Sunday, September 30, 2012

How To Commit The Near Perfect Murder

First pick your target. It doesn't hurt if the person considered is a low-class doper, but that's not necessary. Make sure you have a club or baton, something of your choice. Be sure to bring with you a back-up protector for a partner that's armed with a deadly weapon - a 9mm is a good choice. Now wait until you find this person someplace where there are no witnesses and attack him with the club. Remember, the most important part. Be sure to let that person take the club from you so that he now has a weapon. Now, just shoot him down like a mongrel rabid dog. Simple as that. Well, it doesn't hurt that the Chief of Police and the District Attorney are your friends either.

Oh! I almost forgot, make sure the person is high on dope. When your victim is all doped up, then everything you do is justified and legal. It doesn't hurt to be protected under a “Stand Your Ground” law, but that's not necessary either, since we don't have such a law in California. One additional note, it doesn't matter if you shoot your victim several times in the back either just as long as you make sure he's still holding the club.

If you think this scenario is just fictional fantasy for a ridiculous interpretation for self-defense justifying murder in cold blood, you need to read the following two Times-Standard newspaper articles of Tuesday, September 25, 2012, DA report finds no unlawful conduct in Fortuna shootingGallegos calls death 'an avoidable tragedy' and Thursday, September, 27, 2012, DA's report details officer-involved fatal Fortuna shootingAutopsy: Newmaker had potentially lethal level of meth in his system.

There is a third article printed Monday, September 25, 2012 with the following quote:
A representative for attorney Dale K. Galipo, who is representing Newmaker's (the dead victim) parents, said that the lawsuit would proceed despite the DA's conclusion. 
“We anticipated that there would not be any findings of wrongdoing on behalf of the officers,” Eric Valenzuela said. “It is very rare that a District Attorney's Office will file charges unless the incident is caught on video and is super egregious.”

Here the DA, Paul Gallegos renders legal judgment and sells out his represented community  for short-term political gain (protect the police at all cost) for long term consequences. He grants the police the defacto right to kill at will forcing the populace to deal with their lawlessness personally. 

I wrote about this at the time: Resist AND Die – Why?  

You won't find anything about this back-shooting travesty of justice and law on any local blog.

In my book, Fortuna residents get what they deserve as does the rest of Humboldt County. Just don't piss on their religion.
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