Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Choice

Top EPD chief choice out - Johnson cites lack of support
or so says Thadeus Greenson for The Times-Standard, Tuesday, August 6, 2013, edition.

At least someone has the good sense to do what's right for this town. Which, unfortunately, says more about Michael Johnson then the people of Eureka and their choice for City Council.

The residual effects of Murl Harpham's legacy in Eureka is bad enough without bringing this guy back into the mix.

How much city money, time and effort, not to mention lost good-will did it cost everyone involved for the city to run all those public hearings or meetings so the local's could vent their concerns and hopes on a decent, law-abiding, community oriented police chief? Talk about a JOKE! With Michael Johnson as the one-and-only candidate for police chief it's quite obvious the Eureka City Council's new City Manager Bill Panos neither heard or listened to anyone. Talk about an exercise in futility.

At least Johnson was smart enough to realize what he was walking into and bailed out before he got left holding the bag. (Like all my clichés?)

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