Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Bassler Obscenity Roles On

How the gunning down of a man simply on the accusations of another is "justified" defies all logic, reason and LAW. The Time-Standard's Thursday, August 16, 2012 headline says: "Bassler shooting justified, DA says. Report details months leading up to Bassler's death." What months of "details" leading up to a couple cowards killing a man from ambush has to do with "justifying" his murder is beyond credulity. Yet, this is the propaganda Grant Scott-Goforth wants everyone to swallow.

Crimes of murder committed "beyond a reasonable doubt" are decided by jury of one's peers, accepted and legally established by a sitting Judge, NOT some cop. But then, President Barack Obama assumes such unconstitutional authority, why not some Sheriff?

Aaron Bassler may well be guilty of some of these accused crimes, but then, we'll never know because the gutless police never bothered to arrest him and present their evidence in a court of LAW. No self-respecting community can honestly stand for this kind of defacto lawlessness. Is everyone so stupid that they don't realize that if the police get away establishing their right to gun down "anyone" at will they can do it to you too? Has Ronald Reagan's Latin American death squads finally reach the North Coast of California?

[UPDATE :: Monday, August 20, 2012]

Terrorism is Terrorism

"We whitewash history when we ignore the fact that states sometimes engage in terror, too."
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