Friday, February 3, 2012


"The person next to you has lived an experience that you have no idea about. Our individuality is born of the agreements and experiences that we have had in our life, which makes us who we are. There is no difference between us, except our point of view."

Man! And some of those points of view are extreme, juvenile and Mickey Mouse. But, is that who we really are? The sum our point of view?

My point of view may vary with who I am. Who I am is certainly NOT defined by my point of view.  Who I am is what speaks for me. My point of view or who and what I think or believe I am certainly does not. Our individuality, based upon our experiences and agreements, makes us distinct different individuals. The value of that individuality, however, is the same. Note: I did not say "individual."

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  1. you found the pearl in a field ,you should buy the field - agreement with everything you say ,even a blind man can hear the truth!

    thanks joe