Saturday, February 18, 2012


This is what happens when you give the police the right to brutalize peaceful protesters.

Of course, in places like Syria, in Palestine's Gaza, and West Bank, and Egypt they just shoot you dead, but this is America. They see peaceful people that dare want what is rightfully theirs in an altogther different way. They teach you lessons you'll remember and suffer with the rest of your miserable lives.

What I'd like to know is where are the REAL MEN protecting this girl? As long as the so-called men are cowing around wringing their hands, shaking in their sneakers, of course, these bullies are going to brutalize and then blame the victim. That's why they're handcuffing her before giving her help.

Only a stupid fool would buy into this game. The only good I can see that comes from something like this picture is a wakeup call. To those would-be demonstraters and protesters, take a good look and ask yourselves, is it worth it? If you are standing up for your legal rights and what you are doing is totally legal, then you have the legal right to defend yourself against the criminal agressor. In other words, you have the moral, ethical and legal responsibility to defend yourselves. Failure to do so is a defacto admission justifying the accusations and consequential actions of the police. The government and their police know this and is why and how they co-opt and justifiably brutalize anyone that would ask them for their permission or legal right to exist or be an equal citizen.

If you're not prepared to take these steps then simply stop cooperating and hold the people that support this kind of police brutality, or "tough cop" mentality accountable. In Eureka that starts with the current crop of City Coucil people and the Eurekan's that voted them in.
[Picture was taken from Facebook]

This incident took place on August 11, 2007. An update three years later, Judge orders new trial for Alexandra Svoboda, is the reason I wrote this article. The kind of support the community employs to justify using the justice system as a further weapon of assault is demonstrated here. This is the reason why accountability starts with these people who find the police are attacked when they physically atetack someone and call it an arrest. There is only one word that describes such people - SICK!

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