Monday, September 24, 2012

Illusion Of Power Behind A Global Movement

Another World Is Happening’ – Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Interview

Interview with David DeGraw (co-founder 99% movement)
Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, interviews David DeGraw about the birth and evolution of Occupy Wall Street on its one year anniversary: "This is about empowering a new generation to be leaders, to be engaged.... We have millions of people engaged in creating change that were not engaged and creating change a year ago.... Occupy globally is the big bang of humanity's next phase of evolution. It created this wild new ecosystem of mass transformation. Millions of people turned on, let out of the propaganda cage. The first step is that you have to open the prison door so people can come flying out and realize that we can change things. You say another world is possible. Now, another world is happening."
 Click the link to listen to the interview. Or click the picture below.

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Young people are learning that if the older generation or even their peers refuse to listen to them, then it's time to simply move on. If no one is willing to hear what you have to say, stop cooperating with them. Stop treating them as if they are the important ones - the only ones that matter. They are only as long as you make them or empower them. They are only bankrupt parasites.

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