Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Life Is An Open Book

That's right, folks. Come to Eureka or Arcata with an outstanding warrant for an unpaid parking ticket you forgot all about and you can promptly go to jail. That's the prospect outlined in Tuesday, August 21, 2012 Times-Standard's latest: "License plate scanners expected to help Arcata, Eureka police."

Next we'll be reading where these police departments are fly drones taking pictures and scanning homes and property to augment their battery of cameras plastered all over the city. They claim they don't have the money necessary to adequately enforce traffic laws, but they can buy these kinds of tinkertoys.

The newspaper sub-title says: "Privacy concerns cited by critics of the technology." I'd say it's NOT just the "critics," that have a reason to be concerned. Reading the article, once again we see parsing words and splitting hairs to justify a legal rational to do whatever they want, then come along after-the-fact and tell everyone what they are doing. We're probably lucky we get that much notice.

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