Sunday, October 11, 2009

Polite Is So Boring!

That's what Susan Seaman says her 15-year-old son taught her in the Sunday, October 11, 2009, Times-Standard article, "Business Sense." That's what my 17-year-old grandson told me when he was 15 years old too. He then proceeds to demonstrate that belief by the loud and outlandish clothes he wears. At least he doesn't have tattooed on the back of his head the words, "Piss Off."

Her commentary on "opinions" is what interested us. The consequences, intended or unintended from expressing "mostly worthless opinions" has a lot to do with a person's credibility. Her closing comment says it rather well:
"And, I told him, if you really want to make your opinion known to the world through the mass media, you never know -- in a society where loud and rude is becoming commonplace, a polite, well-considered comment may be utterly shocking."
That way you won't waste your time or energy trying to "say you're sorry" when you most certainly are not.
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