Monday, April 11, 2011

Humbug Blogs – The “Good Ol' Boys” (and Girls) Club

When I was a kid I can remember my Grandfather occasionally talking about “The Good Ol' Boys” of Humboldt County – mostly he railed against that Gang of regressive, “old money” businessmen in Eureka that were constantly fighting progress. Anything that would be or was good for the community or the county that Gang made sure to “monkey-wrench” it. Later I can remember my Dad's contribution to the conversation; both were property owners and businessmen. One of that Gang's greatest achievements was getting the Highway 101 bypass stopped. Over the years there's been one battle after another. One way or another the community at large always pays the price, usually paid back in spades.

Most of that “old money” Gang is long dead now, but their legacy continues. In many ways, it just takes on different forms and incarnations. The attitude, demeanor and purpose NEVER changes. They're still fighting progress. Just look at the controversy over the proposed Marina Center. A good example of how local bloggers have used the Internet to fight this battle under a progressive label was brought to the public's attention by a local blogger that also writes an “Opinion” every Sunday in the Times-Standard newspaper. His “As It Stands” opinion for April 10, 2011, was: Next stop online: Humboldt Blogs, a slice of Americana. Read the article and you will find a select group, his group of accepted Humboldt Blogs, all told a dozen or so including his. The Report is NOT saying that all of these bloggers Stancliff names are members of "the" Club. They do, however, make up the members of "his" club now.

His list of local blogs are “a slice of American” alright. His personal slice. As an example, notice who he directs you to for a list of local bloggers, the infamous, anonymous Humboldt Herald. A far more prolific or extensive list resides on another blog, one he also give credence to: Redheaded Blackbelt. Apparently, Kym Kemp, the author, is far too inclusive to suit Stancliff's “club” nature.

Read through his list of blogs in the newspaper that share a common theme and follow their extensive commentaries, it won't take you long to see that there is a common thread. That thread is the so-called “slice of Americana” Stancliff alludes to.

For those of you that have followed Dave Stancliff's antics on the Joe Blow Report this bit of hypocrisy shouldn't have slipped past unnoticed: “The author(s) of the Humboldt Mirror ... are unknown, which is probably a good thing.” That certainly is NOT what he's publicly told the “author(s) of this blog. Nor is it what Ernie Branscomb (Ernie's Place) said either.

The list of blogs offered by local bloggers, who they include and exclude, says more about the author than they know. By the way, Google takes note of the incoming and outgoing links and rates and ranks accordingly. The more inclusive you are the better all around for attracting visitors and readers – not to mention you credibility as a blog author.

The imperious nature of this “slice of Americana” is clearly demonstrated by Stancliff when he says, when speaking of the Planet Tapperass “humorous quasi-competition for ALL Humboldt blogs: “Basically, Sal introduces new, or lesser known, blogs to the Humboldt Blogispher [sic].” What defines a “lessor known” Humboldt blog? Herein lies the crux of this observation regarding Humboldt Humbug Blogs that are portrayed as the Elite Club – The Good Ol' Boys and Girls.
List of blogs from Redheaded Blackbelt Blog below:

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