Sunday, August 15, 2010


Once again, this would-be obsessed parasite has come to my Internet home to tell me what a wonderful person he “thinks” I am and how he plans to treat my family and me in the future. I can hardly contain myself. I can't tell you how long I've waited for this particular comment. With this threat, Mr. Stancliff crossed the line and changed the rules for the second time. From this day forward everything he posts to the Joe Blow Report blogs goes automatically in the trash.

I wonder if people, BULLIES like Dave Stancliff ever understand, it is NEVER about fear of them or their threats, it is fear of self. Problem is, Dave Stancliff has proven himself to be much more than just a run-of-the-mill Internet Bully. These people, as clearly demonstrated in everything Dave Stancliff has said throughout the Internet and on the Joe Blow Report, including his current conduct, manifests the exact rhetoric or language of a terrorist suicider. I say that, because that's what you are when you attack another man's family to get at him. The tragedy here, is that suicide bombers don't just crawl out from under a rock one day and decide to go try to hurt people - they develop over time. If Dave Stancliff ever had any credibility as a writer or any legitimacy as a human being all he had to do was let his work speak for him, stay out of or off of my Internet home and keep his mouth shut. It is rather difficult to libel and slander someone for defending yourself against their lies and unproven false accusations when they come to your home and personally assault you.

Highlighted here for posterity is Dave Stancliff's latest public comment, referenced below and posted on the other Joe Blow Report's latest observations “Fixation or Obsession?” in response to his previous comment referencing the article: Living With Dignity. Energetic Parasites look for any weakness or even a perception of some weakness as their way to bore in with their weasel words. These “weasel word” statements end here, enough is enough.

The purpose of these Joe Blow Report blogs are to present impartial, non-personal objective “OBSERVATIONS.” I refrain from writing personal, what we consider “worthless opinions” or conjecture. My goal is to remain impersonal and objective and let the facts speak for themselves. I write “anonymously” to avoid ego entanglements – to keep the “subject” separated from the “object.” We thought we'd done a pretty good job of staying objective until we had the misfortune to write about one of Dave Stancliff's As It Stands “opinions” published in the paper. Little did we know we'd uncovered one of the Anti-Christ' servants. He's tried to make our blog life hell ever since. Now he wants to make my family and my personal lives hell as well. I keep resisting him, but he just keeps coming back again and again. I gave him plenty of rope to demonstrate his true nature and he has, but that rope ran out today, Friday the 13th.  A rather appropriate day, I'd say.

I was reading Glenn Greenwald's article, “How propagandists function: Exhibit A” where he says,
“This is what a propagandist, by definition, does: asserts any claim as fact in service of a concealed agenda without the slightest concern for whether it's true.”
Dave Stancliff, for the past year has come on this blog and demonstrated exactly how “a propagandist” operates in finite detail with each and everyone of his comments. He "asserts" claim after claim and NEVER produces the slightest proof to justify his worthless assertions. Look below. You won't find any. Just his "assertions" he claims are "facts." It's actually a thing of beauty if you have the stomach, patience and time to wade through the history of his ever evolving self-judgment.

For entertainment purposes, since this is the last time I intend to deal with this scummy crap that keeps getting deposited on this blog, lets entertain the first idea he spouts off about and see what it tells us about him. He says,
“Your biggest fear is having your real idenity [sic] revealed Joe.”
What supernatural power does he possess that allows him to know “my fears”? This is what makes Dave Stancliff a “would-be god,” his stated ability to tell me and everyone else what I think, how they should think and what they should believe because he can read our hearts. He really needs to go back to his Sunday, August 1, 2010, “As It Stands: 'I know I'm right' syndrome or being stupid and proud of it” and keep his own counsel.
If you don't know, the Anti-Christ is that really good looking guy that passes himself off as Jesus Christ and all things that Jesus stands for or embodies. What gives him away is he's the very antithesis of Jesus. He proves to be exactly what he is. He doesn't tell lies, he is, in fact, "a liar." The Anti-Christ proves to be a malicious slanderous murderous, liar and hypocrite. At least that's how he's partially defined in the Holy Bible. I'd say he sounds a whole lot like Glenn Greenwald's “Propagandist.”

Conspicuously posted on the Joe Blow Report's Home Page Sidebar is the following partial statement: “Please be aware that the Joe Blow Report speaks for itself. You may or may not agree, but just remember, that is your issue.” Remember, anonymous writers or bloggers are fictitious entities. They live and die by the integrity and credibility of what they write, NOT by who they are. So how does a pseudonym or a non-entity slander, stalk, harass and attack with malicious intent, etc. someone that lives and dies by who and what he or she is? The fact is, something that is nothing can not. The joke is on Dave Stancliff and always was. He is a real person and Joe Blow is not. And that is the reason Dave Stancliff is driven to try to put a living face on Joe Blow. He shows this foolishness and stupidity, because Joe Blow is timeless.

The ability to end whatever it is Dave Stancliff believes plagues him, his sickness, was always his to end anytime he wanted. He made his choice, and that's that.

The End.

August 13, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Your biggest fear is having your real idenity [sic] revealed Joe. Everytime [sic] I mention the subject you dance around it. know you'd end up in court charged with libel and slander with malicious intent. Then you'd have to pay for your cowardly verbal assaults.

It's much easier to judge and slander people when they don't know who you are, isn't it Joe? Actually, you think it's kinda fun don't you? You do it every week, so that's obvious.

When you made me the focus of your life and chose to stalk me - and to harass me - did you think I would stand by and let you lie and attack me with impunity?

There's exceptions to many things, and my philosophy about letting negative remarks go by has been challenged by you.

You have become that exception Joe. Just you. In over 30 years of writing I've never had a person attack me with such venom. Yes, you stand out Joe. Karma will catch up with you, if I don't see you in court first.

If you think you have any legitmacy [sic] in what you post here, then I invite you to meet me in court and we'll let a judge decide who has been harrassing [sic] who. Straight up Joe. What do you say? Let's let a neutral 3rd party decide it in a court of law?

Or, do ou [sic] fear the truth?

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