Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dave Stancliff Walks On

Last Sunday's Times-Standard "As It Stands" was Dave Stancliff's "Fond Farewell. (August 18, 2013)

I'd like to wish him well as he moves on.

I'd like to believe Dave's grown some in these past years and this is a good move. I know what it feels like, in fact carry the scars, of offering someone a "bone" and getting my hand ripped off. But then, I guess, my hand just got in the way...

If nothing else, Dave's Sunday Opinion gave me inspiration - going to miss that. My one complaint, Dave, is that you squandered an opportunity very few get. You wasted half a page of news print every Sunday with trivia, and that's the nicest word I could think to use. You were given the perfect opportunity to help or cause people to THINK about relevant, and pertinent matters and issues that touched every one of our lives. Well, for the most part, you didn't - so, I hope when you take up writing again, you think about what's really important in this life, real freedom - that's the gift I offered you.

Best Wishes, Joe.

PS. By the way, some time back the wife and I were coming out of a local business when I happened to recognize you and your wife coming in. I gave her a nudge and asked her if she thought I should introduce myself. We had a good laugh, and walked on by. I mentioned to her that you two looked an awful lot like a younger version of us.

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