Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Defecating Dogs and Worthless Leash Laws

Defecating Dogs with their superior, arrogant masters together with the Editorial: "Honoring the fallen" seems appropriate, right?

I live in a fairly nice neighborhood, in a fairly nice home with mostly manicured lawns and nicely landscaped flower gardens. Since there isn't a lot of motor traffic, people love to walk and walk their dogs in the neighborhood. I rarely see a dog that is not leashed. What I do see are lots of piles of dog crap on my lawns. Wondering why, I began to pay attention. First, I noticed some of my neighbors turn their dogs loose at night and early morning. Other people, with leashed dogs let them use my laws for toilets and just walk away.

I've debated several options for dealing with this abuse. I figure deliberately letting your dog crap on my property is like spitting on me. You can't ignore the fact of what someone thinks of you when they do that, now can you? After rejecting most of my options, because they were probably illegal, I decided upon installing an automatic water system that would come on whenever there was a toilet call in progress. That way I could get both the human defecator and the dog defecator.

What's appropriate about the cartoon? Change the caption in the cartoon from, "My dog can go any where he wants." to "My army can go anywhere it wants." and I think you get my point.

Letting your dog crap on my property tells me exactly what you think of me and you don't even know me! But, I sure know you. If you ever wondered how people could live together for generations and then when they get the chance become genocidal to one another like they have in Iraq, well you don't have to look very far for reasons why.

Like leash laws there are littering and other appropriate laws dealing with unwanted dog crap and crappers, but that would require some law enforcement and I'm sure they've got more important things to do than cite people for dumping their garbage wherever the urge takes them.


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