Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Untouchable Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, in her sweet deprecating way, sounds just like Golda Mier. Clinton's attitude is revealed to be totally condescending and utterly disparaging to the Palestinian people. It is an insult to any decent, moral person that calls themselves a Christian. This is the kind of thinking that justifies waging war on women and children. The question:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was asked an unusual question during an interview on the popular youth television show "Ali Soutik" during a visit to the West Bank Wednesday.

The interviewer read a query submitted by a young girl from a village near Ramallah: "What would you do if your daughter, Chelsea, were unfortunate enough to be born under occupation and to be born deprived of freedom and liberty?"

Here's Mrs. Clinton's answer:

"I would do what so many parents here in the West Bank and Gaza do. I would love her, I would take care of her, I would get the best education I could get for her. I would never lose hope. I would never give up of the dream of a Palestinian state, no matter what happens, no matter what people try to do to derail my dream. I would tell my daughter, and I would hope my daughter would believe with all of her heart, that she has the same opportunities for the best future that any child living anywhere does. That's what my goal would be."

This is the NEW HOPE for peace between Israel and Palestine. Hope for a two-state solution is worth about as much to the Palestinian people as it is for the American middle-class poor that think they finally got some recognition in this country; a new state of being. Read some reality:

The “S” word by Alastair Macdonald. Reuters Bureau Chief for Israel and the Palestinian territories.



  1. I know that I, like a lot of people who consider themselves progressives, am troubled by the cavalier way the United States dismisses the rights of the Palestinian people in favor of the people living in Israel.

    I know that the bombs Hamas dumps on Israel contribute to the Palestinians' plight but, still, shouldn't we Americans at least acknowledge the errors of Israel?

  2. First, let me say I really appreciate comments like this because it helps me come to terms with where people really are. That helps me make what I write about relevant.

    “Acknowledge the errors” - Seeing as how Americans are largely responsible for the “State of Israel” existence as it is today, I would say so. So, why don't (collective) we? Probably, for the same reason people don't accept responsibility for most things they should not do. Just because you can gather together, with help from your bully friends enough guns and people with experience to use them doesn't mean you have the right by force-of-arms to take land that does not belong to you. Then wage war on the women and children that you forced into compounds or ghettos to break or compromise the manhood of their men, fathers, husbands and sons. To justify their crimes these Zionist Jews must get the Palestinian people to agree that the Jews had a right to do what they did in the first place. Hence the 60+ years of horrendous, bestial deprivations.

    It is that attitude that precludes and always has any “two-state solution.” No one has the right to give the Palestinians anything. Forcing them to recognize Israel's legitimate right to exist justifies Israel's claim for NOT recognizing the Palestinian people. In a way, you people that live out in the hills of Humboldt County have faced the same kind of attitude with the County government. They treat you like second-class citizens even though you represent a majority voter.

    Actually, it is NOT Hamas that dumps bombs on Israel. Recently, is was the Fatah shooting pissy-ass rockets, more like throwing rocks, to get the Israeli war machine to kill more innocent Palestinians and maybe a couple of them that belong to Hamas. Hamas is not a people.