Monday, August 9, 2010

Living With Dignity

[UPDATE Below :: D. Stancliff Reacts]

How can anyone accept the finality of death with dignity if they've NEVER lived with dignity? Even more so, what gives such a person the authority to tell other people what it means to either live or die with dignity?

Once again our great North Coast Opinionated Conjecturer lays bare his 'I know I'm right' syndrome or being stupid and proud of it' in his latest Sunday, August 8, 2010, rather convoluted masterpiece “Accepting Death Is Unacceptable To Many Americans.”

Dignity is defined:
1. bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation.
2. nobility or elevation of character; worthiness: dignity of sentiments.
3. elevated rank, office, station, etc.
4. relative standing; rank.
5. a sign or token of respect: an impertinent question unworthy of the dignity of an answer.

Such a person would never come on this blog, assert foul unsubstantiated accusations, and then repeatedly ask a totally unrelated question that was already answered at least twice in his vain efforts to get me to give him standing. Dave Stancliff's level of character, self-respect and measure of standing is demonstrably revealed in all its glory within the pages of this blog for everyone to see.

Life is far too valuable to be squandered by living the way regressive, self-righteous, arrogant and admittedly stupid dark-age believers would dictate. Death is not my master and neither are these people.

[UPDATE :: Friday, August 13, 2010]

Dave Stancliff's customary reaction to the Report article, "Living With Dignity" is reposted here as is the link to our response: "Fixation or Obsession?" Normally it would have been posted on this blog, but we didn't want it to interferer with the other commentary.
Comment here: 

August 11, 2010 at 12:48 

Do you know what Google Alerts are Joe?

Everytime you say something about me I get one. Good, bad, or indifferent.

I get numerous Google alerts every day. Once a week, I get one negative alert. Can you guess who it’s from?

You set yourself as my Judge and Jury every week Joe. What gives you that right? You’re not God, although you appear to think you are when you pontificate about my columns.

You call me every name in the book, make malicious accusations, libel me, and then you have the nerve to appoint yourself as The All-Knowing One.
Worse yet, your hyprocisy is so obvious that you don’t even realize it. Your words are ratting you out every post you make Joe.As they have been all along.

I try not to feel sorry for you, as you have only demonstrated hate towards me, but sometimes – when I see that Google Alert and the Joe Blow Report next to it – I actually do feel sorry for you.

Maybe you did answer my question about why you would have to leave the country if people knew who you were – you don’t have a nice thing to say about anyone in this world and if people knew who you were you’d have so many lawsuits filed that you’d have to file for bankruptcy. How sad.

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