Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Question About Pot

There seems to be a general across the country priority issue with legalizing marijuana that found it's way to trump President Obama's agenda for his fancy cyberspace town hall meeting as reported on Politico: Pot takes center stage at townhall. One of the most popular questions was about legalizing drugs.

Politico's Josh Gerstein says, "While Obama’s answer was unequivocal, it was also dismissive and didn’t explain why legalization was unwise."

The question and the President's comment:
“There was one question that was voted on that ranked fairly high: that was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy and job creation,” Obama said, with a chuckle. “I don’t know what this says about the online audience.”

“This was a fairly popular question — we want to make sure it was answered. The answer is no. I don’t think that is a good strategy to grow our economy,” he said to laughter and applause from the live East Room audience of union members, teachers, business leaders and others.
We all know how a large number of local's feel about this issue. There was a lot of happy blogging recently when everyone thought President Obama actually heard the voices, wants, and needs of the people, to quote:
"Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government would defer to state governments whether to allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes."
I wonder if they all feel so full of hope today? I doubt it. It seems more and more that there's one heck of a big difference between what President Obama says and what he does. Here's his latest shot at a California Marijuana Medical Clinic: Drug Agents Raid SF Medical Marijuana Clinic.

Then there's his promise to take ALL combat troops out of Iraq by August 2010. Today, we learn he's been feeding everyone a line of bull right from the start. You can read about this in the interview on Democracy now with Gareth Porter: Report: Despite Obama’s Vow, Combat Brigades Will Stay in Iraq

Nearly four weeks ago, President Obama declared that US combat operations would end in Iraq by August 2010. Despite Obama’s pledge, new evidence has emerged that the US plans to keep combat brigades in Iraq, but they will operate under a different name.

You can read his complete report: Despite Obama’s Vow, Combat Brigades Will Stay in Iraq here.

Wouldn't it be nice, for once, to have a President of the United States everyone could trust and honestly believe that he's working for and defending the interest of ALL people? It took the country a while to see President George Bush's true colors, but this President is laying it on the line coming right out the gate.


  1. Joe, I was reading about the dispensary this morning. Some sources say tax evasion might be the reason they were cracked down on but I, too, am wondering whether Holder was speaking with a "forked tongue."

  2. Although it could be true about the tax evasion, historically, the federal government has always used tax evasions as the charge the public will accept - even when it is false or trumped up. Thanks for including the link to Jimboland Jots.