Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hypocrisy Watch

In our own limited way, the Joe Blow Report participates in and is proud to do so, Hypocrisy Watch.

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Here's how it starts:
DYLAN: ... Hypocrisy watch. The gap between that which is said and that which is done, that which is promised and that which is delivered. Why are there so few of you?

GLENN: Well, I think hypocrisy has enabled -- let's look at it on a couple levels. First is just the domestic political level, where democrats criticize republicans for doing certain things when they're in power, then end upwhen they're in power doing exactly the same things that they criticized the republicans for, and vice versa.
I think one of the reasons why that that's so permitted is because this
loyalty that people have to their tribe means that they object only when
certain things are done by the other side, and not by their own side.
They're not applying consistent principles. What they're doing instead is
supporting anything their side does, and opposing what the other side
does. Just sort of a blind, partisan tribe loyalty.

DYLAN: Sort of like a religion.

GLENN: Yeah. It's religion, ...
And our bleak future:

DYLAN: Or, other vehicles. I look to the currency market and the bond

markets and the bond market -- for me, the ideal leverage to force this to
be dealt with would be a 50% drop in the dollar, a 20% spike in interest
rates, that would then force acknowledgement of the fact that the entire --

GLENN: That the entire apparatus is corrupted at its root and needs to be
basically uprooted and overhauled.

DYLAN: That's it.

GLENN: But what's remarkable about that -- and it really is remarkable --
that if that 2008 financial crisis did not accomplish that, it's hard to imagine
a level of disruption that would be sufficient to cause that to happen while
not engulfing everything in it's wake. I mean, you almost get convinced that
the only way they're going to acknowledge that something needs to be
fundamentally changed is by the time it's far too late. When the destruction
is so widespread that it's irreversible. And that would be on some levels
sweet justice for the people who are responsible. But the problem is it
would potentially suck up everyone else in it's wake. So, what you want to
do is find a vehicle, a method for changing it short of waiting for that to
happen. Because it does seem like that's inevitable, absent some change
and intervening cause. 
This interview is well worth the time to read. It's an eye-opener! Hypocrisy Watch.

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