Sunday, November 14, 2010

As It Stands

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Pot Kills
As It Stands: Dave Stancliff and the Times-Standard's Number One Opinion for a Sunday Morning: “America's unstable neighbor poses greater threat than Taliban.”

After weeks of basically meaningless, irrelevant dribble from Mr. Stancliff he comes back with a vengeance. (I know he doesn't think it's “meaningless dribble,” but that's really beside the point.) There are some really serious issues facing all of us and week after week he – well, I guess he was taking a “tea break” – you know, a respite, charging his batteries. Good for him. I'm glad to see that he's actually got some of that moxie he keeps telling everyone he has. I'd really like to see more of these kind's of substantive “opinion” commentary from him. Good job Mr. Stancliff.

If I had a critique, which I don't – merely an observation for another “opinion” article from him is that he doesn't touch the reason or the cause of the problem for this “war” – STARVATION.

The root cause of that problem is NAFTA. A tool in America's Elitist's war on all people's right to be self-sustaining. What the Elitist fail to understand this that “people have to live.” One of the lessons of Vietnam: People have to live even if it costs them millions of lives. This is a price no American is willing to pay. Except the very few of us that STAND FREE!

[UPDATE :: Monday, November 15, 2010]

I find it curious that he doesn't mention the American War On Drugs that this country is enforcing on the Mexican government and that it is ALSO part of the root cause of this “war” he writes about. The consequences are directly attributed to the “spill-over” into the U.S. The Elitist’s Solution: put the people in a military or para-military vise. Squeeze them dry, then blame them for why they are dying. So, what's the solution here? “[P]rotect American's from the war next 'store,' [I assume he means 'door'] and that takes money.” “Money” seems to be in rather short supply today when President Obama is seriously considering engaging in another “war” on Social Security and Medicare. I guess America's elderly can pay for this border “war' with Mexico. Anyway, what's the solution offered? “[G]et our politicians to recognize the war in Mexico endangers American more than the Taliban?”

I wonder what the “Taliban” has to do with this? Obama has made Netanyahu an offer he can't refuse. - America has made Israel an offer they can't refuse. Part of this offer, the fighter jet deal alone is an out and out gift of 40 planes at 130 million each, plus additional support:
“To date the security package has included emergency stores that are available to the Israel Defense Forces, a $205-million grant to purchase Iron Dome systems, and a significant stepping-up of joint missile defense training programs. The list of items to come, at least on paper, is impressive.”
It's just BILLIONS of dollars! I guess the Mexicans aren't as dangerous or as big a threat as the Palestinians.

comme ci comme ca
Israel's Shabbas Goy
Why America will come to regret the craven deal Obama is offering Netanyahu.
By Christopher Hitchens

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