Monday, April 18, 2011

Juan Cole (more or less) Beats Around the Bush

[UPDATE Below]

Juan Cole writes today, Israeli Soldiers’ Brutality at Prison Camp for Palestinians - should be an eye-opener for any decent human being. The “Privileged Class,” in this case the Jews are exposed, AGAIN, for who and what they are as a nation and as a people. 

While he lays down some seriously condemnatory facts, and exposes the complicity of Jeffrey Goldberg, journalist for The Atlantic, he show extreme difficulty calling a spade a spade. After detailing the “in-your-face” wanton, lawless criminality of the Israeli people he, concludes by saying:
Israel has many positive accomplishments to its name, but its policies toward the Palestinians are a national tragic flaw. Israel cannot become a normal, really successful society until it lets Palestinians have statehood and popular sovereignty.
The greatest “positive accomplishments to its name” are defined by Mr. Cole when he says,
Israeli national mythology attempts to erase this foundational crime and to deny the very existence of the Palestinians, of whom there are now some 11 million.”
It is the “mythological” belief that is the root cause of the Jews inability to coexist peacefully with the Palestinians. And, I might add, the Americans with the rest of the world. Americans respect NO national sovereignty of any country, i.e., so-called "War on Terror." In their minds these people, Palestinians, are a non-entity, a non-person, a non-species certainly NOT equal to them. How do you talk to someone that doesn't exist? It is here where Mr. Cole capitulates by defining the Jew's delegitimizing criminal state of being as a “national tragic flaw.”

The real “flaw” here is contained in Mr. Cole's next statement where he says Israel's growth as a people depends upon them “letting” the Palestinians “have” statehood and popular sovereignty.” The legitimate right of a people to “statehood” and “popular sovereignty,” by definition, does NOT depend or rely upon another person's, people's or nation's permission. Because the Palestinians do no “exist” there can be NO will of any people to justify and legitimize “popular sovereignty.” Not withstanding his contradictory state of being, he has defined exactly why there shall never be any peaceful coexistence between Jew and Palestinian. The Jewish people have had over 60 years to reconcile their aberrant beliefs with truth and reality. Like Juan Cole and many other misdirected and misinformed people, he believes that the Jews are in the position of giving recognition and accepting these people or not. For the Jew's to accept the Palestinians in any way, such as recognize a Two-State reality, would cause or force them to the deny their original premise, legal or not, for their state or nation of Israel - to reject their legitimate right to exist as a people.

Read the complete article what he (and I) consider(s) Israel's "foundational crime." It's not long. There are two extremely revealing videos. [Emphasis added]

[UPDATE :: Monday, April 18, 2011]

In the same vein, Juan Cole writes, Saving What's Left of the Constitution. Here's the pertinent excerpt:
I am relieved that Judge Lynch and his colleagues reinstated the suit, and a little surprised, as well. The courts, prosecutors and even the present attorney general have let the Bush administration get away with so many crimes that I had begun to suspect that that our system had just become too corrupt and/or politicized to protect basic American freedoms.
I emphasized those words to illustrate the same "beat around the bush" attitude. Did you notice who is missing" Who he omitted from responsibility for refusing to comply with his solemn oath to enforce the U.S. Constitution? Worthy of note, however, was his equating "corruption" with "politics." Unfortunately, he doesn't equate "American freedoms" with the fundamental issue, American citizens obligation to obey and enforce and to demand and enforce its government to obey, comply and enforce the Constitution to justify American Sovereign Legitimacy.

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