that there are a couple of bloggers that I don't have much use for. I still leave there links on my sites, though I wonder sometimes why. They are a part of the North Coast blog scene and they contribute. Even so, they and other, however, practice active discrimination and censorship. Steve Luis ( comes to mind. That reminds me, I think I'll add him to my reader.

    Controlling the conversation ... Not their conversation, just yours and mine.

    Whenever I visit another blog I most always check the blogroll for new local blogs. That's why links are important. I think they work better than Google for local stuff.