Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Supervisor's Set Priorities – for the Vote that Counts

Was that the vote at the ballot box the 1,450 caregivers made when they voted for the current crop of County Supervisors? Or was it the vote some of the more wealthy property owners made with their dollar election support?

What strikes you when reading the front page of the Wednesday, July 11, 2012, Times-Standard newspaper? Aside from the fact that Shell's WindEnergy program isn't bringing any future business or jobs to Humboldt County or any tax dollars either are the two other headlines. First one is, Humboldt insists no wage increase forhome care workers and Supervisors approve adding moreWilliamson Act properties.

This is what the paper says about Home-Care workers:
“Negotiators for the county's In-Home Supportive Services workers -- who help aged, blind and disabled individuals remain in their own homes -- have been petitioning the county for increased wages. Care workers currently make minimum wage -- set at $8 an hour -- and don't receive any benefits.”
And this is what it says about the benefits for private landowners:
“The board voted 5-0 to accept new applications this year, allowing the county to enter into contracts with private landowners as a way to restrict land use to agricultural or preservation purposes. Participating landowners receive lower property tax assessments.”
County Supervisor priority speaks loud and clear. The picture caption of the Bulldog on the same page probably says it all about what your vote gets you – Whatta dog!

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